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Friday, December 21, 2012


No TRUST can be built in the community - be it in the Bayview or any other area of San Francisco - without a meaningful and a sustainable  model - exercising - "Community Policing".

The City and County of San Francisco simply does not get it.

You can have all the Press Conferences, all the gun buy outs, all the shenanigans that you can fabricate -  keep the company  of that "laughing jackass" Malia Cohen - it will not help.

We in San Francisco do not have a large population - so when someone like Montreal Blakely is shot - and we do not have a "meaningful comment" - from the leadership - something stinks in Denmark.

By now we should have had a viable answer - make no bones about it - about Montreal Blakely. Is it because he was Black and so according to some of you - the leadership - expandable?

Montreal Blakely was from Concord and there is no money for his funeral. Can San Francisco step up to the plate? He was here visiting - a decent person, who made good grades, an up and coming football player, loved by all - so who gives?

We must have a viable answer - why the 2.5 Full Time Employees - linked to the Polynesians cannot be  filled - linked to the Community Response Network?

Again and again some of us have stopped the drive by shootings - used our influence - to convince some "knuckle heads" - to back off and tried our best in the given circumstances - to make peace.

This temporary stalling cannot go forever - and some one does not comprehend - that we cannot put a price on life. We need the FTEs on the front line to keep the pressure on - and save lives.

So when Mayor Ed Lee met Pastor Williams, Elder Joseph, John Nauer, and Chief Gregory Suhr and was told the TRUTH - did Mayor Ed Lee - comprehend?

By now Maria Siu and others - should have had the decency to listen to the community - and have the front line workers - doing what they do best - bring about - PEACE.

This City does not want to ruin this year's Season of Peace - with drive by shootings - and the on going warring between the Polynesians and the Blacks. Do they?

There are too many guns  in San Francisco. Let us put it this way for every one gun surrendered for $200 - there are over 600 guns in San Francisco households. If you cannot figure that out - it is on you. We have a population of about 805,000 and a full forty percent own guns.

Many homes in San Francisco have 6, 7. 8 guns - that is what gun lovers do - collect guns - one or two military style - guns. If the City does not know that - they must be kidding themselves. Of course Malia Cohen would do know that - the air head that she is.

There will always be guns as long as our Federal Government permits its citizens carry guns - laid in our Constitution. What we can create is an environment not to use guns. We can do this only by sound - Community Policing - and make a good start.

Restricting on buying bullets - is difficult to enforce. You cross State Lines - attend a Gun Show - buy as many bullets and guns - come back home - and that is how it is done - and will be done - as long as Federal laws - permit any citizen to own a gun.

The issue of owing military style guns will only be solved by the National Rifle Association.

Judging from the Press Statement made by the National Rifle Association - the NRA - does not want to give up its guns. It fact it wants to use its volunteers - to help all schools in the United States - have a "security system" - that it vouches is good enough for all Americans.

The NRA wants to buy time - and does not have the best interests of the constituent in mind - time will tell.

It does not help that Senior Senator Diane Feinstein - talks about prohibition of military style guns - she can try all she may - as she has in the past. Her plan too is one sided - and no one will listen to her dictatorial manner - to impose restrictions - that are NOT - holistic.

In San Francisco as usual the same folks who know little about Safety, less about Quality of Life Issues - who lie to make a living - want to impress upon decent San Franciscans - that they want to address the issue of guns and bullets in a nonchalant - manner. They will not succeed - Not by some drab Press Conferences - that are laughed at by those that worship their - guns.

That includes our Law Enforcement - who work in San Francisco - and the majority live outside San Francisco.

Back where they live outside San Francisco - these Law Enforcement and other rednecks - laugh at San Franciscans.

These folks - all want to work here in San Francisco - and embrace the "very high salaries and benefits we San Franciscans offer". Treat those that are vulnerable with force - use "para military" tactics - and defeat - Community Policing.

Our San Francisco Police Commission is a JOKE - half of the idiots on that Commission - have no clue what is happening at ground - zero. Their very mentality - defeats progressive thinking and action. The SF Police Commission is - antiquated and Smithsonian in their views, talk, and deliberation.

In the Bayview - the mostly Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors are laughed at. The City has put the Pastors on notice - fork up your money on Sundays - with the enforcement of Parking fees.

The City uses them like a dirty rag - and after they are used - thrown in the dumpster. Think about that for a long time - before you all go for these - drab Press Conferences - again. Amos Brown and the rest of you.

On Sundays at Church - really speaking - at most of the Black churches in the Bayview - in attendance - the very old and the very young - and the congregations are dwindling - and the Pastors are groping in the dark. Looking for urgent solutions to survive and finding - none.

Malia Cohen can talk the talk but she cannot walk the walk - and she must go.

Those that back her up - bring upon themselves, disgrace - and to think of it - that Malia Cohen wants to run for President, of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. That is the ultimate JOKE - and we will all see how this nonsense - spans out.

Malia Cohen has with intent - sped up the decimation of the Bayview Hunters Point Community - and more with lack of quality - REPRESENTATION and sordid - pandering.

Recently; when some Polynesians visited her - she was no where to be found - she was in China on a junket to see how things are done there. Raking in some small change - she did the same when she went on a junket to Israel. She has not done anything for the community at large - except PANDER to Lennar and Big Development.

Trying to build a Wellness Center on a contaminated site. Partnering with dubious entities - to further her own cause. She cannot walk the streets of Bayview and knock on the doors - and for sure she cannot do that at any of the Public Housing.

Malia Cohen represent she own petty, sordid, needs - what else can you expect from someone who has led a closeted - queer life.
Pretending to be straight when she is not. Trying to represent the community - with immoral, tainted, perverted - principles.

Maria Su from the Mayor's Department on Children, Youth, and Families,  better get her act together.

When the warring starts - no one will be able to stop it.

This is the clarion call - you know about this festering sore - you know the reason why it is festering - but, you do not have the community's back - all you dole out and spew is diatribe and vague - promises.

You may move some families from the frying pan to the fire - that is not how things are done.

The community must be protected for one simple reason - the money you are given in the millions - to provide this mandated protection. Year after year - you have - failed.

No one can attain sound results without the community at the table - no one can turn their back on the community - and think for a second - that all is well.

Gone are days when the "sell outs " and I will name them - if I must - who promise you at the many drab Press Conferences - to do some - and do nothing. The worst the Poverty Pimp Pastors - all Black.

This Black on Black violence has now spread to the Polynesian community - and some of us behind the scenes - have allowed Mayor Ed Lee to hear first hand; from the front line warriors and do something. Nothing is forth coming. His advisers surely are playing with FIRE. AFA.

Perhaps some one like Mitch Salazar can whisper in  Mayor's Ed Lee ear - the TRUTH  and spell out the details. May be Muhammah Nurr who knows some - too.

May be those few, poignant words - may work a miracle.  Aho.