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Saturday, May 5, 2012


It is always inspiring to be with good friends - especially when the occasion celebrates a great victory, has great music, excellent food, and creates a festive family - atmosphere. 

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory over the French Forces on May 5, 1962 - General Ingnacio Zaragoza Sequin defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla.

In the year 2005 - Congress declared Cinco de Mayo a holiday to bring together and celebrate the culture of Mexico and its fine people.

Today, is was a pleasure meeting some of the main leaders behind the celebration of Cinco de Mayor at Dolores Park in the Mission - Sam Ruiz, Jim Salinas and others to many to name.

Mitchell Salazar - I did not meet - as usual he was running errands. Always a help hand - and doing what he does best - behind the scene - keeps most everything moving - smoothly.

I took some photographs and had a good time meeting so many people - and the day was blessed with a light wind, warm sunshine - a nice sunny day in May.

Most of all there was love in the air - caliente - but cool to those that could bear it and endure it - tenderness.

The Mariachi Music always pleases my heart - and the woman who sang accompanied the Mariachi Band was great - I met her before she went on stage - and she posed for me.

She name and she did justice to all the tender, loving, romantic songs she sang - Ms. Berta Olivia. She is the one posing below with Chief Greg Suhr - our romantic yet determined - Chief of the San Francisco Police Department.

Chief Greg Suhr was there having a nice time.

The people of Mexico love large families - and it was a pleasure to see so many families.

This is what San Francisco is missing. We need more families and less of the life style that favors - singularity and shallowness - no joy seeing children full of joy, without bias - spreading joy where ever they are.

The politicians were there  - but, anyone knowing me - I do not care too much for them. It could be a Senator or Congressperson - they mean nothing to me.

There was Mayan cuisine, all sorts of cuisine from Mexico, lots of folks lined up to have that delicious mango on a stick.

Others were selling half ripe mango - cut in elongated pieces - marinated with paprika and salt - well packed in sandwich bags.

There were burritos - and those of us that live in San Francisco - have it all.

The aroma of all sorts of meat filled the air - and where these smells smelled the most intense - long ques of people - hungry and enjoy themselves on this  - unique cinco de mayo - day.

I passed Mission Dolores - the oldest Catholic Church in San Francisco. Paid my homage as usual - more to the Ohlone buried in the cemetery.

The doors were open - and some tourist were in line for the tours on the Church and the cemetery - and other interest things to see - all for a fee.

Passed by Mission High School - "Go Bears" - and soon arrived at Dolores Park - just in time to meet the guests - the Consul General from Mexico, other politicians some local and others from Sacramento - and among them my good friends who were organizing the event.

I visited the many booths - the City was well represented - you had some nice booths selling T-shirts - others selling cell phones, yet others insurance - even burial plots. 

Costumes from South America - one of a kind - others selling clothing from Mexico, all in all - I had a good time - window shopping if you may call it that.

Below is a link that takes you to a time when Blacks - also played a role linked to the Battle of Puebla - 150 years to the day. We all forget - quickly - how all of us are connected.

I asked a man Jose to pose for me and he did - wearing a nice hat and even handed me his card - he works for EstrellaTV - KTNC 42. Never heard of that television station.

The dancers posed for me - no one said no - and even some were kind enough - when I told them to position themselves - nice. All with a smile.

I stayed till about 3 pm and hurried home to work on a project.

Before I left the area - I sent a text to my good friend Mitchell Salazar - "enjoy the festival".

Here are some photographs - enjoy:

For your education and higher aspirations - read about the Black connection to the victory at the Battle of Puebla:

The Rancheria Act of 1958 linked to the last four photographs - for those of you that know that all this
land we see in San Francisco was stolen:

Another view - video and more - SF Mission style: