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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Over $700 million plus was spent on the 3rd Street Light Rail - it begins at 4th and King - and ends in the middle of no where - Visitation Valley.

Once you alight from the 3rd Light Rail and want to proceed to say Mission Street or further to say San Francisco City College or San Francisco State College - west of your location facing north - you must take a bus - and there are no signs at the last 3rd Street hub - giving you any directions.

Millions of dollars were wasted on this 3rd Street Light Rail that is slow, and when the 3rd Street Light Rail arrives crowded and mostly filthy - it is just a disgusting - experience.

The ride on the 3rd Street Light Rail before you alight at Mission Street - so noisy that tourists and decent people are forced to alight and defend for themselves. This nonsense has been going on for so long - MUNI knows about it - and does nothing about this sordid - situation.

Often people are smoking weed on Public transportation challenging the authorities. The token so called Ambassadors - with their Black and sometimes Yellow jackets - nonchalant - looking the other way and doing - nothing at all.

The Chinese immigrants are mocked and stay seated in their seats fearful - as all the pandemonium around them - send chills down their spine. If they say a word they are attacked.

Now and then the 3rd Street Light Rail will STOP - and an announcement made to alight and wait for the next train - because of some break down. The mostly Chinese immigrants - are left to fend for themselves.

The Chinese immigrants now have stopped taking the 3rd Street Light Rail and take the 9 the 9 L, the 8AX, 8BX and other buses - and with this added population - the above lines are over crowded. MUNI planning departments needs to be revamped and those presently there for years - fired.

MUNI the local transportation agency - does not give a damn.

MUNI talks a lot but no one gives a hoot. The travelling public on the 3rd Street Light Rail are fed up and something must be done on a war footing.

MUNI's Planning Department has failed miserably - I know who they are - and in my next article on this subject - I will name them - so that a permanent record is visible and available - to all who are interested on this topic.

At one time we had the 15 Third MUNI bus - and after all these years - people still talk and yearn for the 15 Third Street MUNI bus.

This one bus would take you - from City College all the way to Fisherman's Wharf. The bus went through down town, the financial district, North Beach - with easy transfer stations - any where you wanted to go.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is of no help at all.

They spew a lot of hot air - but, in all the years it has been in existence - they have failed. It is time to change the people on the top - they talk too much and leading the field - Jose Moscovich.

An added factor that adversely the ridership on the 3rd Street Light Rail - Safety of the passengers.

Again and again - in broad day light - innocent passengers are assaulted - and as has been noted by the SF Police Department - an inordinate increase in IPhones grabbed from the riders - and stolen. Often time the victims suffering from serious wounds and bleeding.

The 3 Street Light Rail is filthy inside and outside - and the hubs not cleaned and this is a disgrace.

MUNI spends very little money keeping the stations clean sanitized - and this must be done - routinely.

This is how diseases spread - and we do have some filthy folks - who have not taken a shower - in months and there must be a law - to keep such dirty, filthy, stinking - individuals out. Filthy and stinking - they make you - puke.

Plans are afoot to expand the Third Street Light Rail all the way to North Beach and further to Fisherman's Wharf. 

This expansion began with a figure of about $600,000 and now is touted to be in the region of $1.6 billion and growing.

All sorts of shenanigans, ploys, and machinations. The weirdest of explanations given - as the target constantly moved - and those following this project - and left wonder struck, bewildered, and confounded.

In the same vein nothing is happening to accommodate the constituents living at Hunters Point up on the hill. The MUNI buses 44 and 23 are never on time. At night - single mothers, our elders are preyed upon and not a word from Supervisor Malia Cohen who supposedly  - represents District 10.

Malia Cohen does well  - grinning like a jackass. She now makes her abode - living in Potrero Hill - and not caring to walk the streets on 3rd Street by Palou, the Hill and meeting - with her constituents. Despicable.

We need more bus shelters - to help our elders and those that are physically challenged - they should not face the inclement weather - at night left in the dark - to be preyed upon. This is a Safety issue.

MUNI knows about this SAFETY issue - and has done little to help the constituents. Go figure!