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Friday, December 28, 2012


Our clowns still cannot make up their mind - about the "fiscal cliff".

Time is running out - while many citizens here in California once the fifth largest economy in the world - deal with foreclosures on their homes.

Millions out of work, millions on food stamps, children living with their parents in cars and Recreation Vehicles.

Wake up you so called - representatives.

This "fiscal cliff" is not a joke.

While the market has shown clearly - people are holding back and not spending.

Nations all over the world are watching in trepidation - while our so called - representatives are having fun - laughing the matter - off. The domino affect will take place and the repercussions will be very serious.

We already have millions suffering from the economic spiraling that took place in the year - 2008.

This time around - the joke will be on the representatives.

Seriously; the people have had it - and those in Congress and the Senate - cannot fathom the gravity of the situation at hand. They will in the next few - days.

The Corporations are cozy - sitting on billions of dollars - money accumulated from off shore accounts.

The many years of profits - from "outsourcing" jobs - in the many countries - that too are now - suffering from stagnation.

Hundreds of factories in China for example are now moving to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, even India - trying to ride the wave and the limited time they have - before those countries too - stop growing and the workforce - start demanding - higher salaries.

It is a dog eat dog that started with the feudal system with some lee way and consideration. 

hen the Industrial Revolution - bring about drastic changes - and creating the divide in classes.

World War II bringing America in the picture and bring prosperity to America - with good wages - and building the Middle Class. Creating a monetary system - and tying it to the Almighty - now sinking dollar.

As I have stated before - America was kind enough to use the MacArthur Plan and other plans and help those countries that needed help. Countries like Germany and Japan.

America cannot do it anymore - the U.S. dollar that once was worth something - is now worth less than 4 cents.

While most every one is focused on the "Fiscal Cliff" which is impending - there is another Tsunami waiting to crash.

The  United States - "debt ceiling" - come December 31, 2012 - it will reach its ceiling - and no one is really paying attention to this - pertinent - factor.

The Federal Reserve Bank which is in reality a private bank - most people do not know this. The U.S. Treasury works closely with the U.S. Federal Bank - and these two entities are now discussing with the President of the United States- trying their best at short notice - to put some blue print in place.

Some drastic - contingencies - that will severely impact the millions of poor people - and those many that live pay check to pay check.

We have the filthy rich the one percent and we have the ninety nine percent who are living pay check to pay check. We in the United States have a population of a little over than 311 million.

Thank God we do not have the population of China and India in the billions - or even countries like Indonesia and some others in the millions.

One in three seniors in the United States have no food - and go to bed hungry on most days.

One is four children have no food - and to to bed hungry - in the United States of America - on most days.

Some schools offer good breakfast and that is the saving grace for many of our children in the United States. 

Can you imagine - if there are cuts - this money available and given by the Federal Government to the States - will not be there - and our children will suffer from many of the good amenities the now enjoy. Should we even go there - when we can avoid such - a catastrophe.

What is happening to the world - the economists have failed - miserably.

None of them predicted the shenanigans and ploys - linked to the sub-primes loans; which are there sitting and are worthless.

The derivatives; ploys to deceive, the many other machinations brought forth by the larger financial institution like J.P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo - all these banking entities - have tried all the dirty tricks in the bag - and are now grouping, faltering - falling on their face in the dark.

The hedge funds other types of ploys are not working.

My friends keep calling me - what is going to happen?

Well; whatever happens - we have to survive - and it is not the end of the world. The human being and the mind of those that can find solutions - happens when we are forced to find - solutions. This has always been the case - and it will be the case this time.

The world was suppose to end - December 21, 2012 - according to some interpreting the Mayan Calendar.

We are here and we will be here - but what we can do - more, the brighter more enlightened human beings - all over the world - is find simple solutions - to FIX the mess we have created.

We must learn to be self- sufficient - have access to clean water and land. Grow our own crops and learn to spend less and economize. Simple habits - difficult to adhere and even more difficult to practice. But, we must survive and we - will. 

Here in America some studies found out that this year people did not spend too much.

Taking the last three years together and evaluating their spending habits  - people bought less this year.

Many did not buy anything significant - during the Holiday Season. That is a good sign - people getting back on track. I made every effort - not to spend too much.

Those that are educated on issues - now, is the time to enlighten others - with sound information - that is education. Many of you have that ability. Write and put on a play. Create a video. Write a song and sing it. Write an essay and challenge yourself but more the world. There is an audience - more in this digital world. God bless you all. Be creative. Where there are artists - there is soul.

There is a lot of garbage out their in cyber space - the ability to filter, to discern, is what is required - this comes through sound - education. The ability to chose the best - trash the rest - so to speak.

The youth are fascinated when you teach them facts that the teachers in the school cannot fathom.

Our history as human beings is long one - be it ten thousands years - travelling and trying to make sense of living and surviving.

I have not seen too many people addressing the "fiscal cliff" and the related issues - putting too much in our economists who have screwed up the situation at hand. Listing to pundit who have no common sense. Common sense - is rare - and if you blessed - use it.

Other devious organization like the Bilderberg Group - and other groups - that you must study to know - who is behind the behind - and who truly controls the fiscal wheeling and dealing - all over the world.

In the mean time; we see thousands sleep in the cars and recreational vehicles.

Most of those suffering our children and the seniors - those that cannot defend themselves.

We have the many living - and the living dead.

Then you have the corrupt - politician - taking from both sides of his or her mouth. Go figure!