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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The House and the Senate held the public hostage - stressed the public at large as much as they could - then, fully understanding their folly at the last moment - decided to come to some - "drab" - agreement.

January 1, 2013 will go down in history - as a day of "mockery" - linked to the "fiscal health" of the United States of America.

The so called "fiscal cliff" has given some temporary - relief.

The details mostly help the "eroding middle class".

The millions of dollars that are needed to pay the unemployment checks.

Millions of dollars to pay for Medicare patients.

A decision to say goodbye to CPI linked to Social Security,  lease of the the various Farm Bills -  which prevents - the price of milk doubling and so on.

Here is where the reality check sets in - the impending "Debt Ceiling".

The last several years - the House and the Senate has not passed a - balance budget.

The 112th Congress did not have a balanced budget.

For sure not the 111th Congress - and the 110th Congress - and the one before that - the one before that - and also the one before that.  Go figure!

No family worth the salt - functions in that manner - spend, spend, spend, and even when you declare bankruptcy - spend, spend, spend .....

Our debt deficit is in the trillions of dollars - and for sure we do not have a balanced budget. The House and the Senate would like us to believe they two have achieved a - "big feat" - when in reality they have declared themselves - dummies. Displayed - buffoonery of the highest - order.

The behavior demands a reality check:

 1. No member of  the House should be allowed to serve more than three terms.

 2. No member of the Senate should be allowed to serve more than three terms.

 3. Stringent campaign reforms - each candidate runs for office with campaign funds - capped to a certain limit. Quarterly audits on line item spending - within the law.

 4. Congress must declare term limits for the Supreme Court Judges. This life long term; for the Supreme Court Judges  - does not suit the times we are living in. 

It surely makes no sense to declare Corporations - persons. Such a decision by the Supreme Court - has defeated the purpose linked to this third branch of government. Mandated to play a role of stability and fairness. Justice has been pandered by the Supreme Court.

5.  Every year Congress must pass a balanced budget and mandate a debt ceiling - we must live within our means.

6. We must NOT declare war unless some nation directly attacks the United States of America.

Our present debt ceiling stands at $16.4 trillion.

There is no way we can address this situation - without increasing this - "debt ceiling".

We spend too much and have been spending too much - and Congress has been permitted to do this - without any impunity. This nonsense must stop.

The World Markets have been given some impetus since the "Fiscal  Cliff" debacle has been decided.

This false sense does not speak to a sound "fiscal balance" - it just speaks to some moment - allowing us to increases our debt.

Give some solace to pay unemployment checks, other fringe benefits - on borrowed money.

This behavior is much like the behavior to the large financial institutions and banks - linked to sub-prime loans, derivatives, and so on.

It does not help the the Private Entity - the Federal Reserve Bank - has not put its foot down - and brought about some - meaningful halt to our debt - with a blue print that works.

Shame on Congress for letting down the tax payers that Congress has disowned again and again and again. Time to remove these bums from office - and start with term limits. N O W .