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Friday, December 28, 2012


The Nation is waiting anxiously for some news while Wall Street fluctuates at any whimper that emits; from sources close to the leaders, who should have made some decisions - but are  procrastinating - pretending to have the best interests of the tax payers - but favor their own - selfish interests.

At the eleventh hour some decision will be made - that is just how - these brats behave - playing in a dirty sand box - and  pretending not to  know what is really at stake - the destiny of this Nation and repercussions world wide.

Some years ago; Moodys and the other decision makers - lowered our Nations credit rating.

This time around - they will be forced to lower it still.

This important fact and other adverse factors - do not seem to bother the two parties - both parties have served their purpose - and the time has come to throw these bums - out.

Our Bay area is represented by two hags Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi. One worse than the other.

These hags have amassed large sums of money and properties. The husbands of these two involved in nefarious activities.

One in Samoa milking the economic - by not paying fair wages to the Polynesian workers. Dabbling in real estates, credit card investments - all of which have been brought before the authorities - who look the other way.

The other; also involved in Real Estate deals, recently trying to make a fast buck selling excess Post Office Facilities - previously - involved in Department of Defense contracts - shameless to the core - both wives pretending to represent - while filling their campaign coffers; fostering rampant corruption.

With the passing of Proposition 30 in California; and the access of State taxes that California sends to Washington DC - California stands to suffer. This fiscal cliff - if not settled before the end of 2012 - will hit California - like a Tsunami. Make no bones about it.

Corruption both in the Congress and Senate has reached a all time high.

No one cares about the constituents - and when it comes to taxes - none of these representatives will be touched personally - the perks for these so called - representatives - are many.

Deals made on the side - and favor done money known to us lay folks - bribes.

Our on going debt linked to our trade defict with other nations - continues to increase - more with China.

Borrowing money from a nation like China - knows no bounds - our representatives - should be ashamed of themselves.

The representatives do not seem to mind - that they present crisis is affecting the constituents and stressing them out.

In fact the representatives have figured out -behind the scenes - that the best way to intimidate the constituents - is to stress them out - make these critical decisions at the last moment.

Remember the 2008 fiscal debacle - that is when Capitalism as we all know it - DIED.

In the year 2008 - " we the people " - we the tax payers bailed out the banks, the large financial institutions.

When the constituents were hit with foreclosures - the same banks let the taxpayers down. Today millions of people have lost their homes.

One in three seniors in America go to bed hungry. One in four children in America - go to bed hungry. We have the audacity to call ourselves a Super Power.

In previous fiscal cycles our Nation had the resources to stay afloat and during World War II to seize the moment - and create a surplus - but that era was unique - and today we are in deep, deep - debt.

After World War II our Nation - the United States of America - was able to use its surplus to help Germany and Japan and other Nations - who were adversely impacted by World War II.

Our Nation was so generous that over 70% of our resources -were used to help these Nations. 

Then, without consulting the constituents - our Nation decided to buy the products that we helped these Nations produce - and bought so much - that we created the present debt - trade debt - deficit. That is putting it simply.

In the early 1980s through 2000 - we "outsourced" - sent whatever we could do cheaply - to other - countries.

Again and again some of us wrote - other warned the Nation's authority - but the so called nation's economists. Political savvy experts like Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker former Chair of the Federal Reserve bank - and others; deemed fit that our Nation - could strive on a economic policy - that has now fallen flat on its face. The deemed reversing the economy by trading more with other nations - while expanding our greed to buy more - foster - materialism. Today, that policy has fallen flat on its face.

It has fallen prey to sub-prime loans, derivatives, other dubious models - where Wall Street saw the Billions that other Nations invested in Wall Street.

The pension and other precious savings - Americans invested in good faith in Wall Street - gambled away. Someone - most the "money changers" fleeced the innocent. History always repeats - itself.

Simultaneously around 1990 we saw Corporations moving away from Managerial Decision Making and focusing on Stocks and Shares as a hub for all decision making.

Those of us who followed the happening - noticed fancy names like Chief Executive Officer - and salaries in the millions - annually.

It was not uncommon for those heading these large companies to make $300 million a year - some $500 million - with more perks and bonuses - in the pipe line.

We learned about off shore accounts and all the time our Nation - looked the other way - and destroyed the middle class.

In the  late 1990s and after we noticed our Nation; hardly produce anything - most everything was made in China. Much like the trinkets we saw in the 1960s and 1970s made in Japan.

Today we cannot find much made in USA - few shoes, few clothes, and the only saving grace are our cars - where we, the tax payers - took a stand to float our Car Manufactures - and it paid good dividends.

Our two parties have lost their senses - and this impending "fiscal cliff" - if it is not resolved will leave deep scars on our economy and what is more bring grief to millions - here and abroad.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.