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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


In the Southeast Sector; more the Bayview Hunters Point - for the last twenty years plus - there has been a "deft silence" - that begs the question - where is the "leadership"?

Here, there, and everywhere you will find photographs of mostly so called Black leaders - who have left a void - a vacuum - FAILED to pass the "torch" to the younger - generation.

In the past some 20 years - many younger adult Blacks for example - when they could not take it any longer - just left San Francisco - they went to the suburbs and have continued to stay there.

We all remember the Geneva Towers and the horrible things that went on there. Armed guards with rampant prostitution and a host of other diabolical activities flourishing - that still; send chills - when those who experienced those days - are reminded of those times.

The Geneva Towers were managed by the John Stewart Company - John Stewart a man who was fired by Fanny Mae and a very close friend of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and those that control City Hall - today.

The Geneva Towers were imploded - those residents living in the Towers promised housing - and all but five percent of those living - were catered for. The rest were thrown to the wind. Many of us remember this episode - but, all of us look the other way. This nonsense must stop - and we must take control of our destiny.

Guess what?  The John Stewart Company is back at Hunterview - doing the same thing - promising the sky - but in the end - only a few - mostly sell outs will be accommodated.

The John Stewart company has over one thousands employees controls rent housing at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, Northridge Cooperatives at Hunters Point, hundreds of Single Residency Occupany (SROs) in downtown San Francisco - now Hunterview and more. Go figure!

History repeats itself - this time the panderers are Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Willie B. Kennedy, Linda Richardson, Tiffany Bohee - joined by Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - all promising the constituents of Huntersview better known - as Middle Point - the sky - and throwing them stale - bread crumbs, instead.

Those that are not educated on issues, have no ability to discern, less are immoral and have no ethical standards - cannot and will not help those that need help most.

Be very leery of those who say they want to represent - and when they get in - do as they please. We saw it with diabolical Sophie Maxwell, now Malia Cohen - and those the want to vie for this position who are Black; not educated on issues, lacking sound leadership - and cannot be trusted -being mostly utterly, selfish.

The demographics of the Bayview and Hunters Point has changed - dramatically.

For the longest time Blacks had an opportunity to achieve something positive - and all the many sell outs - including the mostly Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors did - is sell out the community.

When Lennar first came to the community who do you think - were in line to receive large sums of money - the Black pastors.

Who do you think were the other sell outs who defied the community when they were bombarded by dangerous particulates, asbestos friables, contaminated dust?

The mostly Black sell outs - the likes of Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, Willie B.Kennedy, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Toye Moses, Calvin Jones, Angelo King, Dwayne Jones, and the list goes on. The all have blood on their hands. Make no bones about that.


Again these same vermin have joined the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force, the Successor Agency of SF Redevelopment Agency - others - trying their best to foster - GENTRIFICATION - and wipe out those constituents who are poor and cannot defend - themselves.

We do have many Community Based Organizations - who are funded by the City and County of San Francisco. These CBOs stay contended doing nothing much - and for sure not serving the people of the Southeast. 

A concerted effort has been made to foster gentrification - and those of us that witness it - do not have the ability to discern and adjudicate - what really is happening. Many of those who receive money from the City - are afraid to speak up. 

It is like a modern day SLAVE PLANTATION - you serve the MASTA and you live to pander. You do not - and you are targeted. Yet, these folks - will say they are FREE - when they have sold their souls and pander to the DEVIL.

In order to comprehend your people you must first comprehend where they came from - how have they behaved all these years - and with that empirical data - you can gauge for yourselves - where you as a community - will be heading.

"The direction will depend on the leadership - and today the Black leadership is faltering, divisive, lacking education, less expertise - talking in circles and gasping for air." - Francisco Da Costa, Director, Environmental Justice Advocacy.

Today, the most important factor missing are our youth and young adults. I have had over 250 meetings with them over the last 10 years - and they watching the proceedings - the adults have no clue - what is happening - groping in the dark.

In the mean time over $9 billion dollars plus of development - is coming down the pipeline.

Add to that over $6 billion linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - you can go to SF City Planning and get all the information - complete with Blue Prints.

Who do you think among those that say they are leadership can read a Blue Print? Who among those who say they want to lead - attend the SF Planning Meetings, the Land Use and Economic Development meetings, the SF Board of Supervisors, meetings - and so on.

You really do not have to attend all the meetings in person - you can watch it of SFGOV.TV - channels 26 and 78.

There is a deft silence, no leadership, and a void that begs the question. It is not too late to incorporated the college students, the  Universities, the many young adults; who have educated themselves and want to volunteer - who want to play a role without being told - how to blow and wipe their nose.

In all of our meetings - we must learn to listen - then discern before opening our mouths and spewing diatribe.

The Big Developers have planted moles - and it is fun to watch them - when you have access to manifests - revealing who pays them and for what. These type of shenanigans do not happen - just like that - diabolical forces are behind - them.

The young adults are fed up and once there reaches a saturation point - there will be no turning back. This is a clarion call - make the call that best brings things on track.

HOPESF is a ploy that has been in the making for years; with Mercy Housing at Sunnydale, the John Stewart Company at Middle Point, Bridge Developers at Potrero Hill - getting ready to tear down and build .

NOT one single meeting well advertised - where the community at large can come - and deliberate.

In the mean time the SF Board of Supervisors - are involved with issues that are mundane - such as nudity.

No one wants to address the real issues linked to affordable housing with larger rooms for families, sound education with good teachers that have a proven track record, transportation that works and caters to those that most need good transportation, our failed health system with disdain for the poor and elders - lack of childcare facilities, Recreational facilities - wake up Barbara Gracia and your minions who are asleep at the wheel.

Since 1996 - the year Willie L. Brown Jr came to power - a Black Mayor nothing much as happened worth the salt in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Willie L. Brown Jr. announced to the public at large - " if you want to live in San Francisco - be ready to earn over $100,000 a year".

Well, we have many who earn more than that but paradoxically they are not Black and the immigrants of color; others like our elders - who are just trying to survive. Living pay check to pay check.

The 2008 economic fiasco created an adverse impact - and it is only in the last two months - after all these years - we see some hope on the horizon.

Again; we are being bombarded by the onset of the impeding - "economic cliff" whatever that means to those that so hungry, and go to bed without food - find it difficult to put bread and butter on the table.Survive day to day - and we call ourselves a Super Power!

Crooks run the show - we see it ;but no one want to speak to the TRUTH - we have those that talk the talk but few that can walk the walk - the reason is simple. 

"Those that have no morals - end up having no standards, and those that have no standards cannot take anyone to a better place."

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.