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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world.

You gauge any city by the way you treat the Seniors, the elderly - that is one of the most important bench marks - any civilization worth its salt - is adjudicated by.

Much like any city treats its children and offers them the best of amenities.

Children and our elderly go hand in hand - that is if any city worth its salt - cares about humanity, quality of life issues - and what is most important - finesse - then sadly - San Francisco is at the bottom of the murky, filthy, evil - sordid jar. 

Our SF BOZOS in Room 250 are busy salivating with GREED.

With Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen leading the way, making deals behind close doors, and positioning themselves - for higher office.

Morally, ethically, as far as plain etiquette goes - these two vermin are the scum bags of the earth. 

Scott an ardent Zionist who thinks he can pull a fast one - and no one will catch him - with his hand in the cookie jar. Constantly spinning out legislation - more convoluted than meaningful - like a weasel trying to hoodwink the public at large.

Malia Cohen whoring and getting any opportunity  to make a fast buck and position herself to climb up the political ladder.

The world knows she favors a life style that is not readily accepted in the Black community - but that aside; she is a weasel - that will smile on your face and stab you in the back.

I was at City Hall yesterday before the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - listening to the many shenanigans - it is simply amazing - how these SF BOZOS operate. What they truly - comprehend.

Every single ploy and machination is pulled out from the "hat of Ali Baba and the Forty thieves " - to address serious issues - at the cost of the tax payers.

Millions of dollars wasted - and I have been monitoring these idiots for the long time ever.
Most of them are not educated on issues - others, do not know who they are dealing - with.

Again and again our Seniors in San Francisco are shafted.

No consideration given to our seniors; when it comes to transportation issues. No consideration given to Seniors when it comes to housing. No consideration what so ever - when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

The SF BOZOS know our Seniors are suffering - but they are busy pussyfooting - mostly concerned with their petty, on going orgies - behind close doors - pandering to Big Developers.

At least 60% of the SF BOZOS favor the flavors of Sodom and Gomorrah.

These vermin - some still in the closet - like Malia Cohen - but evil written all over her fake face and grin.

In District 10 - this evil woman has not cared to do anything much.

Malia Cohen - has the audacity to throw in a sentence or two - that some Seniors would forfeit the Seniors getting help in favor of giving the youth -  free Clipper Cards. Go tell that to your lap dog.

This woman Malia Cohen is a liar.

It would be interesting if she got a list of Seniors in District 10 who spoke to her on this topic - and make it public.

If some Seniors did indeed speak to Malia Cohen - that the Seniors forfeit help - in favor of the youth - as for as transportation fares were concerned - those Seniors in question; who spoke to Malia Cohen - are out of their mind.

Any decent City cares for its Seniors - not in this City. The City and County of San Francisco.

Every single day - I have to remind some one - since I ride Public Transportation - and ask some one - sitting on seats meant for Seniors and the physically challenge, the ailing - to stand up and give a seat to a ailing, frail Senior Citizen.

Notices clearly point to reserving the seats on MUNI; (our transportation system) - to save the seats for Senior, those physically challenged - but unruly commuters - those not Seniors and not physically challenged - will sit and challenge - but I know how to deal with them.

For starters I know most of the MUNI operators.

I also know many people - and often times those that know me will step up and support me to the chagrin of the culprits - who will bow down to pressure.

With housing for seniors - it is the same.

Again and again Seniors are forced out of rental housing - even though we have Rental Laws - that protect rental housing for all and especially for Seniors and the Physically Challenged.

However, more and more the Mayor Office of Housing, the SF Housing Authority, other SF entities that pretend they are for affordable housing - shun the Seniors, the Physically Challenged, and favor Big Developers and Market Priced Housing.

Our Seniors in San Francisco were once treated with respect.

Today, they are blatantly treated with - DISDAIN.

The Mayor Ed Lee knows about this - but, to date has done nothing. Except - make some statements without any teeth.

In most traditions worth the salt we respect our elders.

You do not have to impress on most folks - to do that - but here in San Francisco - our Seniors are forced to sit on chairs the whole night long - in shelters that must be shut down.

No one must be offered a chair to sit down the whole night long - in pain and enduring discomfort - until the wee hours of the morning. This is simply - inhumane. What does Mayor Ed Lee have to say about this?

What do our SF BOZOS in room 250 have to say about this?

Who is representing whom in the great City?

Standing in ques in the wee hours of the morning - to get a "band on their hand" - to seek a bed or get some menial - help? What is this world coming to?

God watches everything - and these perverts that have flooded City Hall - better be very careful.

Most people will not tell you to your face - you are a pervert - but, some of us that see through and through corruption - will call a spade a spade.

City Hall will crumble - and when it crumbles - it will crumble with the "perverts" at City Hall.

More - so that these evil people - will experience the sordid deeds that  - they so hide behind close door - wheeling and dealing.

Thinking; that no one knows - about their sordid actions. Scum of the Earth.

Leading this group Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

The Mayor, Ed Lee better wake up and first address the issues of the day. No constituent should be hurting, no Senior Citizen - should be out in the cold; dying a slow death - in this filthy rich city.

The shenanigans with aiding Twitter, the conceptual plans to bring the Warriors on the Waterfront, aiding and abetting Rose Pak - these and more we are monitoring closely.

The domino effect will happen - and you heard it first here.

In life there is the good and the evil - and in the end - any way you cut it - the Truth and Good prevails.

It may take time - but time and time again - the TRUTH and GOOD will prevail - big time.

These neo-politicians we have on board - with mundane, shallow, inept, sordid ideas - we have seen - dime a dozen - before.

More the Zionists who we can deal with - when the time comes. These are the same vermin that destroyed the economy of our Nation.

Here is San Francisco they position themselves - and take care of their own ilk - having the largest Senior Facility on Silver and Mission. In the most sunny area - where no Zionists live in District 10.

In some one else's jurisdiction - making hay while the sun shines.

We know who the Zionist are that work at City Hall.

The many heads of Departments - aiding and abetting their own - while treating our Seniors, our Physically Challenged, those that need dire help - with disdain.

Let me remember the thieves - all of this land - all of it belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the surrounding land.

Your scum bags stole it - and as thieves you must listen to those that own the land and from whom it was stolen.

You must respect the Seniors, help those that need help, especially the indigent - if you do not - you will burn alive.

When the wrath of God  - deals with you when you least expect it.

More you that dilly dally with sordid actions - going down like some animals and performing your sordid deeds - behind close doors, in dark places - thinking that you are not seen by forces too powerful for you to comprehend.

It is simply wrong to torture and make our seniors suffer - while the Zionists - feed them themselves like hogs, puke, and laugh at the world - as they steal, cheat, plunder, fornicate - and want it all. The tower of Babel!