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Saturday, May 19, 2012


When two nonchalant, shallow, drab San Francisco Supervisors (SF BOZOS) try to encourage student housing, initiating some fake amendments; to adversely impact Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) hotels, and pander to some corrupt interests - always remember the very corrupt Democratic Machine is behind this ploy.

Both; a Supervisor from the Castro - a Zionist - Scott Wiener originally from New York - and Jane Kim - a panderer also from New York - have no clue, less history - about Student Housing, less about the history of SROs, and even less the history about any housing in San Francisco.

Not to mention about affordable housing, housing for low income, and of course - no income.

Of course; housing for the indigent population - those very poor and aged, those mentally challenged, those physically challenged - are left to fend for themselves.

All this in the City of Compassion - named after Saint Francis Assisi - the Saint full of compassion. Today; the City has no heart - and those politicians that pretend to care - are worse than the devil - himself.

Those many that this City and County of San Francisco - has chosen to taunt, despise, harass - who live on the streets, under bridges, crash where ever they can to - survive - the very poor, the desperate - only God is on their side.

There are institutions in our City and County of San Francisco that are old and offer sound student housing - the University of San Francisco - comes to mind - over 150 years old.

The City and County of San Francisco and the two drab, shallow, corrupt Supervisors - Jane Kim and Scott Wiener would not challenge this landmark and well connected - Jesuit institution. Both would be floored and disgraced.

There is the San Francisco Art Academy not to be mistaken with the Academy of Art University - who have a long sound tradition of serving the youth - but has no sound student housing to its credit - but tries to do things legally.

Then there is the BIG CULPRIT - that has created this mess - the ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY.

This so called Art Institution has taken; all the good this City has - down the drain - and into a sordid cesspool of its own creation.

The Academy of Art University is a disgrace to anything - decent.

Much before two wannabees, two transplants from New York, two panderers, two queer SF BOZOS - decided to initiate legislation - to amendment the current legislation linked to Student Housing - and pander to some interests - the Academy of Art University - went rampantly buying hundreds of buildings - all over the City and County of San Francisco - over the last forty years for sure.

Most of these buildings had rental units catering to low and moderate income constituents of San Francisco.

Illegally - the Academy of Art University - converted these buildings - with prime low and moderate rental units - into student dormitories - catering to thousands of of mostly foreign students, students from other States - and very few students from San Francisco. 

No learning institution should be permitted to enroll thousands of students without a Master Plan.

Then; proceed to flood the students into any locale - to compete with any local population for low and moderate housing.

This defies logic and is the fault of the SF Planning Commission - its counter part and watch dog - the SF Department of Building Inspection (DBI).

The Academy of Art University did this for years - illegally - converting illegally thousands of rental units - into - inferior student - dormitories.

Interview the Academy of Art University Students - and find out what they have to say. And there is more .....

The Department of Building Inspection (DBI), the SF Planning Commission - should FINE this despicable institution.

An institution - who has been whoring with its students - most of them from aboard - and has raked in millions in profit - pandering as some sort of educational institution - NOT worth the salt.

The Academy of Art University is all over the place - buying Churches, has millions of square feet of commercial space - displaying antique classic cars worth millions.

Buying Sacred Places such as Churches - after the Catholic Church gave them up - either because of seismic retrofit - or to pay up when their clergy - engaged in sordid activities - such as being pedophiles.

The Academy of Art University has a well oiled; be it well trained - head hunters that can grab any Real Estate - and pay for it - because it has tons of money.

The two SF BOZOS - Jane and Scott - and others who think they can target the SROs, other smaller institutions and facilities that do have some vacancies - are totally on the wrong path.

Their current amendments - linked to Student Housing - adversely affect the wrong segment of the population - and target the wrong people - who are very vulnerable.

For starters; even the SF Planning has its empirical data -  totally flawed.

Of course after this article it will - try to say that it did make a mistake - but this only - because hundreds of angry constituents will turn out the next time - to oppose the amendment - initiated; by these two shallow, drab, sordid - SF BOZOS who have no clue what they are doing and less talking about.

Jane Kim and Scott Wiener. One worse than the other.

Some years ago - when I was at the Presidio of San Francisco - the San Francisco State University had a major problem. Many of their students - hundreds of them - living in the  dormitories had to be evacuated quickly - because of Asbestos related issues within the student housing.

Thousands of students were moved around and a large proportion of these SF State Students - were accommodate at the Presidio of San Francisco by 25th Avenue, near Baker Beach - in the once military housing - that my office was charged at short notice - to provide housing to.

Now; today - the John Stewart Company who works for the Presidio Trust - is the Property Manager and raking in millions - providing student housing to the near by Universities, Colleges, and learning institution - including the Academy of Art University.

Few know that the Presidio of San Francisco - technically a National Park - can and should house - thousands of students - in a nice environment at reasonable rates - so that they can contribute to Society.

Greedy folks will not let that happen.

When Frank Jordon  was Mayor - he could have done a lot - but failed to act. The City could have taken charge of a lot of sound housing - at the Presidio of San Francisco.

I am privy to a lot of detail information - and know all the skunks that participated in the many - ploys and machinations.

Poor planning by the Academy of Art University and its illegal activities - converting thousands of once low and moderate rental units to dormitories - has adversely and very seriously - impacted our City and County of San Francisco.

The fault lies with SF Planning, the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) - who all looked the other way.

The Academy of Art University must be fined - and the millions collected - used to build sound, decent, modern student housing - with open space and sound amenities.

We can do that easily in the Mid-Market Area. Large buildings have been lying vacant - and Conditional Use and other choice ordinances - can be put in place and the students - accommodated.

We can plan to do that at Lot 377 on SF Port Authority property - complete with transportation and sound, contemporary amenities. There is demand for sound student housing - and what is more large - write offs in place - if student housing is offered.

However, no institution however small or large must be permitted to increase its enrollment - without a Master Plan - such entities must be mandated - to accommodate the students and provide them sound transportation and decent housing.

If there are too many adverse impacts - an Environmental Impact Report - must be mandated.

Once completed and vetted - the EIR can address the salient, and pertinent issues - linked to Quality of Life issues.

This can be fixed - and in areas like Lot 377 from the inception - sound housing can be provided - the best in the world.

The SROs are catering to a segment of the population in most cases that are indigent.

Those that have fallen on bad times - and those that have ruined their lives - making bad choices and have now become a burden to - society - drug addicts, drunks, criminals - and so on.

It is totally wrong for this City and more for these two SF BOZOS - Jane Kim and Scott Wiener - to dare interfere with this segment of the population - with sound justification.

In fact; the City must improve the conditions in the SROs - where people share the rest rooms, the kitchens, and so on. Where there is constant noise, drug trafficking, prostitution, contamination, pests, bed bugs - and so on.

When those released from the jails come out - they mostly take succor in the SROs.

The City of San Francisco is involved minimally in these direct issues - the two Supervisors - dared NOT to consulted the Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) hotel operators and owners - and most importantly the SRO Task Force. What a crying - shame.

The audacity of these two queer transplants and SF BOZOS - who are all over the place - initiating amendments - while trying to climb up the political ladder - whoring and pimping - at the expense of the poor, the indigent, those vulnerable and living in SROs.

There is no logic in their thinking, less consideration, and even less compassion. And come to think these two are queer - come out of their closet - but, should know - better.

The many students who cannot find affordable student housing while they contribute millions to San Francisco - no Economy Analysis has been done - nor has they been an Economy Analysis at the SF Planning or the Land Use.

The Controller's Office and the Budget Analyst must be involved - let us not address these issues - without the full facts. Scott Wiener in particular - is a trouble maker.

When Scott Wiener first became a Supervisor - he targeted the poor and those who had their belongings in carts. Then he targeted the poor Queer Youth - who took refuge in a private park. What is wrong with this queer moron?

We have idiots - not educated on issues - trying to control the lives of the indigent, the poor, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, others too vulnerable to understand the issues and less to defend themselves.

Many students; in many of these learning institutions prostitute themselves to make rent and survive.

This fact is known to Law Enforcement - and the two SF BOZOS too are aware of this - having a tendency to participate in nefarious activities - both of them being QUEER.

