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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


During this holiday season - 2012, going into 2013 let us vouch to help our children.

Support our children and help them to contribute to society.

Keep our children away from violence, greed, and immoral behavior - that adults should know - should not - be exhibited in front of their children. Such as nudity and sexual acts.

Giving gifts and having dishes with a sugar high - are temporary experiences that favor materialism and gluttony - we must keep good children away from such mundane - practices.

What is more enduring is giving our children the best education, telling them every opportunity we get that we love them.

Most important listening to them.

Never shouting and hitting them - even, when they make some mistake - that does not warrant such punishment - even in extreme cases.

Many a time I am on the bus while taking public transportation -  the parents or one parent is shouting and screaming at the children. With the parents permission I try - and with determined, soft voice - the children listen - quell the confusion and the pandemonium.

The parents are surprised but the children intuitively understand - what soothes them.

I tried this when visiting many schools - all over San Francisco.

Always, catching the attention of the youth and children - by relating something that is dear to them. Allowing the children 
 to participate - by allowing them to ask a question or two - making them feel that their participation was vital to the discussion and benefits - the subject at hand and humanity.

Jesus was a revolutionary and no where in all he did and said did he endorse greed, materialism, and wanton commercialism.

That is exactly what the money changers - have had us believe.

The latest fashions, the latest shoes costing hundreds of dollars, the latest technological gadgets, the latest everything and more.

We know that is pays to practice some proven, simple ways of living - but we forget them - rather quickly.

We know it is right to feed our mind with good reading, learning, discerning and choosing the best from the tons of stuff that is floating our there. Sound education - that will stand us in good stead for life.

We know that the best foods for our body are not preservatives - and fast foods, and the many drinks - sodas - that are full of preservatives. The increase in cancers of all sorts - can be traced to poor eating - but also to the contamination in the environment.

As human beings over thousands of years - we eat and drank - what was naturally good. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, clean water - we know it - but we do not practice what is sound - knowledge and proven.

We do not want to cook - preferring someone to prepare a meal for us and pay for it - when we know that - it may not be what it is - poisoning our bodies. Think about this and please change your eating and drinking habits. More do not encourage our children - to poison their bodies and minds.

Most important to all human beings - is our soul. We must nurture our soul with solace and good actions.

We must fight for what is right - without permitting those who do evil and perpetuate evil - to influence us with money and bribes.

We must pray and hold at bay -  those forces that are evil - make sure they stay away from children - the like of pedophiles and those that harm other human beings with intent - thugs and murderers.

I have taken a stand for children in the Bayview Hunters Point - much as I have taken a stand for single mothers, our grandmothers, our mothers and fathers - who tend to our children and do their best.

In all my endeavors - I have learned a lot from children - even little children as small as 4 years old. No one can bluff children - they can see through you  and have a sense who stands for good and who does not have their better - interest.

In the last 15 years - we now learn over 80,000 families - fathers, mothers, children have left - San Francisco.

These great families  have taken with them generations of experiences - valuable contributions to our fair City and County of - San Francisco.

More and more mundane, single life style, often immoral - are invading all sections of San Francisco.

It is one thing to embrace decent human beings irrespective of their life style. 

It is another to endure - immoral acts - lack of morality in general - that invade and tarnishes good behavior and taints good manners and etiquette.

What good comes from mostly old men - nude - hovering around children and think it is all fine? Children find it difficult to comprehend such behavior. Many adults do not have the guts to speak out and defend our children.

Also, when in schools some teachers encourage children - who are young -  putting thoughts in their mind - that it is fine to love and encourage sexual advances - from the same sex - individuals.

San Francisco seems to be leading the Nation in this area - and that is totally - wrong. City Hall seems to think such immoral behavior is permitted - encouraging behavior that perverts - favor.

In the poorer sections of San Francisco - we have contamination - that adversely impacts all - but, more our children. Our City and our San Francisco Health Department has failed our children.

Plans are afoot to build a Wellness Center with the help of California Pacific Medical Center - a Black doctor and a Black Representative from District 10 at Third Street and Cargo Way in the Bayview.

A Wellness Center - to treat our children. The Wellness Center - in stark middle - in the center - of a very, very contaminated area. 

Again and again our politicians think that treating our children with disrespect, using them as pawns, abusing their intelligence - is right - it is WRONG.

If any one has the BLOOD of children on their hands - that is the worst curse that carries with you - for the rest of your life.

If with intent - anyone of you - who are warned NOT to harm our children - but you do it with intent - you will endure the worst - wrath - make no bones about it.

This holiday season 2012 - going into 2013 - let us protect our children.

Plan to contribute to the welfare of our children in San Francisco - and support our families - straight families - father, mother, and children. Aho.