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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We need a viable and sustainable plan to take back our community; but to take back our community we need proven leadership that cares for our community - working for the community with no selfish - interests - what so ever.

Over the years many Blacks sold everything in the South to some to the North - to San Francisco and other cities to work on the Shipyards that provided thousands of jobs.

At one time - over ten thousand jobs provided means to many Black and other minorities. Many took the jobs so that they could make a living and many of these workers - after years of working very hard - owned their own homes.

In due course - they also sent their children to school and many made it to college.

The Southeast Sector is land that belongs to the Ohlone - the First People - the  Native American people of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

There are over 200 shellmounds that we know off - Sacred Burial grounds - that the Whites do not want to speak about. Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa - represent the Muwekma Ohlone:

Years ago; when the City and County of San Francisco - was working on its Master Planning Document - the Muwekma Ohlone were included thanks to the efforts of Espanola Jackson - too upon herself - to make it known - that the Muwekma must be given due respect and thus were duly noted and mentioned - as the First People of San Francisco. Espanola Jackson lives in the Bayview, in a home owner and know to most decent folks for her advocacy and service to the community.

It must be noted the Human Rights Commission that we know today - had it origins in the Bayview Hunters Point. It is that same with the Human Rights Committee now Human Rights Commission situated at 25 Van Ness; with Theresa Sparks as its Director. The Human Rights Committee was formed in the Bayview - before it moved to 25 Van Ness where it deals with most other mundane issues - but has failed the Bayview Hunters Point - addressing blatant discrimination, lack of jobs, poor housing, lack of childcare, lack of sound transportation, safety issues - and a serious of Human Rights issues that are paramount to sound Quality of Life - issues.

Mention must be made of the many protests - held by Bayview Hunters Point constituents - protesting against the many Car Dealers on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco - who deemed it alright to sell cars to Blacks.

Did not offer jobs as salesmen to Blacks - they protests ended giving jobs to Blacks and that only happened - because the Bayview Hunters Point constituency mainly - protested - joined by others - and made that happen.

The supposedly Affordable Housing that constituents of Bayview Hunters Point fought for - by going to Washington DC and getting the funding - with the help of Congressperson Phillip Burton. 

Today, many do not know the history - but those thousands of units named All Hallows, Shoreview and so on - were the result of the Bayview Hunters Point constituents and its leaders - taking a stand on housing and making it happen.

Today, Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) has abused the renters and insulted the community at large. All with the Blessings of the City and County of San Francisco.

Then the same Bayview Hunters Point leaders fought for the new wing of the San Francisco General Hospital and made that happen.

 Only for the City and County of San Francisco - who took over the new wing of the SF General Hospital and the many brand new clinics build under Model Cities - under the leadership of mostly Black leaders from the Bayview Hunters Point area. The City and County of San Francisco - promising the community some - and shafting them - royally.

No one really wants to study history and less the history of the SF General Hospital and the Southeast Community Clinic; by Martin Luther King Junior playground.

Today, the clinic has its wings clipped and offers some succor - but, not enough to satisfy the needs of the constituents.

In the past a viable and sustainable Blue Print was laid and many projects came to be. Of course in many cases - some in the community profited and those that did were mostly Blacks.

In general many were served and even though in some cases that was some corruption - given the situation - most of the constituency had something to be proud of.  

However, what must be noted it that some - very few Black leaders stood up and did what was right - in the last 30 years. We are now in the year 2012.

Today, when we honor Alex Pitcher - he indeed must be honored. A shinning example of being unselfish - always putting himself last and the constituency he served - first.

Some thirty years ago - some Blacks decided to sell out the community. In 1998 Roy Willis who worked for Diane Feinstein in Southern California made his first trip to the Bayview Hunters Point - to lay the foundation of the dirty deed.

Of course the present Blacks who are in office and those seeking office - were busy doing other mundane - stuff. They were and are on the take - and close to LENNAR and other dubious entities - take their order from the MACHINE.

More; since the year 2000 many Black pastors and churches were paid by Lennar - a Rogue Developer.

Lennar; still continues to pay some Community Based Organization - and any Representatives who will give them tacit support.

Of course people who have no education, less educated on issues, less who have no connection with the hurting community, less who fully comprehend the RICO act, less are aware of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), other tools available - are available and can be used by those who are educated  - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Most sellouts - want to pander and still others want things to be given them on a platter for free.

