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Saturday, December 22, 2012


When tragedy strikes; only those with the ability to discern can find the best solutions. Help stall further tragedies - and make good things - happen.

In San Francisco again and again; politicians who do not have the ability to discern - off a tangent - seek legislation and other types of mundane actions - a far cry from bringing about - real, and concrete - solutions. Pathetic.

Nation wide our population is about 311 million.

What may surprise most people; is that over 58 million people have mental problems - many of them needing - hospitalization.

That is about twenty percent of the Nation's population - needing some kind of mental treatment. I am confident many of them are politicians including some politicians who are perverts.

While it is easy to fault the National Rifle Association and others - many policy makers  - including drab politicians - do not have the ability to discern. More they are NOT educated on issues. It is this factor that makes it very difficult for the politicians to discern.

Even less if they are not spiritual and lead immoral lives - with no standards and even less compassion.

An important factor that triggers - the types of mass murders - is a state of mind - these mentally challenged endure.

Some of us call them deranged - others, mentally challenged.

Lacking sympathy - mostly from the public at large - compassion. In a rat race to survive and make money - most folks care only about themselves - that is called, being - selfish.

Here in San Francisco we have areas that are contaminated - where children and others are exposed to the worst contaminants.

Factors leading to mental and other disorders. The City knows about it - but, even given the empirical data - will NOT do anything about the situation at hand.

 While some of us have brought this to the attention of the former Mayors - the present Mayor - the San Francisco Health Department - the local, State, and National regulatory authorities - nothing much is being done.

Not a whimper from Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - seeking to do something on the National level - and failing to anything - in their own back yard.
These two hags are a disgrace to humanity.

If Nation wide a full twenty percent plus are mentally challenged - then, we must come to some realization - that we have a problem to deal with. So what are we doing about this situation - on the National, State, and Local level?

More in locations where there is contamination - and Mayor Ed Lee better get his facts straight and focus of those factors and elements that need to be - addressed - focusing more on our children, single parents, and our elderly. Helping those that need help - most.

Our Senator Diane Feinstein for example had a mother - who she lived with - who had mental problems. Her father was a doctor - and from reading and noting the facts - for the longest time ever the mother of Diane Feinstein - had a mental problem that needed home care.

Knowing Diane Feinstein and her family - they provided their mother and grandmother the best - care. We need a little bit of that - for those are are mentally challenged - our children especially in San Francisco. More those that live in poor - neighborhoods.

We have thousands of children in our schools that are bullied, others who cannot function in any kind of school - children who find it difficult to work with others.

We have Wellness Centers - but, we do not have the ability to address - mental problems facing our children - because of funding and qualified personnel to do their work - properly.

We tend to put these children in programs we call Special Education - which really means - some one general monitors the children - their real needs are not met. Go to these Special Education Classes - and see for yourselves - what I am talking about.

Society tends to stigmatize mental illness - many prefer not to talk about it. As a matter of fact mental illness is like any other illness be it cancer, diabetics, heart problems - you name it.

During my life time - more during my adult life - I have had an opportunity to address and write about - mental illness. Here in San Francisco - more when Governor Ronald Reagan was in charge of the State of California - thousands of mental patients - were released - and many chose the streets of San Francisco - to make a living. We still have an inordinate numbers of mentally challenged folks - living on the streets of San Francisco.

Today, in San Francisco the best treatment many mental patients get is our City of San Francisco - jails.

We know - those of us that care - that an important factor that brings about - anger, the disruptive behavior of mental patients - is when they fail to take their - medication.

In a jail setting all things being equal - the mental patients are given their medication on time - and treated well.

We in San Francisco are blessed with a team of workers - that do excellent work looking after our - mental inmates in jail.

Doctors too that have gain a lot of experience and work closely with the Professors from University of California San Francisco - on mental issues. Kudos to all of them.

In San Francisco; the Law Enforcement tell us that most of crime committed - more shooting and killings - take place in five percent of the land mass we call San Francisco. 

Further introspection leads us to areas where these sites and locations are known as Public Housing - where most people are indigent.

Many have no opportunities to work - and many single mothers with children - from multiple fathers. The fathers mostly incarcerated - the so called City of San Francisco, leaders know about these factors. But, do not address them.

The psychological factors - adversely impacting the children born and surrounded by violence, dysfunctional families, killings and shootings, daily hearing guns shots fired - now and then Law Enforcement coming into their homes or their neighbors homes - at all times day and night - traumatizes the children and more leaves - deep scars.

No one cares to make an assessment - there is a lot of talk and that is all - tons of talk and little - walk.

Add to this the environmental impact - asbestos dust, the worse type of contamination from the activities at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all documented - and our City and County of San Francisco - the SF Health Department, the local, State, and Federal Agencies - more the Environmental Protection Agency - has NOT lifted a finger to help our children, our single mothers, our grandmothers who often bring up their grandchildren and other children that need help.

No one is addressing these on going issues - that have plagued poor communities for decades - San Francisco.

As long as we have pathetic Supervisors like Malia Cohen from District 10 - who is now lying - saying she visits the hospitals when those shot and killed or injured are taken to the SF General Hospital and so on. That she visits the victims of gun violence - at their homes - this is news to most people at ground zero.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000. The San Francisco Police Department is 2000 strong. We have over 29,000 City Employees that should garner Quality of Life Issues. One City employee for every 28 constituents of San Francisco.

It has been over nine months now since July, 2012 that some of us - who are full aware of the many factors that trigger shootings and killings - have asked the policy makers - to fill in the Full Time Employment (FTE) positions  - linked to the Community Response Network - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The Mayor is fully aware of this situation and so is Maria Su who can make this happen.

These policy makers are looking forward to a tragedy - and we do not want that - TRAGEDY - to take place during this - SEASON OF PEACE.

We need leaders who can represent and more who can discern.

So far we have seen no sustainable and viable policy making - we hear a lot of hot air - diatribe - being spewed in the air - causing more confusion and bringing - more distrust.

San Francisco can do better with it 2000 plus Police Officers.

The City and County of San Francisco can do better with its 29,000 City employees - many working for the SF General Hospital and other City Departments - that deal with Quality of Life issues.

Let us start with child care and health facilities that offer - quality care.

Let us start with programs that offer sound and good nutrition to our children and single mothers and others.

Let us start with reliable transportation - and safety on our public transportation.

Let us start with the plumbing the inside of the homes in public housing - having standards - not the filthy conditions and lack of working plumbing and so on - that now is the norm.

Let us start with community policing and the District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen - having town meetings - in the Public Housing areas. Let us see if she can face the victims and more deliver - Quality of Life issues.

She has been busy taking junkets to Israel and China - when there is work to be done in her back yard.

Let us overcome and see that our schools treat our children with respect. At Martin Luther King Jr Middle school in San Francisco - the principal sat on a child - and she is still at that school. Where is the justice?

Our Seniors need better transportation and better health care.

The SF General Hospital has over $1 Billion budget. Getting grants and more to help those in need - and wasting it on Administrative Services. Where is Barbara Gracia on this?

And there is more ..........................