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Friday, May 25, 2012


San Francisco is famous for its Commissions and Task Forces.

One of them - just so happens to be - the Health Care Services Master Plan Task Force.

On the surface this Task Force of  - odd folks - gives one a superficial appearance that something worthwhile is being - accomplished.

Dig deeper down - and the bubble is just that - frail and can be burst - in an instant.

The Task Force has no Blue Print and Model that has been vetted.

For some flimsy reason - the SF Planning Department - is on the Task Force.

Not - the experts that know more about Hospital Planning and even less about Health Services in general - some novices - that are there to pander.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and we had a number of Health Institutions.

We had the Letterman Army Medical Center. We also had the Letter Army Institute of Research. 

These two Health Institutions were located by the Lombard Gate. Many doctors and others from the University of California - San Francisco - worked at these two institution and served thousands of patients some military, their families, and others from the community at large. 

For those old timers the Public Hospital - by the 15th Avenue Gate. This hospital catered to the First People, the Native Americans. It also catered to serious infectious diseases.

As with the two health institutions by Lombard Gate - the Public Health Hospital too - were demolished. 

The two Letterman Institutions gave access to many doctors, interns, nurse, and other Research Faculty and students - and I had an opportunity - early on to meet many of these folks and learn a lot.

When the George Lucas Letterman Digital Center got the $5 million lease per year and tore down the two Health Institutions - just like that - two health institutions - that contributed to the legacy of quality of Health Service - vanished from the face of the Earth.

Four other such Health Institutions or Hospitals - were torn down in other parts of San Francisco. I could go into detail - but this article would be too long.

When Mayor Art Agnos, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom were Mayors - they all knew that our hospitals - more the San Francisco General Hospital - had to meet certain standards - laid down by the State Authorities that monitor such issues.

These Mayors let it go by - until Gavin Newsom in his last years - prodded by the infamous, diabolical Mitch Katz - put up a Bond Measure to seismically upgrade the San Francisco General Hospital.

San Franciscans are generous voting in favor of Bond Measures - always wanting to the best for the tax payers that pay for these bonds. We will not tolerate - lack of accountability and transparency that does not exists - with the SF General Hospital, the SF Health Commission, and the SF Health Environmental Department - headed by Dr. Rajiv Bhatia. Time will tell.

All these past years when the deliberations were being made - a couple of times - may be over ten times the SF General Hospital - received Notice of Violations.

Within the grace period - the SF General Hospital remedied its defects - and got their credentials restored.

Some years ago - the SF General Hospital - during the time of Administrator Mitch Katz - put out a proposal to build a brand new wing of the hospital - linked to the General Hospital. A debate arose where to locate and build the new wing.

A number of us attended these meetings.

When I made known that one of the sites at Mission Bay was prone to liquefaction and flooding. More was contaminated with soil - brought from the high ground by 4th and King and deposited where all of Mission Bay by the UC Campus - where it  is now located - those who heard me were astounded and confounded.

When they later heard more from Tom Ammiano, Espanola Jackson, and others - complete with empirical data - about; how thousands of patients - over the years - from the Bayview, the Mission, South of Market Area - all over the City found public transportation and access to the SF General Hospital easy - it was decided to build the current expansion - right on the location where the SF General Hospital stands today.

This construction is done by Webcor - and is moving at a snail's pace. Money is running out - because Webcor is famous for change orders - after bidding low. 

This Task Force has been conducting meetings for a long time - over a year. 

Those that lead this Health Care Services Master Plan Task Force have been given - marching orders.

Fortunately some of us that understand about Infrastructure, Logistics, Statistics, Demographic Stats, Hospital Delivery Systems, Billing, Hospital Care, Hospital Insurance, United States quality trained doctors and nurses.

A host of other details - that go into the operations of any hospital, location, delivery system, fiscal operations, budget, SF General Hospital over $1.5 billion budget - that is dubious - when line item audits are done - know more than this lack luster - egoistical Health Care Services Master Plan Task Force (HCSMPTF) - that I will refer to as Task Force.

The Laguna Honda episode and the on going fiasco reveals a lot.

Laguna Honda is managed by the SF General Hospital - and does NOT - do a good job.

The SF Grand Jury and other entities have stated the facts about Laguna Honda Hospital - and adjudicated that drastic changes have to be made - for the better.

Patient Care even today - is lacking - and it will take a lot of trust and very hard work to put things back on track.

Egoistical nurses and administrators treating the patients with disdain at Laguna Honda - were routine - now, come changes have been made.

San Franciscans once collected money to build the Poor House - the first name given to Laguna Honda. Today. the old buildings and the new buildings serve the patients - but, not all is well - as I have stated - before.

The Task Force has joined force with some SF Planning Department Staff - that have no clue what they are supposed to do.

The Health Staff on this Task Force - spew hot air. Some of us that know a lot about health issues -  the facts - feel betrayed by such machinations and ploys.

Why is it that we do not have a Toxicologist in this great City and County of San Francisco?

We found this out when Lennar a Rogue Developer - bombard our community in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - with Asbestos structures.

