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Friday, December 7, 2012


Not too long ago we found out that - over the last 10 years in San Francisco - over 120,000 families have left San Francisco.

That is father, mother, and children - and I am talking straight families. Children who were born and birth given to the children by the union of the father and the mother - who were part and parcel of the family.

As against the on going fashion of invitro-fertilization - and the many children born through this method. Many of the children born - not having a clue who the father is. Two men and two women - bringing up children - who one day will question the oddity of their living and existence.

What is critical to note - are those decent families who have left San Francisco have contributed too much to the best interests of San Francisco.

Now, over the years - straights have been feeling this void. We now all know that it has become so expensive to live in San Francisco - that families prefer to move out to give their children - a better chance; in a better and safe environment - to contribute to our Nation.

Added to this adverse factor - San Francisco Unified School District has been a dismal - failure.

Even with assistance from the City and County of  San Francisco  and the "rainy day fund" - the arrogant, inept, and spineless San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) - has taken this City down the drain and into the "cesspool" - of its own creation.

Over 75% of our children in the SFUSD - when it comes time to graduate cannot go to college. They simply do not have the credits that they should have acquired - learning well, and taught by good teachers. The so called A-G requirement beg the question - with the SFUSD Board making lame excuses - and a fool of their existence - spewing diatribe in the long, drab, useless deliberation and that too on SFGOVTV - what a waste of time.

Every single year - for the past ten years the SFUSD teachers receive - "pink slips" - are traumatized,

Then just before school begins for the new year - some teachers accommodated - but most of them - traumatized - and let go.

Again and again stupid people like Jane Kim who once used to be the President of the SFUSD - and today is the Supervisor of District 6 - opens her mouth and put her foot in.

Jane Kim should ask TWITTER and other private companies that she is in bed with - to help the SFUSD.

This Korean American woman is pathetic to say the least. Talking in circles - going back and forth - in many of the deliberations - talking in circles and spewing diatribe.

Hot or cold - but if you are lukewarm - you will be spat out of the mouth.

Here comes another one of those perverts who cannot think straight - Scott Wiener.

Recently, Scott Wiener irritated so many Queer folks -  he himself is a homosexual - who taunts other Queer folks and that is a shame. 

Queer youth and others - are targeted by his mundane legislation - many amendments - beg the question.

So recently; when one Queer journalist entered the rest room - and saw Scott Wiener- trained his camera on Scott's penis - but missed the shot - because it took a second too long to focus. Scott approached Law Enforcement for protection and the result the journalist must stay 150 feet away from the sordid - Scott Wiener.

In the past this pathetic individual -Scott Wiener - has targeted people he know little about.

Once daring to call some one a "antisemitic" - himself not understanding the issue at hand. Now, it his his turn - and most everyone who is decent - do not approve the behavior of this lanky, pervert, with a morbid sense of addressing - legislation mostly trivial in nature.

Recently, Scott Wiener passed legislation to build small housing units. The likes of "match box units or condominiums" - in the area of 150 square feet. These type of units serve those that wish to - "crash" in them - and for sure do not serve the purpose of - families.

Thus the title of article - DUAL INCOME NO KIDS - (DINKS) -
this is concept of Sodom and Gomorah  - where anything goes when it comes to being sordid, immoral, and wallowing in the cesspool of excesses - linked to Sodom and Gomarah.

On a trial basis a cap has been put to build 300 small compact units. These units will be built and those that live in it - for sure will be DINKS - and our SF Board of Supervisor approved the plan that does not address Quality of Life Issues.

The National Geographic had an article not too long ago - stating boldly that San Francisco has over 100,000 dogs - and we do have a spiraling population of about 800,000 humans. A ratio of one to eight - but why do not those that pollute, and have dogs - not pay taxes and why should not a high tax be levied on those who want it always - their way.

Some one must do a study about the thousands of tons - of dog pooh and cat pooh that is flushed down our City's dual sewer system - and into the Bay. 

Who mostly own these pets?  Why should not a tax be levied on these folks - who do not clean after their pets - defecate and in short adversely impact the environment.

San Francisco has already gone to the hogs - and it does not help with Supervisors Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, and others who tow the line and have adversely impacted - Quality of Life issues.

Recently some dubious candidates were voted in to be seated on the Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Committee,

Folks like Darshan Singh who was at the SF Redevelopment Agency Commission and pushed the agenda against the community and in favor of Lennar, a Rogue Developer.

Others - newbees like Theodore Ellington who has no clue about the history of SF Redevelopment Agency - and the on going ploys and machinations favored by folks like Tiffany Bohee and Malia Cohen. Time will tell.

In the last year blatant corrupt on many levels have been exhibited in Room 200 the Executive Branch.

In Room 250 by the SF Board of Supervisors - the Legislative Branch.

We are reviewing manifests, documentations, and have the right people in the right places - providing us with empirical data - and that is all that counts. Facts.


DINKS do not contribute to a better society.

DINKS do not contribute to Quality of Life issues.

DINKS are a pests that must be eradicated.

Just like a recall is in order for inept, shallow, spineless Supervisors - like Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener - based on their legislative - track record.