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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Daily, City Hall has now resorted to ploys and machination of the worst order - failing to endorse the will of the people and favoring Big Developers and high tech companies.

This Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - was anointed - fast tracked and brought before the Rules Committee. 

Though noticed at the last moment - the public comment was stacked by mostly sell outs - with the exception of Robert Woods and Espanola Jackson who know more about SF Redevelopment Agency.

Lennar a Rogue Developer, and the many projects over the last 45 years - that the now defunct - SF Redevelopment Agency once controlled.

With the demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) - the City and County of San Francisco had two options - first hand over all projects and sites under the jurisdiction of the SFRA to the State of California - for further action.

That included all tax increments and the many Memoranda of Understanding, other properties grandfathered because of unique agreements signed - still being worked on and some very convoluted.

The second option -  the City and County of San Francisco take over all responsibilities of the former - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and form a San Francisco Successor Board - and this Board has been holding meetings - though irregular - from time to time - trying to make some sense and have failed miserably so far.

The SF Successor Board has provided the constituents and public fiscal documents that were not correct full of blatant mistakes.

As much as - " we the people " - requested the audited documents - these have been slow in coming - from the Successor Board to the SFRA.

When financial documents were presented - and " we the people" - took them to a Certified Public Accountant, a fully accredited Accountant who has worked with Construction and Development, a Developer with over thirty five years of experience - all three entities found - glaring mistakes.

Recently an audit conducted by Sacramento - under whom the Successor Agencies come and report - found further glaring mistakes - and mandated that the SF Successor Agency - correct them. Suffice the present Director Tiffany Bohee of the office of the Successor Agency - has failed and wants to keep the job at any cost.

In over a year - "we the people" - who have attended the SF Successor Board meetings - have never, ever see Theodore Ellington, Marily Mondejar, Christine Johnson, Mara Rosales, and Darshan Singh - attend a single meeting - the Successor Agency Board - all of whom are now Commissioners on the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - Successor Agency Commission.

None of the above anointed - hand picked to do the bidding of the Democratic Machine - behind the scene Willie L. Brown Jr., - have not been at any of the Disposition and Development Agreement - (DDA) - to Phase One of Hunters Point - for example.

None of them participated actively with the many deliberations at City Hall at the SF Board of Supervisors - and elsewhere - linked to Treasure Island.

None of them; ever - were present at the Restoration Advisory Meetings to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

None of them - including Darshan Singh who was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - have studied the many documents linked to the "Superfund" - that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and knows the true history of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and designated - a Superfund Site.

None of the above attended one single Town Hall meeting when the community fought Lennar - a Rogue Developer - who bombarded the community with toxic dust. Lennar was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The highest fine imposed on any entity in the history of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Lennar, a Rogue Developer - whose colors will - never ever change. Lennar's bottom line is making money - not the community. " No good will ever come on Hunters Point - no good what so ever ".

I represent the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - on matters of Conveyance, Infrastructure, Development - in short Quality of Life issues.

I do not endorse any of the above candidates - who have no clue - what so ever - what they are getting into - more as Commissioners and they are NOT trusted by the community.

These outsiders none of which reside in the Bayview Hunters Point - purport to be experts.

These Commissioners are but puppets for the MACHINE. Notice the many sell outs who came out of the wood work - to support these inept, spineless, shallow, immoral, unethical candidates - stacked the deck at Public Comment. Efforts made behind the scene by the MACHINE.

These candidates should have held at least one single meeting in the community - no such meeting was held - prior to the Rules Committee appointing them as candidates to the newly formed Commission. 

Now, during the holiday season this matter and faulty process - came hurriedly before the Rules Committee - then sent with "full recommendation" to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

I want Governor Jerry Brown to look into it and more the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I think this matter warrants the applying of the RICO act.

The SF Board of Supervisors voted the candidates in as members of this newly formed Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure - San Francisco, Successor Agency Commission - with much thought and deliberation.

The Mayor swore the candidates as Commissioners - and now just like that; on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 4 pm in Room 400 at City Hall - the lackeys will meet and endorse the nefarious polices of the MACHINE - Theodore Ellington, Marily Mondejar, Christine Johnson, Mara Rosales, and Darshan Singh.

No member will be able to speak on matters mentioned on the agenda - which are important - and which " we the people " discussed at the SF Succesor Board to the SF Redevelopment Agency - Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa on behalf the community - the Bayview Hunters Point.

The others present - who receive money from Lennar spoke in favor of Lennar - the main subject the Sixth Ammendment to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) to Phase One and the gaping holes in that amendment.

Let me spell out the farce and the exact language from the public noticed Agenda - so that those that are decent - may know exactly what is going on in San Francisco:

5. Matters not appearing on the Agenda:

Members of the public may address the Commission on matters that are within the Commission's jurisdiction and not on today's calendar. Each speaker shall have up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments unless the Commission adopts a shorter period. It is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the Commission should fill out a "Speaker Card" provided by the Commission Secretary, and submit the completed card to the Commission Secretary.

. This portion of the Agenda in not intended for debate or 
  discussion with the Commission or Staff.

. Please simply state your business or the matter you wish the 
  Commission or staff to be aware of.

. It is not appropriate for Commissioners to engage in a debate
  or respond on issues not properly set in a publicly noticed 

. If you have questions or would like to bring a matter to the 
  Commissions attention, please contact the Commission 
  Secretary after the meeting or at

The above restrictions clearly speak to the "fear" of the crooks and the very corrupt. This is America - there is freedom and there is license. Here we have a group of crooks - who are using license to abuse freedom. Depriving the public to speak on agenda items that are - action items. Break the laws laid down - by the "Brown Act".

What are the newly appointed Commissioners endorsing - they were not present at the Successor Board meeting - they have no clue about those deliberations.

At that meeting - the people took part and made pertinent points. There are flaws with the Sixth Amendment - and these new lackeys - so called Commissioners - will rubber stamp - that which has been sent to them - for approval.

The public that attended that meeting - the Successor Board meeting that approved the agenda items linked to the Sixth Amendment - have every right to speak - and others to.

These Commissioners are not REPRESENTING the people - the are deliberately breaking the law - " the Brown Act ".

The newly appointed Commissioners  - are corrupt and are representing the MACHINE - also the crooks who are now at the mercy of the China Development Bank -  the $1.7 billion loan offered by the China Development Bank - that spurs these crooks to sell their souls and " do in " the community.

Wake up San Francisco - if you do not nip these nonsense in the "bud" you will live with the crimes of the moment - for the rest of your lives. 

This land all of it belongs to the Ohlone - sufficient injustice was done in the past - now, the least we can do - is represent the wishes of the people and respect the Ohlone. Not some anointed crooks who have no clue - and will be controlled by the corrupt MACHINE.

Time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Time to exercise the RICO act.