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Friday, May 11, 2012


Nothing much has changed since the 2008 economic crash.

The recent revelation - about the "Big Whale" - who worked for JP Morgan Chase - is yet another reason why - we must curtail - these Zionists - continuing to ruin our economy.

Just like that the "Big Whale" made some huge risky investments and lost 2 billion - he worked for JP Morgan Chase - and JP Morgan's higher ups - knew more than they need to know about this rogue - investor.

This scenario is made even more difficult when JP Morgan Chase has control of large shares of Silver - in circulation - as much as 90% from sources - that know some - and have the empirical data to prove what they are talking about.

In all these years since 2008 and before - Congress is still asleep.

Even with the Dodd-Frank Volcker Rule in place -convoluted policies and action on shady investments should deter such adverse actions - but, frail policies and lack of enforcement - do not go far enough.

The Dodd-Frank Volcker Rule for those that want to be educated on issues:

Hence a "big whale" - take us for a ride in the deep ocean of despair and furthering - the on going economic disaster of a kind - steeped in GREED.

More to fine and penalize these jerks - who continue to play with "derivatives" and assets that are floating around - and are "junk".

These large financial institutions still continue to be defiant. Greed has taken over them. They have no heart -and think nothing about millions hungry, no homes, no jobs - and more children and our seniors.

While millions of innocent people - hard working Americans suffer - these jerks are having a good time.

The Securities Exchange will have all sorts of excuses - and as usual no one is going to jail - because everyone is pointing fingers - to the "Big Whale" who makes his abode in Great Britain! Go figure.

A lot of the nonsense that took place in the year 2008 - also had a lot to do with Great Britain - and those banks that sheltered and what is more traded large sums of money - between Great Britain and America - to cook the books.

The greed that has taken the better of the these large financial institution - has taken over the operations - more; with Political Action Committees (PAC).

The evil of contemporary elections. There is no cap on the amount of money PACs can gather - and there is no amount of reckless spending in the millions.

The Judicial Branch of the Nation - has declared Corporation as persons - and given Corporation the ability - to make large amounts of money on investment - many of them shady.  Other investments in other countries - and billions in off shore - banking accounts.

Both main political parties are pandering, squandering, and not paying attention - to the affairs of the Nation.

I hope all the money that the President of the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank , and the U.S. Treasury gave to bail the nefarious financial institutions in 2008, the many banks who cheated the constituents of these the United States of America - have been returned to the United States Treasury.

My main concern as usual is history repeating itself - and with the Zionists given free rein in our Nation - controlling, manipulating, cheating, deceiving - we keep screaming and shouting - and nothing ever happens.

JP Morgan Chase played a big role in the 2008 crisis - let us not forget that.

Today other big financial institution are at it again - among them Goldman Sachs - Banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi Bank - all these entities are connected with one another.

Daily they can borrow billions at some low rate and with shady deals - keep making millions.

The Congress, the other regulatory agencies look the other way - and this cannot go on.

Europe is hurting in large measure because of crooks entities like JP Morgan Chase.

These evil entities would like us to believe that Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece and other countries are totally responsible of their fiscal woes.

Much like student loans - that these sharks will double and have doubled the interest rates in the past - creating a debt - of trillions of dollars - even greater than anyone imagined - putting many students and families in -peril.

JP Morgan just got caught - but, soon you will hear more - shake your head - and go on with life.

This must stop.

We the people must take control of our destiny.