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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Politics of utter confusion and pandemonium in the United States of America.

Over the last 300 years our Congress and Senate have initiated various forms of checks and balances - more, to govern better and best to represent.

Our Founding Fathers had the best interests of the then constituency - but, over the years - greed, a nonchalant attitude, lobbyists with ulterior motives, corrupt Congress persons and Senators - have now put a gun to the head of the constituents.

The - "fiscal cliff" is the latest in the line of many shenanigans that innocent, hard working tax paying constituents - have to suffer - just because some morons - think they can use their power to do so and create this - confusion. Pathetic.

Look at it any way - the tax payers - who pay their taxes; must have true, representation.

If you study at the tax system now - the filthy rich do not pay sufficient taxes. They have thousands of loop holes written - so that many of them - pay no taxes at all.

They use various ploys Capitol Investment, other types of investments, may make millions, tens of millions abroad - and pay no taxes at all.

The average tax payer works hard and pays her or his taxes. Many of us assume the rich - pay their taxes they do not.

They can contribute thousands and millions to Political Action Committees (PACs) - and take a write off. Such large amount - encourage - blatant corruption of the worst order.

It does not help that the Supreme Court has declared Corporations - as persons. Further adding confusion and hurting the average tax payer - and encouraging large sums of money to hurt the democratic process.

While millions were suffering - the two parties saw no harm - wasting billions of dollars - on Television advertisements - spewing diatribe and lies.

The people had no choice - but to choose the lesser of two evils. Nothing much has changed today - except those in power - many corrupt the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - continue deceiving the people at large.

The last time around in the year 2008 - when our economic system - tanked.

Low and behold the average tax payers had to bail out the - "money changers" - the larger financial institution - the likes J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, other very evil financial institutions - that have turned their backs on the - people.

The United States Government - that is Congress and the Senate permitted the President to do that - bail out the large financial institution - and the average tax payer had no say.

The reason - the so called representatives - took upon themselves to use their power - invested by the people - for good reason and to be used in a just and fair manner - to accomplish this.

Far from it the power has been abused - again and again.

Now, the average American is hurting - many thrown out of their homes - foreclosures, lack of  jobs, lack of health and food, other hurdles brought about because of the lack of growth in our economy and lack of representation from those in Congress and the Senate.

The large financial institutions, the banks directly and indirectly are sitting on billions of dollars - totaled trillions of dollars.

Daily, even with the present dire economic climate - over $10 billion are pouring in from all over the world - invested in the United States - with Wall Street playing a role - and nothing much has changed. The U.S. dollar still rules as some form of unifying monetary symbol and significance of worth.   

The banks that were given tax payers money - to bail them out in 2008 - are sitting on billions - and will not loan the money as they did before.

Prior to this spiraling of the economy - if you visited any U.S. Bank the larger ones in the years 2005-2008 and requested a loan of say $10,000 you were enticed to take a loan for $50,000 and more - no questions asked. 

Many fell for this trap - especially those that had no clue about balloon payments, other devious language in fine print that trapped the naive person that took the loan. 

It was the same with the Credit Card mongers - who if you failed to pay one single payment - they raised the interest rates from  16% and 18% to over 25% - in some States the interest cap is 35% - and you could do nothing about it.

It is a crying shame that today we see millions - families with children - that have no home to go to.

They prefer sleeping in the cars - rather than sleep in noisy, dirty shelters.

Single mothers and children have no choice and live in these shelters - that do more harm than good - when it comes to having sound sleep, clean toilets, and offer solace and compassion.

Our children and women do not have to go through these dire times.

Considering we spend billions fighting - wars that are NOT our business - light of what is truly going on in the United States.

The on going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and poking our nose in places that we must stay away - Yemen, Pakistan and a host of other - places.

Our so called representatives in the Congress and Senate have lost it - and are far removed from what is going on in the rest of the world.

They lack the cultural competence, do not have the ability to speak and understand the many languages required to get a better understanding. Take position that they are told to take - by so called experts that have no experience and cannot visit and gather empirical data at - ground zero.

These representative and politicians - bet on the drab reports they get from so called - experts - who themselves are not educated on issues.

I have met many of them before - when I had the opportunity to meet and discuss things round the world - when, they realized there goes more into learning about countries - then, just taking a position that the United States is a Super Power - gloating about some inferiority complex.

What Super Power worth the salt - treats their seniors with disrespect and now wants to cut the benefits that the seniors have worked and invested in a trust fund with their own - contribution.

Some nasty, evil - so called representatives - want to turn their backs on the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) - as a means to increase benefits.

Create their own gimmicks - some form of capping - without one single meaningful meeting - with the retired and disable seniors and those involved with their invested - Trust Funds - what is called - and know better as - Social Security.

The present politics of utter confusion and pandemonium keeps on getting worse - and what bothers most sane and decent folks - is the manner these women and men in Congress and Senate - conduct themselves. 

As I said before - it is time to kick these bums out - and replace them with better educated folks - that can deal and move with the times.

Decent people who have some spirituality, morals, work hard, represent right - and live decently.

The present ones we have - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Again and again the representatives - who have it good - many of them have hoarded millions - use their power to wheel and deal - and have no compassion - absolutely no compassion - and less feeling - for those millions that are suffering.

No one worth the salt can take anyone to a better place without fine tuning their moral compass. Ask the average politician about their - moral compass - and see if they can look you in the eye and answer - right?