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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


In the Bayview Hunters Point today - we have the living and more the living - DEAD. Wake up before it is too late.

Saturday, December 15, 2012 a young, decent man, a student who played football and was loved by all - Montreal Blakely - a 17 year old youth - was shot and killed.

The Concord High School student who shot and killed on the first block of Osceola Lane and so far so one has a clue - who committed this nefarious - crime.

Not a word from the community leaders - and for sure not a word from the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - a good for nothing, worthless, spineless, shallow - individual.

Sunday, December 16, 2012 at the intersection of Quesada Avenue and Jennings Street - a 16 year old girl was found dead.
Not a word from the community - and for sure not a word from the District 10 Supervisor - immoral, unethical, and has all her 
priorities - screwed up.

Much has been made about the Connecticut elementary school shooting, Natiowide - where many young children and some adults - were gunned down by a White young deranged man - who trained the guns used by his mother - on his mother and the innocent people - he invaded at the Elementary School in Connecticut.

Senator Diane Feintein - our hag Senator is all over the place - on the Main Media - wanting to stop this madness she thinks - has a lot to do with the National Rifle Association.

Senator Diane Feinstein knows a lot about mental diseases - she lived with it at home for a long time. She knows a lot about an individual Dan White; a disgruntled White former Fireman, a Supervisor - who killed queer Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone.

Ask Willie L.Brown that night of the killing and he will tell you more. Few know the details but there are many - that know more - about that sordid day - and today are afraid to speak up for sure.

Diane Feinstein was chosen Mayor of San Francisco - in the midst of this turmoil - and the rest is history.

Last week a lifeless Black baby was found by two Bayview Policemen - Matt Cloud and Steve Gritsch - at Third Street and McKinnon Avenue in the Bayview. Gritsch a former Medic - performed CPR and both policemen rushed the "blue baby" - to San Francisco's General hospital - where the baby lives.

The mother has been described as being on drugs - cocaine - and having delivered the child on the streets of Bayview. Not a word from the District 10 Supervisor - and not a word from the many pastors - we have 65 churches in the area. Many of the Black pastors - Poverty Pimp Pastors - who have forsaken the sheep. The living - D E A D.

In all three instances the young man killed, the young woman found dead, the baby delivered and saved - the individuals are BLACKS.

I remember when the Oscar Grant episode took place. I remember just as I am writing this piece - spelling out the details - in Indymedia. A group of us went from San Francisco to Oakland to wake up the conscience of those that were DEAD - and the rest is history.

Even as the Bayview Hunters Point area is being traumatized by this City and County of San Francisco - where as I said you have the living - the very few - and the " living dead " - the very many - we have no sound - leadership.

We have sell outs the likes of Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Willie B. Kennedy, Aurelious Walker, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, Toye Moses - others too many to mention - but I have spelled out the details - before.

When it comes to the 17 year old - young football player, Montreal Blakely - the only information you get - is the matter is under investigation. What investigation?

When it comes to the young 16 year old girl - again the matter is under investigation.

When it comes to the mother who delivered the less than five pound baby child on the street; the mother is stated to be at fault. The mother will be charged for causing harm to her baby!

"Felony count of willful cruelty to a child and a misdemeanor count of failure to provide care to a child."

 And oh yes - the front page news proclaims the mother took cocaine. But who brings cocaine into the community? 

The Nation is now debating about gun laws and the National Rifle Association is targeted.

The Nation has not garnered on a War Footing to address those that are mentally challenged. We have too many folks that are dysfunctional - people so wired up - that one has to be careful on the streets, in shopping malls, in the churches, in the schools, most everywhere - and more in San Francisco.

In San Francisco you have so many of them on the streets of San Francisco - what is Bevan Dufty doing about them? What is Mayor Ed Lee doing about them? What is Barbara Gracia doing about them? Where are our Church Leaders - the shepherds who are worshiping mammon and have forgotten about the sheep.

The San Francisco Police Department is more interested in "tasers" and less on focused - " Community Policing ". 

Some time ago - the idiots could not come out - with a definition of - Community Policing. Now they are sitting on a $40,000 PERF report  - talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Millions of dollars are spent on Over Time - and less on Community Policing by the San Francisco Police Department.

The City of San Francisco has a population of about 805,000 - the above three crimes happened off hours - 2 individuals - if you dig deep into the matter - need not have lost their lives.

The mother and there are hundred more - never, ever offered preventive care. Guns, all sorts of drugs daily are bused into the community - and the dealers are White preying on the Black and other people of color - each and every day.

The Black Pastors and others brought lock, stock, and barrel by the Developers to foster - gentrification.

The District 10 Supervisor more interested in restricting the sale of ' recycled scrap material ", building a Wellness Center on a contaminated  site, taking junkets to Israel and China - hoodwinking the constituents of District 10 and the dumb morons who listen to her.

Malia Cohen who is a closeted - queer.

There are serious tensions between the Blacks and the Samoan - not all is settled on the - "western front".

The City keeps holding press conferences about  shootings and killings - all talk but no action. Can we have on a emergency basis - three Full Time Employment slots - to address the situation at hand - to handle the mess between the Blacks and the Polynesians? Where is Maria Su on this? Where is the Mayor on this? Where is the general leadership on this?

Daily people live in fear - house break ins, petty thefts, assaults on mostly Seniors, car thefts, vandalism, filthy buses and poor transportation - our children violated and surrounded by pedophiles the most settled in the Bayview Hunters Point area - in the hundreds. Many within a few hundred feet from Churches, Schools, and places purportedly serving as - Safe Havens.

Commissions are formed hurriedly as was the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - to the Successor Agency. Not one person lives in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Over $9 Billion in development schemes are planned for the Bayview Hunters Point - and no one is addressing Quality of Life Issues. 

Blacks are on the fore-front of Gentrification - doing the dirty work for the Whites. The City Agencies are taking orders from the MACHINE - backed by corrupt politicians like Malia Cohen and Scott Weiner - both queer and corrupt.

In the Bayview you have the living and more the - "living dead".

We all know that we need to feed our bodies well, and the same when it comes to our mind.

Being educated on issues - helps. Most importantly our soul is important - our leaders are immoral, unethical, corrupt to the core, spineless, shallow - and they want to lead?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

No one can take anyone to a better place - if they morally inept - pretend to be straight when they are not - morally closeted - afraid to shine light on their darkened lives.  

The Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier - and those selling out the community - are those that do not have the best interests of the community at large - folks like Malia Cohen.

The demographics are changing - the Asians are increasing by leaps and bounds, the Latinos second in population - the Blacks keep talking and disappearing.

Once you could stand outside my office on Third Street and you could count hundreds of Blacks. You could wait and look out all you want to see a White walking poodle - and you would not encounter such a sight.

Now you see whites walking their poodles - and telling you and fabricating stuff - you mention your name and they are startled - and that is how life goes on - some one - rewriting history.

Talk is cheap - who can and must leave a legacy - only those that have standards, have something noble to offer.

The sell outs come and go - we have seen them wither and dust off - no one remembers them.

Those that have sacrificed, loved all and upheld standards - taken a stand for what is right - leave a legacy.

Who will stand for those that need help - our Seniors, our single mothers, the many children without on fathers - grandmothers living to tell it all and raising their grand children. 

Innocent children in the hundreds in our back yards - they are innocent and they need help now. We know who they are - but what are we doing about them? And you call yourselves - warriors?

The same energy that goes into fostering Black on Black violence - can go further and do much good - caring for our Black children and giving them some hope.

Gentrification and other nefarious ploys by mostly Whites and the MACHINE are carried on to foster the death of the  Bayview Hunters Point Community.

 I have been on the front line and know what I am talking about - complete with empirical data.

Incarceration, gang injunctions, lack of opportunities, not addressing truancy, family values thrown to the wind - mostly our children living in contaminated areas - lack of Quality of Life issues NOT addressed - our children traumatized daily and yet they are expected to lead - normal lives.

Who is kidding whom? Aho.

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