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Friday, December 7, 2012


Killings and shooting do not help any community especially when you live in Public Housing.

Daily those that live in Public Housing - in despicable conditions - have their own share of adverse impacts to deal with - lack of opportunities. More lack of good jobs, have to face contamination and pollution - lack of childcare.

Drug peddling galore, prostitution, shootings and killings - other adverse impacts too many to mention.

The Polynesians and the Black have had a common destiny living side by side since the early 1950s in Public Housing.

In recent years - for some strange reason the two segments of the population have been at logger heads - and killings and shootings - have taken a heavy toll.

The Blacks and the Polynesians over the years have managed using leaders from both sides - to make peace - and until recently this - "truce of sorts" - worked - but, not anymore.

The short truces of the past came to a halt rather suddenly when at the Alice Griffith Public Housing - known better as "Double Rock" - one young black youth challenged another Polynesian youth to a fight.

When the Polynesian youth walked away - the Black youth shot and killed the Polynesian youth.

While not all Black youth would dare attempt such a folly - this one Black youth made a mistake of his life. He was arrested and the gun found - and he will pay the price.

However, his deed has cause the two communities - both Black and Polynesian - grief.

It does not help that our City and County of San Francisco - does not have the necessary means to deal with such violence. They can talk the talk but fail again and again to walk the walk.

In the Polynesian community - everyone is related.

Unlike the Blacks who are divided just because they are not related by blood.

While unity among the Blacks is difficult to attain - an incident like the one that took place at Alice Griffith - brought the Polynesian from far and wide together - and what occurred was not pleasing to anyone - listening to the many stories - how one of them was shot to death for no reason - what so ever.

The San Francisco Police Department - was not prepared and even today is not prepared.

The best situation was to remove one group to some safe haven.

In this case the Polynesians have been removed and now live at safe location. It is not an ideal situation but as any one can imagine - one that buys time and hopefully a better situation for those who have been temporary removed from San Francisco - proper - where the amenities are better and their other relatives - closer.

The Mayor's Office dealing with Violence is just that - the person in charge has no funding, less clout, and no one can make decision without funding, less without clout. 

In this case the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr used his good offices - and I hope the end result will be the Polynesians will been given succor - where they really want to live - not where they are told to live.

Alice Griffith aka Double Rock is slated to be demolished.

The land is contaminated and if the land is not abated and mitigated - those who plan to build the new homes - will defeat the very purpose they have in mind - addressing Quality of Life issues - in a nonchalant - manner.

Just like the Polynesians have been removed and given succor far away from this hostile area - the same amenities - should be offered to the Blacks.

No one should be living at Double Rock - when the homes that are now there - are being demolished. No one.

There is an agreement signed and dated where those living will not be thrown and forced to live on the streets.

In the past - such agreements have not worked. We hope that those who have lived at Double Rock and are on the list to be given brand new housing - will be treated with compassion and NOT - tricked.

This added issue - the recent violence - that is presently addressed - forces those at the Mayor's office to come out with holistic model.

Can the Mayor's office come out with a holistic approach - worth the salt? 

We are in America - and segregation is uncalled for - but how can we bring the communities together - the Polynesians and the Blacks?

Over the years - more in the last 30 years - and more during the tenure of Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr., Mayor Gavin Newsom, and now unfortunately Mayor Ed Lee - the violence and killings have been addressed superficially and we have seen it with the demise of the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice - that does not exist. Our City has a budget of over $7.6 billion.

Mayor Ed Lee has been listening to some unsavory characters - and turned his back on those that tried to work with him.

If he had listened we would not to resort - to drastic actions. This action is but a band aid. And in making this decision the Black Pastors, the other sell outs - were left out.

We look future when the true warriors from the Polynesian community who Mayor Ed Lee has met - are consulted and the other leaders who are Polynesian and truly serve the Polynesian are called to the table and there is open, validated, transparent dialogue.

We pray that the same attention is given to the Blacks and that the many sell out Black pastors who have failed and more one Amos Brown is kept out of any dialog. The other Representative Malia Cohen who should be ashamed of herself and stay out.

This violence will not be stopped - at this time there is a lid put on the situation - but all it takes for one "knucklehead" - to take upon himself - to open the wounds.

Behind the scene some of us have asked for two Full Time Employment slots - Polynesians to address the situation at hand - the City has been slow to provide these slots. Each slot costing $80,000 with benefits - we need these two FTEs - to bring about - peace and nip any planned - shootings and killings in the bud.

It does not help that recently a young Samoan girl was kidnapped and raped. Four young Latino youth involved in the mishap. It comes at a time when we do not want any warring already going on between the Polynesians and the Latinos - in some areas of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department is handicapped - they truly do not practice Community Policing.

The SF Police Department favor para-military tactics and the more they use this method - the more damage they will cause to San Franciscans and more innocent constituents - caught  in the melee. No one can build TRUST - using para-military tactics.

The youth of today to not have the respect for authority as we did when we were growing up - those of us who are passed the age of 45, in our fifties and sixties.

The youth today listen intently and when you are done with your speech - go out and carry out what the have in mind. We see this daily - and try our best and keep our fingers - crossed.

Law Enforcement in San Francisco has failed miserably and will continue to fail and be an abject failure - creating situations that favor - gentrification.

This time around the warring between the Polynesian and Black, the Latinos and the Polynesians - have left the San Francisco Police Department looking for solutions - but it has been there all the time. Time for the SF Police Department to open their eyes and ears - and discern.

To the Mayor Ed Lee I say fill in the two FTEs linked to the Polynesians and the Community Response Network - as soon as possible.

If this violence continues it is on your office and those who you anointed - but did not give the tools to do their work. Aho.

No one can put a price on life - and someone has BLOOD on their hands. Think about it now - before you see blood flowing and can do nothing about it - but stay still and weep for your folly and sins.