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Monday, May 14, 2012


At one time California boasted that its economic was the fifth largest in the world.

California is blessed with many natural resources, water, a moderate climate, and very fertile soil.

Besides fruits and vegetables of every kind - our husbandry is flourish - with beef sales increasing every month to China and other countries.

For the last thirty years - there has been a heavy investment in vineyards and wines - some of the best in the world - exported again to China and other countries where there is a huge - demand.

In recent years - what is very disturbing; is our educational system - where students - more students from California - find it difficult - to afford a sound education.

The tuition is so high that the students cannot afford it - the educational institutions seem to favor - students from other countries and states.

These students agree to pay more to grant them favors and give them a chance to study in our colleges and universities that should favor our local students - residents of California.

Again and again our California students are cast aside the local California student - their hard working parents - others interested in the welfare of our students - are stressed out and find themselves in the dolddrums.

This utter nonsense - shafting our students again and again - will fall flat on its face and the many policy makers - starting with our State Legislators and State Senators - better address this nonsense - sooner then later.

The sad state of our fiscal woes are tied to poor leadership.

Just imagine the projected deficit in this budget cycle - this budget fiscal year - is $16 Billion less than was projected.

This $16 billion far greater than was projected - and guess what - those that cannot garner support - those that have no voice - will suffer.

It is always the poor - those students for example that want to be the first in the family to go to college, those ardent Californians who want to better themselves - but, are deprived from doing so.

The State of California, Governor Jerry Brown is not to be blamed - Governors before him - went on a  spending spree - and now we have to pay for their mistakes.

All the while the past California Legislators watching and participating in this fiscal fiasco - some of them are still in the Legislative Chamber and the California Senate - watch the fiasco - but cannot find any solutions - because these vermin - sit on the fence and see which side is green - and jump on that side.

I could name - names - but it would not do much good. Sufficient to say - some of the key corrupt, crooks are from San Francisco and the Bay Area.

As I mentioned we must not permit our local Representatives - who have their priorities wrong - go Scott Free.

Among them those from San Francisco who are more interested in Queer issues - and other mundane and have not shown - ardent, stable - leadership.

Here is San Francisco both City College and our San Francisco State University - are suffering and with this added deficit - the students will suffer.

The authorities of these two institution - care less about the students - from watching the authorities all these years - make fake promises - and always blame others the State - anyone they cast their eyes on - not to take the blame or work hard on behalf of the students.

In past year - the students have gone to Sacramento and protested before the Legislators - to no avail. 

This year those that have taken the cause of the students - the students who have been dumped upon - other supporters who have had it and now will join the students in greater numbers - will protest in a more effective - manner.

Of course it is easy to blame the Governor and some other entities - but, it is also the responsibility of the authorities at the many leading colleges and universities - to find out a model - to address the salient and pertinent issues - and come out with solutions.

We have many billionaires in San Francisco alone - some sixty plus - who can invest in our educational system and help the students.

But, these vermin love to make their money, talk about how great San Francisco is - and fail to address our true assets.

That is - our children, our youth, our young women and men, and those adults that look forward to go back to college to gain further higher education - fine-tuned their skills, and contribute to the society. 

I have met Deans of these colleges and Universities in San Francisco and have heard them speak - they talk a good talk but when it comes to action - they fall far behind, hinder progress - and do not walk the walk.

Sacramento is now screaming and shouting but there is no movement to meet and resolve.

The Republicans and the Democrats who are in the majority -  fail each and every year - to find a solution to our on going budget - always in the black hole. 

Sacramento is shouting and screaming - and we are watching - but not for too long. This year these dumb, inept, shallow legislators will have their feet put to the fire.

May be for the first time - in their entire life - they will learn a lesson that they will remember - about true representation and the - power of the people. After all we are a democracy - but, judging from what is happening - it seems we are living in some - feudal system.