This nonsense has been going on for decades - strongly, since the year 1996 - with Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr., Mayor Gavin Newsom, and now Mayor Ed Lee - adversely impacting the community at large.

In the Southeast Sector - the Industrial Sector of the City and Count of San Francisco we have over 10,000 small and large businesses - yet we do not have a Directory that is through and which can be accessible to the community at large.

The City of San Francisco collects millions of dollars - and spends little to uplift the community. We have the Federal Main Postal Office, the MUNI Maintenance Facility, the Main Produce Market, the Aggregate and Concrete Companies, many Electrical, Furniture, Wood and Plumping companies - the Sheet Metal, Iron Smiths, and so on - you name it we have in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Not to mention the Sewage Treatment Plant, the Electrical Hubs that transmit and store electricity. It goes on and on.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - continues to pander to TWITTER, SALES  FORCE, other large companies - giving them tax breaks and offering them free transportation from 4th and King to their tax subsidized offices - at 10th and Market Street in San Francisco.

These tax breaks given - which will be shouldered by the tax payers - San Franciscans - and we must remember that since so many Big and Small industries lie in the Southeast Sector - there should be opportunities to work and some mitigation from all the taxes the City of San Francisco collects and looks the other way.

The reality is that the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force is pussyfoot around.

Jennifer Matz better get her act together. It is time we the people from the Southeast Sector, the last frontier, more the Bayview Hunters Point - receive a Blue Print - where career jobs are offered and a model that is thorough and complete -  where Upward Mobility is exercised. This must be done on a war footing.

Supervisors in the past - Sophina Maxwell and the present air-head who is always grinning Malia Cohen did not and do not have the better interests of the community at large  - because they were and are not educated on issues - and do not really care about the community at large.

Now, we have some others of the same caliber - trying to vie for position to serve Bayview Hunters Point - but have their own selfish motives, and hidden agenda.

They think they are brave enough to announce their intention to serve - but , have proved unfaithful in the past, checked it out attending our Town Hall meetings - but not serving the needs of the community - and not offering any viable and sound assistance.

The MOVEMENT that brought Lennar to its KNEES - made LENNAR spend over $10,000,000 dollars propping up Proposition G.

While we who were the proponents of Proposition F - spent a measly $5,000 and made a point.

We were grassroots and demanded on our Ballot Measure 50% Market Rate Housing.

Made room for Affordable Housing closer to 35 % and the rest for NO INCOME and LOW INCOME.

This model shocked the living hell of Mayor Gavin Newsom and his minions - Sophina Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lolla Whittle, Diane Feinstien, and others.

The many so called Real Estate minions in our community did not back us up - Black and others - and we the people who care - will NOT back those that did not back us up - when we need their help.

All of us remember Archbishop Franco King, Bishop Ernest Jackson, Minister Christopher Mohammed, Minister Keith Mohammed, Jim Queen, Alicia, Jaron, and others from People Organized to Win Employment Rights ( POWER ).

Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa, Willlie and Mary Ratcliff,  many sisters and brothers who collected thousands of signatures - facing the inclement weather. We did what we did with God's help - and we won.

We remember the sellouts who were NOT with us - but want to be with us now - that, Lennar is defeated.

Lennar, crawling on its knees - seeking money from the Chinese - and trying Land Banking to make a buck. No good will happen at Hunters Point and for that matter at Huntersview - polluted and contaminated - those who hang around that area - are bound to adversely suffer.

We know who help us and who are with us. We have held over 250 meetings with young adults who are waiting for the Green Signal. The panderers and those that are Sell Outs are reeling in disgrace - and as a last attempt - want to join us. 

You all can wallow and drown in the CESSPOOL of your own creation - you cannot now pretend that you want to be good - when you have been evil - all your life. Look the other way when our children, elders, others were bombarded by toxic dust and had to suffer other adverse - impacts.

You may want to join us - but it is left to us to accept you - but since we know your colors - you are anathema. 

We the people - all the same need a Blue Print to take back our community - decent Blacks, Polynesians, Native Americans, Asians, Whites - others that live in our community and care for everyone . We can do it - as we have in the past.

There is a deft silence; so much so that some think - what is going to happen. The sell outs are afraid of the silence - but those that know and are in the know - are pondering hard and have a plan to execute.

And it is only - for those that have proved themselves honest, sincerely, willing to sacrifice for the community at large.

We will never, ever pander to the SELL OUTS.  AHO.