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Saturday, December 8, 2012


I know most of the Command Staff who work for the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

Many of the Captains from the SFPD - and hear them speak and give their presentations. I am good friend with Chief Gregory Suhr and all that is good.

Children come to me and speak to me - mostly because they know me well and can contact me whenever they feel like.

Mostly, when children talk to me - I say nothing - smile and listen - listen and smile - and assure them that I love them - that others love them - and encourage them to do well in school. They have my business card and can call me when they feel like - and they do - which is a blessing.

When these children who I know are in need - I do my best to help them.

Now, the children I am talking about are not only the Polynesians and Blacks. But Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, and all the others that belong to the family - we call human beings. I know the parents of these children - and knew their parents when they were children - going to the Boys and Girls Clubs, the many public schools - in the good old days when people - truly cared about one another.

Where they were many street fairs in the various neighborhood. Where there were sports festivities, real track races, and so on.  All that and more has gone - down the drain.

Some years ago - I use to go with some football coaches - and while the coaches did what they did best - I took care of providing the necessary nourishment to the football players - mostly High School football players in San Francisco.

Now, most of them are all grown up - and they still remember me. Go out of their way to greet me - recall those good old days - and thank me for the blessings - I shared with them. The feeling is mutual.

Most of these football players and others who we all cared - in those good old days - have good jobs. Those that need help or a job - we work to give them one. After all we are family.

Now, I want to focus on Public Housing in San Francisco and more in the Southeast Sector.

We use to have more children not any more.

At one time; if there was trouble, any kind of trouble - we could quell it.

Now, again and again the police get involved and this is because some of those who have no clue - how to live as good neighbors; think, that by calling the police all the time - for every little thing - will quell their fears and settle some mundane stuff.

Now, moving on to another pertinent topic - the San Francisco Unified School District and practically all schools in San Francisco - that do not truly focus on trauma and more stress -endured by the children that attend their schools.

Children who live in dysfunctional families suffer from stress. If there is violence, if there was a shooting, if there was a killing, if there was a big fight in the home - it all affects these children.

These children take this stress, this trauma to their places of learning and it takes a long time to heal - depending how deep the scars are. Our institution of learning DO NOT have a viable method to gauge this trauma, this stress, these deep wounds.

Things have changed drastically in San Francisco. The City and County of San Francisco has failed our children and our families. Thousands of families have left our City and no one cares - not the Mayors of San Francisco - not the SF Board of Supervisors - not anyone worth the salt. Wake up San Francisco.

The school Principals talk about trauma and stress - hyper children - and can do nothing much about it.

The SF Unified School District Board talks about it and can do nothing much about it.

 Law Enforcement is fact totally ignores it - because the Officers are not trained - except those that do a tour in Iraq, Afghanistan and because they were affected, personally - realize that others can be affected - but that is the extent of the - realization.

Trauma, stress, Post Traumatic Stress, scars and wounds left from rape, child abuse, mental abuse, domestic violence, the list goes on - affect children the most. Some children cannot endure these abuses at all - and many break down. They get a nervous break down - many of us see it but few of us take charge of the situation and do something about it.

Others get hardened; the children I am talking about - but for the worst and act up - most of the time.

It takes a unique person to first understand the situation at hand - and second to fathom the depth of the hurt. Understanding, Compassion, and tons of patience.

The Wellness Centers help some - but most schools and centers - offer superficial help. There is no holistic approach to the situation at hand - with still other without a heart - trying to prey on children - using grants to fill their own pocket. That is the case of one Jamaican Doctor a transplant who works in District 10.

The paradox is that Law Enforcement themselves are stressed.

Especially those that do not live in San Francisco and have no clue about the stress factors and other adverse impacts of those that live in Public Housing today.

These Officers live on one planet - and work in another - that is far removed from what they are conditioned to - and so they react and react - without any training - and become mean machines and treat children and others - like dirt. This nonsense must - stop.

In our Public School the teachers change like musical chairs. Some children get used to a good teacher - only for the teacher to leave or get a pink slip - because the San Francisco Unified School District is broke.

Broke in many ways. Wasting money, have no viable and sustainable plan, always putting the blame on others - and have no leadership. Always counting on the "Rainy Day Fund" that Tom Ammiano was instrumental to set up - but, not to be abused.

We have over 10,000 chronic truants - children - in San Francisco. No one is address this situation. Ask the children where are they going - and they say to "crash". No one really knows - how these children survive - how they get their meals - and how they continue to go to school - and many do.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Recently at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Middle School in District 9 - also know as the Portola District in San Francisco by San Bruno Avenue - the Principal from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Middle School - sat on a child who was acting up.

Sat on a child and when this bad behavior  was brought  to her attention - she ignored the fact.

What is worse the SF Unified School District backed her up and continues to back her up. You do not accept parents, the constituents of San Francisco - to ignore such blatant - bad behavior. There was protest in front of 850 Bryant - the SFPD and Hall of Justice - there is a cover up and this Principal should be adjudicated - and fired.

When at a recent SF Unified School District Board meeting one speaker during Public Comment - mentioned the name of the Principal -  the SFUS District Board chanted - no names, no names, no names. On Yeah!

This Principal must be fired - as there are too many complaints against her. 

This is how the children get traumatized. Arrogant folks who go into teaching and need treatment themselves - because only a person with low self esteem, who has no control - will commit such an act - sit on a child, using ones adult weight to control a child.

I was at a focus meeting with some Community Response Network (CRN) members and wanted to mention this incident to find out how far this incident had impacted the children in a particular neighborhood.

But, before I could go there - one CRN mentioned to me that they were at Alice Griffith aka Double Rock dealing with some minor issue - when four Law Enforcement on motor cycles - approached some children and started roughing them up.

When the CRN members - introduced themselves to the Officers - and controlled the situation - the Officers were surprised - and thanked the CRN.

No one can control children, the youth, young adults if you do not win their respect. 

You rough them up - just because you are armed and have some tools to rough them up and intimidate them - these tactics will back fire - and most of the Officers who go into Public Housing act as if the are in the war zone - using para-military tactics - as their only option.

Children in Public Housing have to endure a thousands times more hardships, other adverse impacts - then normal children living anywhere in San Francisco.

The last time Governor Jerry Brown was the Governor of California - when he was younger - he heard a lot about Public Housing. So, he decided to stay in a Public Housing  unit for one night and he did - and he learned a lot.

Our Law Enforcement need to stay a couple of nights - and endure what most everyone endures in Public Housing - the loud music, shootings, wild fights, other nuisances - that can drive anyone nuts.

Now, imagine young children - forced to endure such adverse impacts - day and night.

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen is a JOKE. She has no clue what is happening - and as she it getting ready to celebrate her birthday on December 13, 2012 somewhere in China Basin - let her make a resolution as a WOMAN - to care for our children.

So far she has been grinning a lot, spewing a lot of hot air - but no real action. She has failed the Blacks, the Polynesians, others in Public Housing.

She loves taking junkets - as she has recently to Israel and China.

Even as she celebrates her birthday - she is fund raising - hoping against hope to continue being a Supervisor - she can keep on dreaming. Despicable to say the least - her performance to this day.

Malia Cohen has got her priorities all screwed up - pussyfooting seems to be high on her sordid list.

She hardly cares about the children in District 10.

She hardly cares about the single mothers - the violence and the killings - the prostitution, AIDS, the many pedophiles, the release of so many prisoners as part of the realignment, other issues linked with abject poverty.

While others are doing the difficult work - she will be first in line - with her grin to take - credit. She is a Joke.

Time to recall Malia Cohen.