Our City and County of San Francisco touts it is for the people but it is not - surely not for the poor and the poor college and university students - learning in San Francisco.

Some years ago the Academy of Art University - targeted the Flower Market near Bryant Street. I did not see these two SF BOZOS - Jane Kim and Scott Wiener - participate in any deliberations worth the salt.

I have written extensively about the above issue - spoken to and before the SF Planning Commission - who have failed miserably and will fall on its face - when it comes to this - issue being discussed.

We had a past queer Zoning Administrator Larry Badner who was fired - he was distributing pornographic material at work.

Several high ranking Planners working at the SF Planning Department - caught in the ring - were fired.

Do you know about this - sordid episode? Inquiry minds want to know - so call the SF Planning Department and find out?

Shit happens but should not at the higher level - such as the SF Planning Department and more in the zone of the Zoning Head's Department within - the SF Planning Department.

The fired Zoning Czar - Larry Badner - was aiding and abetting the Academy of Art University by not monitoring thousands of rental low and moderate rental units - been converted to student housing in the form of - hastily converted - dormitories.

We; the Public at Large - spoke up, we fought, we screamed, we shouted to NO avail. 

Last year less than 250 affordable housing units came on line in San Francisco.

Now, they say some 600 plus moderate housing units are being built at 10th and Market.

Over the last ten year - this City has neglected building affordable housing - completely neglected low and and no income housing.

The HOPESF  development and projects - initially meant for low income is going on where.

At Huntersview units now cost over $650,000 to build - who will live in these units - more surrounded by crime and contamination?

It is always about fluff and bluff - and the people that suffer most the vulnerable, the poor, those that do not know what is happening - challenged by mental and other  such maladies. 

I was the Proponent of Proposition F with Jim Queen - confronting Lennar, a Rogue Developer.

Lennar a Rogue Developer - who promised us the world - and has defaulted again and again on its Deposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - linked to Parcel A.

What is the City doing about this Rogue Developer?

We are watching LENNAR - like a hawk. Believe you - hundreds of us - are.

Promises are made to build 10,500 homes on contaminated soil. No emphasis is put on through clean up, mitigation, sound abatement.

Hunters Point is a Superfund site.

Plans are afoot to cap the land - containing radioactive elements - at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. This City has gone to dogs - dogs with fleas - more the filthy - hogs.

The City and County has NO sound Master Transportation Document covering the entire City.

It has NO sound Master Plan covering the entire City - linked to housing.

It talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

It does not follow its own Housing Element. No one cares about those that need help most.


This land all of it was STOLEN from the Ohlone. I know what I speak off - when I address the sordid and thieves that make their abode at City Hall - the worst the "perverts" - the likes I have described above - SF BOZOS - and there is more............

Do not mess with the SROs - try targeting the crooks behind the operation at the Golden Gate Apartments - where hundred of rental units - built with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) money - have been converted to hotel rooms - for short term stay.

The City of San Francisco, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce, the Mayor's Office of Housing, the other minions - who whore and pimp - have no desire to help our constituents in San Francisco - some 800,000 plus - address Quality of Life - issues.

Less the students; who have been preyed upon by greed folks who fleece them.

Many students resorting to prostitution and pandering themselves - when they must be studying and doing good by their parents.

We have a SF Planning Commission - for the longest they did NO Economic Analysis regarding "student housing" in San Francisco - but prefer to tout numbers from the New York Times and other places.

If I wrote a detail report about the SF Planning Commission and Student Housing - it would not be pretty.

If I wrote one about the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) - it would be worse.

If I wrote one about the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Successor to the SF Redevelopment Agency - all hell would break lose. Pathetic!

Morons have been placed on the SF Planning Commission - who is fooling whom?

Big Developers are all lined up to build Market Value Housing - behind this scheme of sorts - a former Black Mayor and corrupt folks like Platinum Consultants - everyone knows about it - but NO ONE  will call a spade a spade. Go figure?

In the interim just like the poor - the student must survive with high rents, high tuition, selling their bodies to make a living, and comprising their mind, their values, and becoming much like - the corrupt - politicians - through no fault of their own. Aho.