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Friday, December 21, 2012


It has been over six months and as much as we all want some closure - we have no definitive lead - about the where a bouts of Tilo Tilo Faoa - who was reported missing Saturday, June 2, 2012.

His parents as you can imagine are despondent, his family and loved ones too. His many friends - hoping against hope that - even now; at this late hour - we may hear some good news.

On December 29, 2012 at Saint Teresa Avila Church at Potrero Hill in San Francisco - Tilo Tilo Faoa's family and loved ones - will hold a Thanksgiving and celebration in keeping with the Catholic faith. Many of us will be there. The Special Mass will be held at 11 am.

We gather; having HOPE and strong in our FAITH that God will guide us and reveal to us - difficult as it is - why Tilo Tilo Faoa went missing.

The hurt is too much to bear - the agony heart piercing - and even as we all bear the deep sorrow - some how we all want some - definitive, closure.

As Catholics we always believe that God will love and protect us all - if we seek and find the path to God.

If we live worthy lives; follow the great dictates of the Catholic Church. For those that live by the Catholic faith - every single day in life and death is a celebration of faith.

Having hope and follow the aspirations - of the many Saints and the many sound teachings - of the Catholic Church.

We believe in salvation and a life after death. We believe that those who have lived a life pleasing to God - that one day - we all will gather and be united. We believe while here on Earth - we must celebrate that we are one with God.

We often hear - "whom the gods love - die young."  When that strikes home - we pause - and say - "why me?". In this case we have no closure - and so until that day comes - we celebrate in the good things, the good happenings - we hope and trust and pray. We steadfastly continue to love one another.

Where there is sacrifice there is love - and only love takes us all to a better place. We rejoice because we love one another - we rejoice and celebrate because our faith unites us and take us on Earth and when we pass away - children of God.

Some of us who were informed about Tilo Tilo Faoa missing since Saturday, June 2, 2012 - are still are looking for him.

The first few weeks were hectic - round the clock - we had volunteers try their best to scout out areas - hoping to see him and report the good news - to Tilo Tilo Faoa's loved ones.

After three months; some of us still continued to move further away from San Francisco to search, look out - find something - any clue, however small was important.

It was our united effort to some how; find Tilo Tilo Faoa - but, all our efforts - have not borne fruit so far - we will not give up. 

This thanksgiving  service will be attended by those whom the family has invited.

In the testimony of those that will speak to the young man's life - we hope to find some assurance - and get some solace - begin to heal slowly - and hope for the very best.

God bless the family of Tilo Tilo Faoa - please join us in the celebration and thanksgiving.