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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


All over our Great Nation, the United States of America - millions cannot comprehend - why we permit our children to be traumatized - endure so much pain and suffering. More the recent incident in Newtown, Connecticut.

The recent tragic - Newtown, Connecticut events - had the Main Media - spewing out diatribe and hot air - literally, getting all the initial facts - wrong. Not a single Main Media entity has apologized for spreading news that was NOT - factual.

The young man who committed the crimes in Newtown - was home schooled - the Main Media has failed to reveal to us in detail - that his single mother loved guns.

That Mrs Lanza and her "mentally challenged" son -  both of them trained at a gun range and practiced target shooting.

This blatant practice at that gun range must be questioned. It also  calls to attention - why would anyone - permit and supervise - such type of activity; where the operations of such ' gun firing ranges" are not monitored.

Why would anyone encourage a young person - with mental disorders - to learn the use of deadly - weapons. Three guns were shown by the Main Media - but there may have been more - at the Lanza - home.

Whenever; we review such cases - and we in San Francisco have many examples - these so called " mentally challenged " - challenge those that are astute - when the "plan of action" is reviewed - and how in detail these do called " mentally challenged" - carry out their plans to shoot, kill, and maim.

In this case the young man destroyed the computer evidence - showing deep intent - to cover his actions and more his detail thoughts - that will baffle the authorities - trying to unveil this case.

They will also fully realize again and again - when and how this young man revealed to some - his intent, his rage - there was no one to recognize his pain - and no one trained to do something about it - all these man years.

While some mentally challenged are smart with numbers as in being good at mathematics, others can play complicated pieces of music, others are astute in fields - that normal people find difficult to fathom and less to understand.

Again and again scans taken of the brain of such people - who are mentally challenged - show the area - where "emotions" count - to be an area abnormally - affected.

Hence, when such mentally challenged people - create their fantasy - often times full of horror, blood spilled, and carnage everywhere. They, themselves seek no harm - and lack the deep emotion - normal people have.

Those committing such crimes - know that it is wrong - in some vague manner - and few of them know that they will be accountable - and hence in many cases - they take their life - commit - suicide.

Our; United States Congress and Senate have been very slow - and even as this one side debate - about guns and protecting oneself has been over blown - we have NOT in this case and in many cases - protected our children.

We do not need any "task force" as Congressperson Nancy Pelosi has proposed.

We must have stringent policies - in many places - and especially where children and those in places of prayer and so on - congretgate. Places I deem to be safe havens.

Why should any one be permitted to hoard hundreds and thousands of ammunition? 

Why would anyone be permitted to use weapons - that were created for the military? Machine guns - guns that can spew hundreds of bullets - seconds at a time - all having the power to kill, maim, and cause immense - destruction.

Our Founding Fathers never ever had in mind - the "right to bear arms" - and had in mind machine guns. For sure - NO.

Other small guns that can be reloaded with cartridges - where you can pump as many as forty eight - bullets in five minutes and less - shoot, kill, maim, and cause immense - destruction.  

The National Rifle Association (NRA) - must act with some sanity and bring those opposing their position - to the table - and come to some understanding.

In this case - the murder of our children - cannot be tolerated - and while the NRA are NOT responsible - their policies have been responsible - for many shooting and killings - all over our Nation.

Why do we not carry guns and board our planes?

Why do we not carry our guns - those who have a permit to carry guns - and enter the White House, or Congress, the Senate - or our Courts?

For that matter why do we not permit - the congregation to bring their licensed guns to Church or any other place of worship?

Our schools are safe havens and this must be instilled in our children and those that are "mentally challenged".

Mentally challenged children - should NOT be allowed to fire at ranges - even if some one thinks otherwise - you do not permit 10 year old to drive on our highways.

In his first term the President, Barack Hussein Obama could have fine tuned the - " gun legislation " - but he did not. It does no one any good - to shed a tear or two and be afraid to do something - sensible - very quickly.

Just like the - "fiscal cliff" must be attended to and solved and should have been settled months ago - we must address the complete safety of those that congregate - in places - that are safe havens - now. On a War Footing - there is no fooling with life -  the life of young, innocent - children.

In our back yard - here in San Francisco - thousands have guns - some households have three or four and even more - guns.

In fact our Nation's population is three hundred and eleven million - and we have more guns than our population. Many adults in many homes - having five, six, seven and more - weapons that can shoot, kill, maim, and destruct.

It pains anyone who has compassion to listen to the parents and those that love the children - who are no more. The principal and teachers who laid their lives - so that they could protect - the children that they - loved.

Each of the innocent children - did not have to die. But, now that they sacrificed their lives - so that some - "dumb adults" - can wake up from their slumber. Something; must be done by the President, Barack Hussein Obama - the Senate and the Congress.

This "task force" nonsense is just that - talking in circles and doing nothing much.

On another level - world wide we the United States deal with arms and other weapons that destroy and kill.

We sell arms to Israel and other nations - many Nations - who should NOT be given arms and ammunition - the likes before like Egypt and Pakistan.

Our Constitution spells out our Freedoms and demarcates the Licences that can bring our Nation's down fall.

Again and again our President in recent years have gone to war without any valid reason. Now, we pay the price - having created a Nation of monsters - who view movies, play games, that endorse killing and shooting.

We encourage children to buy toys and video games - that blunts their conscience when it comes to killing and shooting.

We think nothing about enjoying such games as adults - the many kills - and getting some false gratification - having killed our fake enemies - while playing the sordid, video games.

Our culture in recent years - has gone down the gutter - and coincided with the 2008 economic spiraling - making things difficult for those living in Public Housing and other poor neighborhoods - difficult.

The easy availability of guns - prompts those that want to make a fast buck - get guns illegally to commit crimes.

In San Francisco is it not uncommon to stick a gun to the head of a victim - to force the victim to surrender their money, valuables, and more stuff like a IPhone or IPad. Home invasion and other crimes are on the increase - often the thugs using guns to accomplish such crimes.

If something goes wrong - we know who will suffer - but our Law Enforcement, our Legislators, our Policy Makers are pussy footing around - all year round.

When some big episode - more negative happens - there is loss of life -  but a few weeks - some one makes some - drab noise and then it is back to the regular, mundane - business.

For heaven's sake we must protect our children.

Who truly has the guts the gumption to do something about our children - now that the entire world is laughing at us.

The stupid way we tolerate and report on such incidents. The Main Media wanting to be there first - fabricating and spewing diatribe - and when facts are revealed - not having the decency to apologize - as was the case in - Newtown.

Even in death - such sordid happenings are reported with money in mind - no respect what so ever for the innocent victims.

When will America Wake Up - and when will those that encourage the carrying of machine guns, others war weapons - procured and used by ordinary citizens - in the name to protect themselves.

This nonsense must stop and it must stop - now. 

Military style gun was used in the shooting and killing of innocent children and adults: