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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Recent San Francisco policies - stemming from City Hall have been detrimental to decent San Franciscans.

Some of us - who follow transportation issues - warned the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) and the San Francisco County Transportation Agency (SFCTA) not to fast track the Central Subway Project - Phase II of the Third Street Lightrail.

The City chose with intent to involve uneducated folks from China Town to sign petitions led by one Chinese Pastor - with ulterior motives - assuring the City Fathers - that "the people from China Town - supported City Hall" - far from it - the support was shallow and those behind it - ignorant.

Today MTA is in a bind - and millions of dollars have been wasted - there have been so many change orders - that the Prime and the sub-contractors - have come before the MTA Commission - and stated that the disruption and loss to the their companies and moral to the workforce - detrimental.

Room City Hall has been quiet on this issue linked to the Central Subway - often listening to idiots - who have no idea about transportation issues and less about empirical data.

The Central Subway Project is growing from $600 million to over $1.6 billion - this nonsense can only happen in San Francisco - with Representatives like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein.

Now, suddenly in mid-stream - the MTA wants to change the plans - after playing hell with the business owners in North Beach and surrounding areas - who will be adversely impacted.

Not to mention the court cases - taken to court - because the constituents are fed up - with the inept, shallow, and dubious plans - imposed on the businesses by those; that do not have the best interests of the constituents impacted - near the project and those away from the project.

Again; we saw the fast tracking of Pier 30-32 without having meaningful meetings with the constituents - mostly affecting traffic, noise, and impacting Quality of Life issues - in the neighboring and surrounding areas - by the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and one Jennifer Matz - thinks she knows something - but again and again has been an utter failure.

First the Eight Washington project, then Hunters Point and Candlestick Point, and with small businesses all over San Francisco given no succor - while TWITTER and other tech businesses given perks - left, right, and center - galore.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000 and we employ over 29,000 employees - for ever 27 constituents we have one City employee - making over $125,000 - on an average, with benefits.
Most of them do not live in San Francisco. Again and again - when we have qualified constituents in San Francisco - people form outside San Francisco are hired. Who profits from this nonsense?

We the constituents from San Francisco who pay our taxes - are doled poor transportation, our roads in a mess, our legislators pussyfooting with idiotic amendments - and failing to maintain safety, with poor services where they must - count.

Ask our legislators at City Hall in Room 250 - about Quality of Life issues - and they get stumped. Always - talking in circles and favoring life style issues. Leading the buffoonery  - Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen.

It does not come as a surprise that the Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment continues to foster corruption of the highest order - led by Tiffany Bohee.

Tiffancy Bohee - who will take our City and County of San Francisco - down the drain and into the cesspool of the Successor Agency's own - cesspool.

The SF Redevelopment Agency is dead. The Successor Agency with its Board has failed to provide us constituents - the very few that monitor the Board - Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa - audited financial reports - that make sense.

Twice before in recent months - financial reports given to us constituents were full of mistakes.

Recently the State of California - chided the Successor Board and warned it to correct the blatant mistakes - and fork the tax increment money - the State is owed.

To make matters worse - the Mayor of San Francisco and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and one Jennifer Matz - Tiffany Bohee representing the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - are holding a meeting today - NOT abiding by the Brown Act.

The public is NOT permitted to speak on action items - and this is illegal.

The public is permitted to talk on non-agenda items - with a host of restrictions. We are not a communist country - and those at City Hall may take junkets to China - and are influence by that nonsense - but, we do not do business as they do in China.

In China - where people are not permitted to speak their mind. Where innocent people are jailed - and their organs removed as part of a large - money making operation - where human organs are sold in the open, world market - for a profit.

The recently anointed Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure are just that - each and everyone of them - lackeys of the MACHINE and continuing the blatant corruption that now has saturated Room 200 at City Hall.

Recent very corrupt policies and appointments by Room 200 - have been detrimental to decent constituents - who are left in the dark - while crooks of the highest order - fast track and hoodwink - while those that pay their taxes in San Francisco - decent, hard working constituents -  get little if nothing in return.

The former SF Redevelopment Agency brought disgrace to San Francisco - and ruined the lives of many innocent people - most of them Black from Fillmore - also known, as Western Addition.

All of the present Commissioners on the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - are taking the positions, because they think it will spruce their resume - inept, shallow, and uneducated on issues - all the Commissioners are sell outs.

Very corrupt crooks - headed by a former Black Mayor and a very corrupt Chinese former journalist from China town - are behind the $1.7 billion loan from the China Investment Bank - to develop Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - Treasure Island and more.

The Chinese want a stake in the impending project linked to the High Speed Rail - and want to take control in a supererogation manner. A brand new High Speed Rail from San Francisco to San Diego.

We the people are left in the dark - while some crooks are busy hoodwinking and destroying the little that is left -pertaining to ethics, morals, standards, and duty to our nation and more to our constituents who pay their taxes in San Francisco. The Nation is watching - and there is more to come.