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Saturday, May 26, 2012


The San Francisco Transbay Transit Center project in the pipeline - has been touted to be a visionary transportation and housing project - creating a "Grand Central Station of the West".

This project would serve as a state of the art hub for several regional transportation systems - eleven in all - according to recent reports.

This $4 billion project has been platitudinous.

Embroiled by higher power politics - the public has been kept in the dark. There is NO sunshine.

 Within - the inner circle of corruption - wheeling and dealing - San Franciscans once again - are being taken for a ride.

San Francisco Planning has found this project challenging.

There have been issues about adverse impacts concerning  "shadows" - that have to be adjudicated.

Proposition K passed by San Francisco voters - is now being translated in Greek - and when the explanation is given - it is gibberish.

Again and again the height of the stellar tall building designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects - has been questioned. I liked it the first time around - not anymore.

The various platforms to cater to High Speed Rail took a lot of deliberation.

The City and many advocates - were made to pity - one against the other. 

Today it is the question of funding - sound logistics - and providing services to those that want it.

The problem is most do not want it - because the mandates and the Proposition Voted upon - has been thrown to the wind.

The voters mandated that a High Speed Committee would adjudicate the salient and pertinent factors. When the bill exceed the cap - and the Committee was lied to - the entire Committee bailed out.

Governor Jerry Brown may tout he likes High Speed Rail - but that does not matter - at all.

The Governor also admits he has no money - and the Federal Government is looking into someone trying to erase five years of emails - where lies, half-truths, and fake calculations were spread around like a - virus.

The short High Speed rail route from San Francisco to San Jose - today is making progress.

The rest of the project - taking High Speed Rail all the way to Los Angeles and beyond - in up in the air - over the precipice and into the CESSPOOL of their own - creation.

The Joint Transbay Commission meetings held at City Hall are a JOKE.

Complete with the appointment of Supervisor Jane Kim from District 6 as the Chair.

This woman - who has absolutely no idea how major transportation system including high speed works; and for that matter general transportation systems - work.

At all these meetings there is a lot of fluff - each one patting the other - and enjoying the orgies of a kind. This nonsense must stop.

At one time an entity Business Development Incorporated (BDI) was given thousands to do outreach - little if nothing was done.

BDI is history today.

But, not a word about this despicable entity and its sordid actions and past. No accountability of the thousands of dollars lost - all tax payers money.

At the SF Planning Commission - I witnessed the "dog and pony" show - linked to this $4 billion dollar project - the proposed Transbay Transit Center.

A documentary was shown - to side track the real issues at hand.

The documentary took us to a point and came to an abrupt halt - perhaps sending a signal to the authorities that be - to stop bluffing - get your act together.

The Environmental Impact Report - has taken a lot time.

While the SF Planning Department has tried to do its best - you can see the hand of "Big Brother" circumventing the process.

There is NO transparency and for sure no "sound" - accountability. Only two SF Planning Commission speak the "truth" - the rest are beholden to corruption and bribes.

The 2008 economic crash took the Transbay Transit Center authorities by surprise.

The minions working behind the scene on this project - presupposed; Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and her minions - would rake in the millions and that the "evil jar" - would be over-flowing - not so.

Pork barrel projects have come to grinding halt - and truly speaking this project must be "audited" - too many amendments and too much money spent - with any accountability.

In one case over 400% increases - and only one person - spoke up - at the Authority meeting. Pathetic!

This project is like a moving target - no one knows - truly - where it will go - down the drain - or stop some where in the plain - grounded - to be stared at.

This has thwacked the authorities and all of their ravishing plans - ended in the cesspool of their own creation.

The lesson is simple do not pique yourselves pink - and YOU forget who truly owns the land on which your grandiose plans are going no where.

The land belongs to the Ohlone and NOT a single word about them.

The State was stupid to hand over so much prime land - when they could have put a price on it - on at least mandated by long term services in kind. You got a break. Now you are breaking down.

As for the needed money - with all the vague promises from the Federal Government - something will come by - but, not in time.

You must learn NOT to pull your hair - smile while you suffer a lot. That is your destiny.

In the interim the select staff at the Transbay Authority - do not reflect the diversity of the City and County of San Francisco. Arrogant, pompous, and they do not return calls.

Some calls go to a Public Relations entity - that is linked to corruption - and can use City powers to be - to harm individuals and entities. I have dealt with them before.

The idiots have locked themselves with high paying salaries - flagrant health and other benefits - put themselves in the cockpit - complete with a sound safety belt and a parachute - just in case they have to bail out.

It is absolutely nauseating to watch these good for nothing jackasses project themselves as if they know it all - the Turner and Turner - Contract Managers at the fore front - raking in millions.

Hundreds of Local Business Enterprise (LBEs) - other small contractors - have been left out.

No one will beg for these job - not - when we know - you will fall flat on your face. You already have.

The grandiose plans for the up and coming SF  Transit Center - slowing crawling - Transbay Transit Center: