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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Some years ago the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) shocked the environmentalists - when the Manager of the SFPUC decided to place 3 Combustion Turbines - fire them with natural gas - to create some little power and more pollution - thus contributing to the existing Carbon Footprint - more in Southeast Sector.

Some of us advocates shot the plan down - the City and County of San Francisco sold the 3 Combustion Turbines - given to them as part of a settlement with the Williams Company - linked to the ERON scandal - where prices were inflated and innocent entities - fleeced.

One SFPU Commissioner Richard Skyler was on our side. He has since passed away but we remember him - when certain issues are brought to the fore.

The SFPUC in past years has not been astute when it comes to thinking independently and rightly. Always chooses the easy way out - by hiring "drab" so called inept - consultants. Wasting thousands of tax payers money - even today.

The SFPUC is an Enterprise Department and so generates its own income - mostly from selling Hetch Hetchy water, hydro power generated at the Hetch Hetchy dam, money derived by charging entities and constituents fees for treating their sewage, leasing access properties for farm and grazing, leasing a large quarry and a host of other small business deals that few know about. The fact is it has large holdings and does not have a complete inventory - only recently has its Real Estate Department been brought to par - and it will take some time for us to know the real truth.

Technically speaking when it comes to clean power - or the generation of electricity or power - the SFPUC has been miles away - last to join the more astute stakeholders of San Francisco - and always hiring inept consultants - who are paid - large amounts of money and flee.

Millions of dollars were wasted on the 3 Turbines for example. A quarter million dollars to just store them in Texas for years. Then, more money for the conceptual plans to built a  "drab" plant; a power station - next to the Mirant plant - with no consideration about contamination and pollution.

With intent attempts were made to contribute to the Carbon Footprint.

Further plans were a float to bring secondary effluents (treated sewage water) - closer to the proposed plant - to be used as coolants for the proposed power plant.

Lengthy explanations were given - much as lengthy are been given today - with the immature proposal and conceptual plan - to address Community Choice Aggregation.

For years through the Local Agency Formation Commission - as far back as the year 2000 - meaningful discussion were held in Room 250 at City Hall at the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) -  an agency funded by the State of California - when this idea to generate clean energy was floated around and local town, cities, and counties - empowered by the State of California.

Clean energy from the ocean waves - by the Golden Gate Bridge - only to have the Coast Guard and other Federal Agencies - bring hurdles linked to security and the passage of ships and so on.

In the southeast sector - where once there were many windmills - but the SF City Planning brought obstacles linked to aesthetics - failing to pay attention to Cumulative Pollution and other pertinent issues linked to Quality of Life issues.

Tolerating the Hunters Point Power Plant that we advocates shut down - folks like Lynne Brown, Espanola Jackson, Micheal Boyd, Francisco Da Costa - only for other to jump on the band wagon and say that they shut the power plant. We got no help from the SFPUC.

The only person who helped us who worked for the SFPUC then was Edward Smeloff - this was the only person - in all the years I found knew what he was talking about. The other a Commissioner - Richard Skyler.

Windmills on the Bay, windmills further away on Ocean Beach, San Franciscans love conceptual plans are bountiful and jestfull at times.

The SFPUC has from its inception failed to augur goodwill and use it own assets to the best of its ability - to address its own clean resources. Only a blind man will not see what has been happening all these many years.

The Raker Act of 1913 where rich folks pressed Congress to steal land and dam the Hetch Hetchy Valley is not something that had no consequences.

John Muir fought to keep the valley pristine - but the "greedy mongers" had a field day and flooded the valley with once clean, pristine, water. This great man died - they day of grief. May his soul - Rest in Peace.

The Raker Act clearly mandated the use of clean drinking water for San Francisco, the City and County of San Francisco - hence the regional partners - who pay us; the City of  San Francisco fees levied for the amount of water we all  use - as years go by this commodity will be increase over forty percent.

Clean hydro-electricity for Municipal uses, people in public housing, the military and so on. I challenge you; especially, those dealing with the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - more those doing out reach - who have no clue - what so ever - what I am speaking of. Have not read the Raker Act and have no sense how those that once planned something - today, have had their plans thrown to the wind.

These newly hired folks are NOT qualified - and patronage and other ploys will be tolerate, only for some time. These folks are re at the SFPUC for their salaries and no one holds these inept, spineless, uneducated on issues, having no standards - accountable. Time will tell.

No one in their right mind can call the work of these inept folks working on the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) organic.

What is the meaning of organic. There is nothing organic linked to folks and ideas that originate from misinformation, having no history, having no standards, no sound empirical data, totally ignoring the constituents who have paid a price - no ethical standards - and most disgusting at the meeting having a nonchalant - attitude.

He laughs best who laughs last.

The Southeast Sector more District 10 and 11 have been always adversely affected by the constant bombardment of dangerous particulates, methane gas, from the many concrete and aggregate companies, the power plants, the million of vehicles spewing dangerous particulates, many SFPUC activities in the Bay - and so on.

Yet when Pacific Gas and Electric sold the Mirant plant and some millions were given the City and County of San Francisco as mitigation fees - the constituents of San Francisco - helped install solar panels on over 58 homes and some other facilities -way back in the year 2000.

SFPUC had nothing to do with the money - but played a clandestine role in grant writing to one Community Based Organization.

The Department of Environment (DOE) was formed with this money - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was the Mayor. 

Today, linked to the Community Choice Aggregation - the SF DOE has been left out by the SFPUC and though the SF DOE attends the meeting - has NO say what so ever.

In the past the SFPUC has funded positions linked to "energy causes" - with the Full Time Employment (FTEs) - employees, working for the DOE.

I can go into other details -  the reader will get a sense that buffoons - the same ones that screwed up the project on the 3 Combustion Turbines and now are it again.

Only this time with folks hired by SFPUC - more from the East Bay - having no history, less ethics. non chalant - and trying to involve themselves in this shady, inept, without any empirical data, less history - allowing the inept, hired consultants to do a shoddy job.

The Southeast still has the pertinent hubs generating a lot of electricity - creating Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and adversely impacting thousands - but bringing in the much needed electricity.

Some of the transmission lines are over head and many underground - all emitting levels of EMF - with SF Health Department not know how to deal with this issue and other linked issues that impact the health of thousands. SFPUC would not care to delve into these - factors. Why would they care - really?

We environmentalists care - any one who says should - but, not those that work for SFPUC.

On an average we use 970 MeggaWatts of power in our City of San Francisco. We get over 600 MeggaWatts through the Jefferson - Martin transmission line that ends in Daly City - by Geneva Avenue. Pacific Gas and Electric owns this transmission line.

It also transmits through these lines the Hetch Hetchy power.

When the transmission lines were laid; in the early 1900s - San Francisco could not complete the last 40 miles. So Pacific Gas and Electric stepped in and took control of the power. Some history for those that are blind, ignorant, more arrogant - and want to talk about being organic.

The rich folks invested heavily in PG&E stocks and shares - and over the years - have made a lot of money.

Recently; at about the time the 3 Combustion Turbines were slated to be placed by the Mirant Plant at the side of the MUNI Main Maintenance facility - an underground transmission line was laid from the City of Pittsburg, California; under the Bay to Potrero - just by the Mirant Plant - bring in over 400 MeggaWatts of power - by a private entity.

Frankly speaking we have more electric then we want in the City of San Francisco. Most people do not know anything much about this transmission line coming and landing on our shores by Potrero - near the Mirant plant.

What we discussed years ago and said once when we had a body that met regularly - and discussed our Energy Issues - and looked at things Regionally - was that our transmission lines should be upgraded - and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has done that.

PG&E has been in business for over 110 years plus.

PG&E has also invested millions in Solar Farms, Wind Power, and of course can buy on the Open Market - Clean Energy - with its connections and assets.

Right off the bat - SFPUC has failed to use all of its hydro-electricity for consumption to San Francisco. Preferring to sell it to Tulare County and so on. This must be ratified and remedied. 

SFPUC is going to focus initially on 20 to 40 MeggaWatts - there must be some ORGANIC discussion about this plan and on going factors.

However, when people are blinded, do not want to speak to the TRUTH - do not have the better interest of San Franciscans - what can you expect from folks from the East Bay and transplants - who have no history about San Francisco - in charge of outreach and future plans. These minions will be detrimental to our City and must be nipped in the bud.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - along the coast in the Southeast Sector.

One ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Due you think SFPUC  has factored this - in terms of mitigation. Do you think they understand less comprehend what I am saying about a holistic approach?

The survey defeats the purpose when you think about the previous adverse impacts - inflicted on the constituency that live in District 10 and 11.

Attempts must be made to mitigate - and address the cost the constituents of those adversely impacted - who must pay - if they want to join the CCA plan for San Francisco - these ploys initiated in the name of Community Choice Aggregation.

The Community has not been involved in focused discussions - the plan has been convoluted -  too technical with major flaws.

These fake consultants who are paid - are not worth the salt. They took short cuts in their survey - to favor those that they could hood wink.

Worse still the fake employees from SFPUC recently hired -  bypassing San Franciscans - we are watching them - and will shed light where there is darkness.

There are many mitigation models when one talks about the Carbon Footprint. The same with Climate Change - the same with adverse impacts.

Further abate, mitigation with land to help reduce pollution, contamination - factors that have not been discussed. Some folks think we are Marin County - Marin County has NO - Hetch Hetchy - and all things equal we in San must not compare ourselves to Marin County.

The electrical hubs are all in the Southeast Sector, so are the Weirs and the Sewage Treatment Plant, so are the concrete and aggregate facilities.

The  hazardous material facilities - can be transferred to the Pacific Heights area, Russian Hill, the Sunset, the Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park for starters? Think about it?

Let us think GREEN and for once - for five years give the residents of District 10 and 10 a break on their sewage fees and other fees. For years these tax payers have suffered - while the filthy rich have had it good.

Then go ahead and use your fake survey and the high response and interest you got from the richer neighborhood - sans District 9,10 and 11 - and do your thing.

Your current agreement and conceptual plan is flawed - totally flawed - and I do not mind you "sinking" with your plan.

But, do not pretend to show us you carried out a survey and favor some areas - then forget to note where all the hubs and transmission lines originate within San Francisco and other pertinent factors that I am privy to and will not reveal to the  buffoons.

Much like BP the Shell Company has blood on their hands.

We all know the money changers - JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, others took our Nation for a spin - yet SFPUC continues to do business with them.

We need to establish our San Francisco Municipal Bank - with the money - tax payers money; that we got through the various Bond Measures and other taxes.

So far we have seen very little transparency, no accountability, lots of fluff and you can try to bluff us only so much - soon you will fall on your face in utter - disgrace. Now, that will be organic!