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Sunday, May 6, 2012


The American economy has been controlled for ages - by FINANCIERS - that cannot be trusted.

If we study the empirical data on homes and housing and find out that one in eight home owners - are under water - we must quickly realize something stinks in Denmark.

But not so the larger financial institutions.

These large institutions- who get their printed money cheap. Delivered; at some low single digit.

Then these devious Big Financial Institutions - turn around and sell it for a price higher - double digit - making millions on single large transaction.

The same evil financial institution that brought about the down fall of our Nation's - economy.

Five percent on a billion dollars - fifty million. On two billion -  a hundred million!

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, the other similar institutions - have had and are having their glory days re-lived.

We the tax payers bailed them with trillions of dollars. Who was really behind this plot to first conceive and then deceive?

With 11 million homes in foreclosure and more then five million more in the pipe-line - who is fooling whom? 

Remember you stole the land - all of the land - from the Native American - I prefer to call them the First People.

What great Super Power would create two funny sounding names - and home insurers at that - Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac?

Sixty percent of all home insurance initiated by these purveyors of death.

Mortgages - literally meaning "death loans" - were controlled by Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae - go figure?

Any trust in Housing Financing is so remote - that the American Public - reeling in debt, stressed to the limit - is numb to the core - and hurting; each and every day - listening to lies, and more lies.

The United States government - had tax payers - bail out the banks.

Home owners begged for help - and nothing came - forth coming. Hundreds committed suicide. Thousands were put on the streets. Many of them Veterans who fought for our Nation.

It is only recently that the Banks are willing to listen to some home owners who are under water. Then mandating terms - and people are afraid to deal with the devil - for the second time.

All this nonsense; took place in the year 2008 but really speaking before - the so called loud, sudden, economic - crash.

It happened quickly and suddenly or so they say.

Never mind we brag about our our digital age.

Fast speedy Super Computers at their hands; capable experts on Wall Street and the crooked Insurance Companies - would have us believe - they had it under control - and still have it - under control?

The crooks are out there - and very few have been booked.

Imagine them laughing to the banks and some to their safe havens - out shore banks - and thinking no end of themselves.

The crooks pulled a fast one - because most people who are greedy - are vulnerable - and when you are vulnerable - you are led and fall over the precipice - and into the "cesspool" - of your own creation.

To this day - we do not have checks and balances - to this day we have no model - that announces itself - having accountability and transparency.

Some Nations are seriously thinking of - "Principal Forgiveness" and one of two Nations have done it.

Here, in the United States when State Attorney Generals went after the crooks - the United States Attorney General - seemed to favor the crooks.

Lucky for us in California - we won and we have exposed the crooks - and truly speaking - they should be hung in public - even though our courts do not permit it.

A hundred years ago - they would have met their fate - with death. There is no doubt about it.

Entire neighborhoods have innocent folks dumping their properties - forcing counties and municipalities to tear down homes - that have been vacant for years - walls peeling, mold every where -  creating hazardous - and lowering the price of homes where once there was some - fair market.

The Major Banks that dealt with risk financing, sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is in a coma - has been - while crooks are free to do as they - please.

Moodys, Fitch, Standard and Poor, and other U.S. Treasury Officials, and the Federal Reserve Bank - all have deceived the public at large.

No charge brought against the above? Why?

This Nation has lost its conscience. 

The Judicial System is for Corporations and have declared them - Persons. Go figure.

There is no cap when you form a Political Action Committee (PAC) - the devious have them - and fund the more evil - candidates.

Why do we fall for this nonsense? When will be see? When will we remove our blinders?

Millions want to see a change in the way business is done. It does not help when our employment in is  the doldrums. 

The debt of students higher then the National debt.

Fifty percent of our graduates not getting jobs.

Student lingering in college - taking six years to graduate - when they can in four years.

It does not help; when the job one gets are temporary jobs - and not career jobs - with full benefits.

It does not help that those that encouraged out sourcing - are doing nothing to promote the industrial and manufacturing growth - right here at home.

The One Percent control NINETY percent of the equity - and have billions to waste.

Sometimes engaging in paltry investments at home; while making huge ones in other countries - with billions more - stacked in off-shore banks.

So where is the Middle Class? That is the segment of the population that matters most? The segment that makes any sound Democracy - tick!

What is really happening in Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy - you get the picture.

That revolution there - will spill here in seconds - some of us know it already - but, there are those that put blinders and think they can ride this - tsunami!

We have no National Standards when it comes to the larger Financial Institutions.

We still have some involved in Risk Transfers, other dabbling with Hedge Funds, and still others failing to understand - the prophetic - Bubble Economy.

There is only one factor that has kept us afloat - the dollar is recognized all over the world.

The Federal Reserve Bank - which is a private bank - can print all the money it wants - and supply dollars  to the financial institutions. Letter of credit - that are worthless - but the paper money can create movement - depends; in what direction.

China has trillions of our dollars - in the last two years - for sure - its Middle Class is hurting.

China for now keeps its currency and its interest rates low - but, no one is buying in huge quantities not at home and not abroad.

China has its energy dwindling, has its chop sticks - but more and more daily - less noodles to fuel its - failing economy - that grew too fast.

The U.S. is flexing its muscles in the South China seas - we have thousands of nuclear weapons, and more battle ships then China can ever have. But if China floats just one or two - we dance the Watusi - and try - foul.

When will be learn to be civilized.

After all when the East was civilized, invented the numerals, built the Pyramids, used algebra and geometry, invented the basic sciences we all know, learned to use spices and ate well - most Whites were - uncivilized.

Imagine the Nation that bore Alexander the Great - watching his Nation - complete with the many historic monuments - now, owned by banks whose headquarters are in America and England.

Greece is in the mess - the Bubble Economy - led there by financial institutions who saw it coming and "with intent" - permitted the down fall and utter disgrace meted out to the innocent citizens of Greece. The land of Spartacus!

Fifty percent of the students in Spain have no work. In fact one in two citizens in Spain - have no work.

For how long can evil financial institutions keep people hungry, disrespect their dignity, and think all will be well.

France held their elections - and the one who was in charge is gone - the new one is in.

Will Germany be able to deal - with one that has more support from his people in France?  The old one pandered - and saw his doom.

Come on America - there is only so much of SPIN - anyone can take.

Millions worked hard - only to be shafted.

We pay our taxes only to be taken for a ride.

We try to do good - only to be repaid with - evil deeds.

May we say - enough is enough.

The failed U.S. Economy - another look from the view point of Entrepreneurship and the United States: