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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Do you think that the shenanigans going on by the large financial institutions - where there are minimum regulations - will stop the bleeding of the Middle Class?

We have the one percent and then the suffering ninety nine percent.

We just heard - as if we did not know - about JP Morgan Chase and a huge loss - linked to one dubious transaction.

This jerk who works for JP Morgan Chase - at their Great Britain office - named the "big whale" - investing in some derivatives and losing - 2 billion dollars.

However, daily some favored individuals - with the highest connections and you do not have to be a banker - just have at the connections - these "jerks" can get billions of dollars - at "zero interest".

We all have heard 1% interest, and 2% interest, and in good times 6% interest.

But why is no one questioning our private Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Chairman - about 0% interest - to favored clientele. Why?

The other critical and pertinent factor that most people do not bother is to find out - why is Main Street even after all the financial shocks - being fleeced, bled to death - by Wall Street?

Where are the check and balances and why is it taking so long to send a "big fish" to jail for a long, long time.

We all remember Hank Paulson - that is if you think so - but ask anyone of your friends what do they know about Hank Paulson. 9 out of 10 times - they will draw a blank.

Hank Paulson who has gone in hiding - is the person who had ties with China and very large investments made in the United States.

He once worked for Goldman Sachs - and he was the one who could have saved Lehman Brother - but did not.

He however saved Goldman Sachs and a host of other very crooked large financial institution - bailing them out - using tax payers money - during the George W. Bush - regime.

Do you think the Zionists were behind this folly of the century?

People have short memories and we fail to remember these scum bags.

Never, ever forget Hank Paulson - much as you must never, ever forget Bernie Madoff. 

Financial terrorism is alive in the United States - some call it by fancy names such as " quantitative easing" - in reality it is "financial terrorism".

This financial terrorism - has spread all over the world.

With mostly Great Britain and the United States - playing a key role - cooking books - aiding and abetting - we have the trail; complete with the facts - but someone on the high - looks the other side.

How about enforcing the Dodd-Frank Volcker Rule with stringent enforcement:

It does not matter; now, that thousands of constituents of these the United States of America -  with Masters and higher degrees - are working as janitors and taking any job -  just to survive.

That thousands have just given up hope.

That soon thousands will not get their unemployment checks.

Thousands have exhausted the unemployment system. When did you hear that happen before?

In the mean time our President can raise millions of dollars - just because he lowered his standards when it comes to decency,morals, and standards - favoring - same sex marriage.

Hollywood is goo goo ga ga over same sex marriage - and our President is rejoicing with them.

We have politicians today that are worse than "thugs".

These crooked politicians say one thing and do another.

We have the SF BOZOS at SF City Hall - doing a poor job by NOT representing.

But now some of them - the worse ones - running for the SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) - go figure.

The Democratic Machine favors these crooks - and people who do not know anything - follow the slates they send at their homes - and vote for them.

One DCCC encourages to vote for women - saying there are not enough women in the SF Chambers at City Hall.

What about the three hags Senator Diane Feinstein, another hag Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and yet another that adversely - affect our Bay Area - Senator Barbara Boxer?

Where are the men Senators vying for these jobs?
I guess you call it reverse - discrimination?

Have you heard men cry to get rid of these hags - poor morons - who have not represented - and filled their campaign coffers illegally - for sure Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein?

Malia Cohen is the worse of them all trying to run for the DCCC seat.

One slate vouching for 12 women - points in the wrong direction - 8 of them are either lesbians or go both ways - go figure?

We surely do not want women - who truly do not represent all women - now wanting to represent men - just because they hate men or want to use them - politically?

Another one of those to watch out for is the Zionist - Scott Wiener.

The Democrats have failed us in San Francisco - and it is time for the Independents - stop voting; for these good of nothing - idiots.