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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Espanola Jackson has fought for the rights of everyone in San Francisco.

Espanola Jackson makes her residency in the Bayview - and has challenged the City to do right by her people. More all San Franciscans.

The challenges have been different and at different times over the last 50 years plus - she has put her best foot forward.

At the Human Right Even held in Room 416 at 5:30 pm - Espanola Jackson turned the tables around - when she called upon the Director of the Human Rights Commission to stand by her at the podium - and read a Resolution and gave Director Theresa Sparks an AWARD.

This did not come as a surprise to those that know Espanola Jackson - and the look on Director Theresa Sparks face was one of humility and appreciation.

There were many constituents from the Bayview present - and they were there in their own way to say "thank you".

Chief among them - Bishop Ernest Jackson, Robert Woods, her children, her grand child - and many admires.

Among others to wish Espanola Jackson were our own City Administrator Naomi Kelly - and Supervisor Scott Wiener from District 8.

Now that Espanola Jackson has received her Human Rights Commission - "HERO" - Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Human Rights Advocacy - she took the opportunity to further the cause of all African Americans in our City and County of San Francisco.
Two studies that lay still and dormant - the two studies being - one the "Unfinished Agenda" - and secondly the "African American Out-Migration".

Espanola Jackson ardent desire is to establish the: Black Human Rights Leadership Council Of  San Francisco - at the Southeast Facility Commission - 1800 Oakdale to further the cause of all Blacks in and around San Francisco - and more humanity.

Enjoy the photographs: