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Sunday, December 23, 2012


It is simply mind boggling; to hear so called Representatives the likes of Malia Cohen -  who have no clue about the constituents they represent. Less - about affordable housing - less still housing for low income and no income.

Again and again promises have been made - and again and again - with the help of mostly Blacks at the helm - minorities have been take for a - ride.

Malia Cohen herself - was foolish to buy a condominium at Executive Park - only to go under.

She was not wise enough to know better - and greedy enough to get caught in the net of greed - linked to sub-primes loans and fell prey to the balloon - payments.

Today, Malia Cohen - immoral as she is - is busy working with Lennar and other dubious entities to rake in the money.

While all the time putting down - mostly Blacks - who are suffering in the Bayview Hunters Point. She is what the common Black refers to as a House Negro - who does the White man's dirty work. Malia is always pandering - she does not have a stand - she wants to come out but somehow lingers - and stays in that dark - closet.

If you visit the Department of  Elections and ask who was the proponent of Proposition F as opposed to Lennar's Proposition G - you will find that the two proponents - were Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa. That was in the year 2004.

The Zionist tried to tarnish our image - but, we stood our ground - and will stand our ground - as dubious entities - try to build Market Value Housing - on Hunters Point - even with the backing of China Development Bank.

The Hunters Point Project - be it Phase I or Phase II - will fall - FLAT - on its face.

We have thousands of units at Potrero Hill, Huntersview and Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, Alice Griffith Public Houisng and Sunnydale Public Housing.

These units should accommodate moderate, low and no income. There should be no Market Value priced units - NOT ONE SINGLE UNIT.

When we thought about Proposition F - we mandated 50% Market Value housing, 30 percent Affordable Housing, and the rest low and no income housing.

Some of us wanted NO Market Value - not as much as 50% - but we had many groups - and had to build consensus - we had to fight the Rogue Developer Lennar , the Zionist who came out of the dark to fight us - others mostly Black the likes of Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Willie B. Kennedy, Dwayne Jones - all Blacks and there were more - who sold out the community and sided with - Lennar.

Lennar who opposed us with Proposition G - raised their affordable housing - to 33 percent and spent $10 million in advertisements to defeat  - " we the people " who spent a measly $5 thousand.

History should remember we put our Measure F on the Ballot. Never ever in the history of San Francisco was a Ballot Measure put on with so short a time - with all the required signatures.

First they said we did not have the signatures. So we challenged them - and they forced us to witness the counting of all the signatures - and we formed teams - to stay vigilant and witness the counting. In the end they said - we had the signatures.

Then we had to go through the process of the Ballot Measure - fine tuning the language - and we will never, ever forgot our allies the likes of Dough Comstock, the Nation of Islam, Grace Tabernacle Church, Archbishop Franzo King, so many others - to many to name - but I was there - and I will forever - remember.

Then Market went down -  caught in the spiraling economy - the sub-prime loans, the derivatives - the other dubious wheeling and dealing - that crashed the Market and had millions of people - lose their savings.

Behind all these schemes the ZIONISTS - the like of Goldman Sahs, JP Morgan Chase and so on. All this happened in the year 2008 - and it about to happen again - with the impending - Fiscal Cliff - in the year 2012.

The Mayor's Office of Community Development and the SF Planning Department is working on some new models - to apply the (Median Household Income) AMI - studying the Regional Model with has a bit higher level - looking at the local AMI linked to San Francisco - which is lower - to qualify.

Looking at affordable housing - on site and off site - linked to so called affordable housing.

Most off site affordable housing - has been built on contaminated sites - better known as Brown Fields - Aurelious Walker and Calvin Jones - took advantaged of - off site affordable units - built on Brown Fields - that does not help the community.

The City has a glut of Market Price housing units - and of course we have the filthy rich - but, they too in recent years - do not want to spend their money.

Affordable Housing is way back - there is back log - and when the numbers are produced - the explanation - given is so convoluted. " We want these units to be there to be bought - but since the market is not there - we are looking at renting these units. We are waiting for the Market to pick up - to sell the units".

Such talk is just hot air - the reality is that there are very few rental units for moderate income folks - who cannot available themselves of the San Francisco AMI - or the Regional AMI - as they make more and do not qualify - but they are the Middle Class.

Representatives like Malia Cohen from District 10 - the Bayview - and Scott Wiener from District 8 the Castro - are pushing for Big Developers to have their way - fostering Market Value Housing.

Scott Wiener has some drab legislation - to build 150 square feet match box units - who will live in these drab units - is any one's guess?

For sure - these match box units cannot and will not accommodate families.

Both Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - do not have the better interests of families - and both of them are Queer - Scott Wiener open and Malia Chone a closeted one.

The San Francisco Planning Department is now determining how to make some money - through fees - over $9.5 Billion is planned in development and in the pipe-line - development slated in the Southeast Sector.

The SF Planning Department is filling their coffers with permit fees and so is the Department of Building Inspection.

With the Department of Building Inspection - as was stated by a Whistle Blower in public; at the last Department of Building Inspection, Commission meeting - a convoluted route has been established to route the money to the Mayor's Office.

Petty cash that the Mayor's Office can spend. It may sound nonchalant - but this matter has been brought to me - complete with documentation - over twenty times - in the last three months. Corruption of the worst - order.

In the mean time Big Developers and large Property Managers - all Whites and very corrupt - the likes of Mercy Housing at Sunnydale, the John Stewart Company now at Huntersview - soon at Kiska Road, Bridge Developers at Potrero Hill - want to build Market Price Housing - with some so called - affordable housing - for people that supposedly must have very good credit.

To those living in Public Housing now - affordable housing is promised - cliches like one on one housing are mentioned - whatever that means. The curve ball and the rod up your ass - is when these evil folks, demand - good credit.

 Poor folks like to trust - the White folks - have learned nothing much -  from the days of the " infamous Plantation" - in recent times - Geneva Towers - the John Stewart Company ran that ruckus. How blind can we be - and why are we not taking a stand - now?

Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, the other SF Board of Supervisors - who worship the MACHINE - do not care for the poor.

All this hog wash about gun buy outs - ban on bullets - teflon bullets - other bullets - and the loud talk about them - is just a ploy - to divert the minds of the people. 

The City cannot afford to fill in the promised 3 Full Time Employment (FTE) - linked to the Community Response Network. Millions are spend on other nefarious activities.

In the interim - hundreds of minorities continue to die - Black on Black violence - spurred by forces - some Black other White with an ulterior motive - it is part of the on going - gentrification.

It started with - "Gang Injunctions" - then the "gun buy outs" - but for every gun bought in these schemes - there are 500 guns in the many household - more than 300,000 guns - and mostly owned by Whites - who is fooling - whom.

The last frontier - some want to build - but first they want to remove the minorities - much as they did in the Fillmore - and this time around we have Malia Cohen doing the dirty work for the CROOKS.

It does not take require that you be a rocket scientist - to understand the removable of minorities - it has happened already - the last push - are policies to wipe out the unwanted - by hook or by crook.

Perhaps the only element that stopped this is the 2008 Economic Downfall - it has bought us some time - and during the INTERIM period - instead of being - vigilant - most of us are - fast asleep at the wheel.

We have the living and the living dead. This situation is our fault - we have the option to be alive and fight for what is right - or look dumb, stay dumb, frozen and stagnant - stay and remain, defeated - as all losers do.

We have more  those that continue to spew hot air - that talk the talk and fewer still that walk the walk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.