The SF General Hospital and its Environmental Branch - Dr. Rajiv Bhatia (who was hand in glove with Mitch Katz) and Amy Brownell - lied to the community - and did not follow any worthwhile protocol and proven standards linked to Quality of Life issues - and standard health protocols.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is very contaminated.

Depleted Uranium was once tested on this location.

One of the atomic bombs that was dropped on Japan - left Hunters Point - to commit that dastardly - act - killing and maiming millions of innocent - Japanese - during World War II.

All over the Bayview we have over 400 toxic hot spots. It is the responsibility of the City and County of San Francisco to clean these sites - abate, mitigate, and make the community whole.

The layperson has no clue - especially those who are young, are not educated - and repeat what to say - by sell outs who want to build a Wellness Center - in a very polluted area.

The sell outs are those paid to say something - repeat like parrots - and truly are a disgrace to the community.

The Task Force has no clue when it comes to pollution, less contamination, and even less Quality of Life issues - linked to Cumulative Impacts that adversely impact a large population - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - impacting over 150,000 more on days when they are games played at Candlestick Park and ATT Park and the surrounding areas.

There is NOT one single member - that comprehends the pollution fully on the Task Force. For example that entire last frontier the Southeast Sector - is land fill - once pristine wetlands.

Today, that entire area from Mission Bay all the way to Mid-Way Village and beyond - emits over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas every single year.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The shallow, uneducated on issues - Task Force - can spew hot air - but none have the ability to focus on such critical issues as the Methane Gas and link it to the City's Carbon Footprint.

People in authority lie about the air we breathe as being one of the best - when in reality - it is the worst.

The SF Planning Department not too long ago fired its Zoning Head - Larry Badner.

He was fired because he was distributing pornographic material - during work hours.

Larry was fired and so were a number of Senior Planners - caught wasting their time - conducting nefarious activities. 

Those working for the SF Health System - are not all that they make themselves to believe.

Some one outside the system - who understands Health Care Delivery System, others who understand about Infrastructure and the upgraded requirements to build hospitals, hospital rooms, other mandated requirement are need at the table.

The demographics of San Francisco have changed with Seniors showing a fast growth and making up over 54% of the population. 

This segment of the population is suffering - many do not have insurance - and even those on SSI and Medical - cannot make ends meet.

Most of them get basic health care - but, if they do not have a place to live, live in shelters, live on the streets of San Francisco - get sick and task the Health System - the Task Force must address these issues and more.

The Saint Luke's Hospital once catered to the indigent population from the Bayview and surrounding Southeast Sector, the Mission, South of Market Area and more.

Many pre-natal cases, women especially with especial needs - went to Saint Luke and got the best care. Not so with the take over by California Pacific Medical Center.

Now - California Pacific Medical Center is trying to entice some dubious folks to re-zone over 26 Blocks - designated for Industrial Use.

Re-zone 26 Blocks plus - to that where Health Services can be provided - in an industrial area where the air is contaminated - the Sewage Treatment Plant - millions of vehicles - spewing particulates - the concrete and other entities - spewing mercury and other toxins into the air.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor initiated this action - to re-one 26 Block plus in and around 3450 Third Street.

This clandestine action is illegal and must be adjudicated by the SF Planning Commission. The matter taken to Court - and those behind this sordid action - jailed. Do not play with the lives of our babies. Especially if you are NOT the marrying kind.
Do not respect marriage - that is man marrying woman - and have biological - children.

The location at 3420 is very contaminated. Once a gas station - the gas tanks were not removed.

The tenants who signed leases, some who own property signed WAVERS - this may not be known - to those that want to build and operate - the Wellness Center planned by Dr Nadine Burke who is not from our community and Malia Cohen - who is not respected by the community at large.

Dr. Burke is purported to have got a grant of $4 million plus - and wants to expand this money to build the Well Center.

The Dr. Burke can build a center -  in a another area that meets all the requirement - by say the Southeast Clinic - by Carroll Street. This ares is less contaminated.

The 3420 location has too many problems and what is more does injustice to Quality of Life issues.

We must have the very best for our children. We must have the very best for our Seniors. No health center must be built on contaminated soil, in an area that has millions of vehicles - spewing dangerous particulates in the air.

What is very, very troubling is how Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - circumvented the laws - and this time around - initiating this fault legislation - to deceive the constituents of the Bayview - she will fall - flat of her face.

She cannot treat the advocates and the community of the Bayview with disdain - conniving with dubious entities - to hoodwink the community - and make money for themselves. This time - this nonsense will not fly.

The few who spoke at the last Task Force held in Room 305 at City Hall at 2 pm on May 24, 2012 - described as best they could about the proposed Wellness Center - proposed to be built at 3450 Third Street.

It is left to the Task Force to first - find out the facts - the fact that over 26 Blocks were rezoned, the issue of who gave the grant money and for what purpose - some $4 million - some say Pacific California Medical Center - to build a satellite Wellness Center.

This community and the advocates confronted Lennar and brought them to their knees.

They can Malia Cohen who is not trusted by the community at large - also, Dr. Nadine Burke - who is an outsider and should respect the community.

Here are some photographs from the Task Force meeting held May 24, 2012:

Some thoughts as and when the Health Care Services Master Plan Task Force was formed - conflict of interest with the SF Planning Commission: