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Monday, December 24, 2012


Politicians more those that stay far way from children and do not care about children - are the worst ones - hypocrites.

After the Newtown massacre  you would have thought our politicians would speak for our children - and how this City and County of San Francisco - would stop putting our children more those going to Middle School and High School at risk.

Daily our children - mostly those who take Public Transportation - travel to school crossing two, three, four turfs.

Turfs are areas controlled by gangs - who monitor those those that they consider rivals - and if they want it - it could mean anyone - even someone who is innocent - in the wrong place - when the knuckle heads are around trying to do their mischief.

Often times; I have had the occasion to intervene when some youth are in trouble on the bus.

A lot of youth knew me; from the days when they were young - going to the Boys and Girls Club, at the many gyms - and so on.

Many of their parents know me - and since I work with the community - and represent at City Hall they know me - more.

At times I have saved lives - just because I could intervene.

Our politicians really do not care about our youth.

They care about making some statement - like Malia Cohen projecting herself to bring about some legislation - that she will not craft - but others will do it for her - just to say that something is being done - to curb military style weapons and bullets that can pierce body amour - teflon bullets - that civilians normally should not have access to.

On the local and state level something must be done - but, more must be mandated and legislated on the federal level. We know this - but politicians always stay away from doing right - and are afraid taking on the National Rifle Association.

An important element to note - is to focus on our children - especially children who are vulnerable - and those prone to and victim of " turf wars". Many of our children have died - caught in the turf wars - even though they had nothing to do with it.

Folks like District 10 Malia Cohen - has no clue about - turf wars - but, she will lie and state in public that she visits the victims - she will look at you in the eye and lie - and do that without blinking an eye.

Malia Cohen is now trying to throw in her name in the hat - to run for President,of the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors - big, big, big mistake.

Famous for grinning and shedding crocodile tears - this woman is a joke - and far from representing San Francisco - and District 10 - a disgrace to anything - decent.

She loves taking junkets to Ireland, Israel, China - any place where she can use her charms - to benefit herself.

But what has she done lately to curb the many thefts, home invasion, assaults, the shootings and rampant killings - in District 10 - nothing.

What has she done to come to the aid of those in Public Housing - especially those at Hunterview - nothing.

What has she done to improve Transportation in the Bayview Hunters Point - nothing.

I had to fight to erect two bus shelters at Third and Palou - with the help of Ed Reiskin.

What has Malia Cohen done to those that are low income and no income - providing decent housing - mostly Elders - nothing.

Malia Cohen could have passed legislation to help our Elders - but she has chosen to pander.

Third Street is going from bad to worse - we do not have one decent restaurant - and the few that stay afloat are having a difficult time.

When the Third Street Light Rail was built - from 4th and King Street to middle of no where Visitation Valley - at a cost of over $700 million - we never heard of Malia Cohen - who lived with her parents in District 9.

Ninety percent of the businesses during the construction of the Third Street Light Rail - went under - why?

Malia Cohen worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom the same Mayor who favored Lennar, a Rogue Developer. Lennar who bombarded the community with toxic dust, removed batteries from monitors registering asbestos and toxic dust.

Lennar who was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Malia Cohen has no clue what the community has suffered.

Now she is working closely with the crooks Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - two hags - that should be at home - or seek office away from Washington DC.

Recently; when the Newtown episode took place - these two hags - Diane and Nancy - did not have a word to say about the "safety of our children" in San Francisco.

Nancy and Diane want to attempt to take on the National Rifle Association - who should have been check mated - in President Barack Hussein Obama - first term - what happened?

The President promised to do something - but as luck would have it - forgot to take concrete action. Now, suddenly he feels he ought to do something - but, there is no concrete language, no concrete legislation - on military style guns and ammunition - in all the talk.

Suffice it to say the United States is one of the world's biggest suppliers of Military Arms and ammunition. We supply bombs, aircraft, and other deadly weapons to Israel for example. 

Some years ago Israel dropped  "cluster bombs" made in the United States - on Lebanon - killing and maiming hundreds. In other countries be it Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen - weapons we the United States supply - for one purpose are used for another.

We have a population of about 311 million in the United States and over 58 million - about 20 percent of our population - suffer from mental  problems - many need hospitalization.

More they need home care and support given to their families. Mental illness is considered a stigma - and our Nation has done little to remove the "stigma" - and put in place models and systems - that help the mentally - challenged.

Mentally challenged folks sleep under our bridges, door ways, anywhere; where they can take shelter from the elements. In the past few days it has been raining and very cold; I visit some to the poor and mentally challenged - and you would not like to read what they think of those in our City - who should be providing - shelter.

Our shelters are noisy - where thugs rule. We have places that offer you a chair to sit - all nigh long - and no no cares if you drop - dead.

Try get sleep on a chair - sitting on nigh long - with noise and other adverse elements. Our City know about these inhuman conditions - and gives money to these institution - who treat people - human beings - more who are ill - like chattel.

In San Francisco our mental patients many coming from the Bayview Hunters Point - receive the best treatment in the San Francisco County Jail. Malia Cohen would not know that.

We have too many functioning mental patients - who do not take their medication in San Francisco - come from dysfunctional families where they have no peace of mind - shooting and killings further traumatize them - but, Malia Cohen would not know - that - either.

After staying for a long time with her parents in District 9 she now lives on Potrero Hill  - where the make up of the community  is mostly White - that is the type of company she loves to keep.

She says she is Black - her style of doing things - as a sell out - favors the "House Negro". Pandering to forces that favor - gentrification. I challenge her to debate me - where I can reveal a long rap sheet.

Most people are afraid to say that - but that is exactly what she is. I left her alone for over a year - hoping against hope that she would better herself - but her pathetic self cannot be helped - she has created a "cesspool" and loves to swim in it.

The politicians must focus on our children - all aspects of our children - childcare, nutrition, health services, transportation, safety, domestic violence, child abuse, sound education and more - Malia Cohen would not know that - less as a closeted - lesbian - pretending to be - straight.