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Thursday, December 13, 2012


What STOPS the NEFARIOUS - "China Development Bank" from developing - the Presidio of San Francisco?

It is a shame that the huge financial institutions the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, AIG and others have brought us to this day - an era where diabolical deals - will diminish - any decency that the United States stands for - on any front.

What stops the diabolical China Development Bank - which has BLOOD on its hands from developing the Presidio of San Francisco? It now will do as it pleases at Treasure Island and Hunters Point.

There is nothing new about the Chinese and large developments.

The Chinese are all over Africa for example - and have built hundreds of large soccer stadiums.

The same model - the same plan - the same team of workers that go place to place and built these large stadiums - to accommodate more than 100,000 fans - and with one blow - have won the hearts of those that are poor and do not know better.

The Chinese have NO BUILDING STANDARDS - they can act fast and tolerate - "inferior work".

They do not believe in process - and will not stand - "stalling" to make corrections.

They hate courts and "court orders" that tell them what they do - and they turn into dragons.

Until now America has kept the Chinese at bay.

The impeding "so called fiscal cliff" - and the bickering among the Democrats and Republicans - have forced the Federal Bank - that has nothing to do with the United States Government - more a " private entity" - to address our dire economy situation - by allowing foreign investment - to flood our Nation - and the deadline is December 31, 2012.

Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Iran, and hundreds of entities in Africa - and a host of other countries are in the pipe line to receive millions - China has trillions of dollars - and wants to buy equity - world wide.

Always; those money changers from days by gone - are behind the wheeling and dealing.

In San Francisco the ' MECCA of BLOOD money" - home to those that have sold their souls to the devil - ploys, machinations, and the worst type of sordid deeds - are being committed. 

Now - the worst type of wheeling and dealing with China Development Bank.

China has a new change of power and those now in power seek opportunities far from home.

The present head of the Chinese Government - has spent time in America - learning some about how we do business. They also know how weak we are at the knees - when it comes to producing thing in the United States - and not paying our workers well.

More at home in humility - when the present Chinese President was young - living the life of a poor Chinese peasant. Therein like the "crux" - our filthy rich have no experience being poor.

The current Chinese leaders are poised to dole America - the same medication America doled - for years - exploitation - using money to make more - money.

The Chinese hold the Ace Cards - daily the U.S. Treasury goes on its knees - and pays our debt - and daily we humiliate ourselves - because of  the greed of those that chose to betray our Nation.

The filthy rich the one percent - should feel ashamed of themselves.

The ones that have - off shore accounts - they are not Americans - they are "traitors" - and our government - continues to protect these - vermin. 

They are in the same category as the "terrorists" - we make so much noise about - no difference.

We have in San Francisco one former Black Mayor who has millions of investment in Macao and the gambling - industry.

As a former Board Member of CALPERS he moved to invest billions in a project known as LandSource in Southern California - using Lennar as a conduit.

 Lennar has it's sordid finger in this deal. Lennar declared bankruptcy - and cut its losses. After the 2008 economic downfall - Lennar reorganized itself - cooked its books - took credit for its former losses including the  LandSource Project.

Came through the back door recouped - and bought back the assets of LandSource and now has made a large profit.

That is how our Government and our U.S. Treasury and the authorities that we consider - monitoring our economy - proffer  those that are diabolical. These diabolical entities - do not pay taxes on all their diabolical so called - tainted investments - and capital gain - shenanigans. 

The many sell outs in San Francisco are so happy that they are salivating and lining up for offers - thinking they will make money - when there is no money to be made - this time around. The Chinese will not dole out - without some pound of flesh - so this time around be careful - they will get you - if you pull a fast one.

Kenwood Investments and Strockbridge Capital Group, the Emeryville based  Prometheus Group, Wilson Meany cannot match the diabolical ways of those that lead China Development Bank - behind the scenes.

Not too long ago the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco was interested in buying the entire area - known as Executive Park. Those now ruling China - were interested in this deal - but the deal fell through. Why?

The U.S. State Department wants a parcel of land in Shanghai to expand the American Consulate in Shanghai. A City that has rich connections with foreigners - the British, the Americans, the French, and so on. The Chinese governments refuses to accommodate the State Department. So, just like that the deal fell through.

What stops the Chinese now that they have signed this deal - and for all practical purposes control the projects - the are so heavily investing in - from building their Chinese Consulate - at Candlestick Point?

What has the United States State Department to say about this?
I guess Hillary Clinton could not care less.

Of course not a word from our two hags that Represent - on this sordid deal - Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi.

For sure both their campaign coffers will be filled - a couple of hundred million dollars. A few more thousands for more - plastic surgery to prop up the two hags - make them look like "Chinese dolls" - sans their hair do.

What stops the diabolical Chinese government - who ply in harvesting organs from those that speak against that government and its lack of humanity - committing unspeakable atrocities on those that stand up for what is right and the truth.

What can you expect from those that have no standards?

What can you expect from perverts? 

What can one expect from those that have no morals?

What can you expect from those that will sell their souls?

Finally what can you expect from those that are " money changers" and have been for generations - that will sell their mother for a nickel? Think!

What prevents the Chinese and their diabolical partners in crime - from developing the Presidio of San Francisco and other more pricey and well suited lands?

The Chinese can well develop - Naval Air Station and its surround ground - complete with deep waters and a well suited port to bring in their goods? The Chinese want it all - and the have the money to wheel and deal.

The Chinese will NOT adhere to our local hire and all those rules and regulations - that is not how they are.

Of course our perennial curse and political henchman will step in - the Black Politico - and just like that - there will be silence and the rules and regulations - will go out the door.

The paradox is this - Treasure Island for all practical purposes - has not been transferred - "in toto" to the City and County of San Francisco.

The Treasure Island Development Authority is in limbo.

Treasure Island is sinking and prone to severe flooding and liquefaction.

Visit Treasure Island today - December 13, 2012 around 10 am and see six and seven feet tall waves pound the island.

The U.S. Navy has yet to clean the island - contaminated with thousands of  - what is known as - jettisons.

Only Parcel A has been conveyed at Hunters Point.

Lennar was fined $515,000 because we the community took them to task - for bombarding the community and causing immense - harm.

China Bank and China Development Bank's Fiscal Oversight Committee - knows little - about the power of our Courts and and regulatory agencies. The Environmentalists who are NOT asleep at the wheel - and will hold the feet of these bloody rascal - to the fire of justice and fair play.

The U.S. Navy has yet to abate parcels B, C, D, E, E2, UC1 and the other many parcels - and convey them to the City and County of San Francisco.

On E2 if the U.S. Navy decides to cap that area - all those who live on Hunters Point - in the near future - will be adversely impacted.

E2 is that feather in the cap of the Ohlone - the First People - that the "greed bastards" of old - did not ever think would come to bite them in the - butt.

The remains of the Ohlone have been spread all over the Shipyard as part of the landfill. The Ohlone cry for justice and restitution - the Chinese do not believe in such things - they are ruthless bastards who kill people who speak up against them - commit untold atrocities and are NOT - to be trusted at all.

The deeper anyone gets into bed with the Chinese Development Bank and the diabolical Chinese decision makers - the deeper we Americans - those or us who have served our Nation - fail in our duty.

We must not sell our values - our humanity - our standards - our morals - to those that deem to make money at any cost.

Believe in " money making" - by any means necessary - a god. In America - at least the America I know - we do not and will not worship - "mammon". Aho.

What prevents the Chinese and the Chinese Government from developing the Presidio of San Francisco? 

Decent San Franciscans want to know.

History of the nefarious China Development Bank: