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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The President of the United States of American on this day; that Osama Bin Laden was killed a year ago - visits the United States Troops at Bagram Airfield - in Afghanistan.

Our U.S. troops have a very heavy price because of the untimely attack on the Twin Towers.

No one really knows how that attack happened - for sure - but, we all for sure know that this led President George W. Bush to initiate two wars - one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan.

Our troops as I have stated paid a heavy price.

What surprises most U.S. citizens who pay their taxes - is that on the return of our troops - this U.S. Government has not been kind to our U.S. troops - with benefits.

Even in the Bay Area too many U.S. troops who have returned from their tours - have had to suffer - suffer the trauma of their horrid days and nights - fighting.

Suffering from the rejection of the community at large - who want to do something - but, cannot in these dire economic times.

Today too many U.S. troops on their return have no jobs. Many do not get health benefits. And what is most shocking and despicable - too many our our dear troops take their lives. Why has this to happen?

Personally, I paid my dues working hard and participating in the logistic of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

I was glad that that war ended in a short time - less than two months.

But long after that war - I went through times - often thinking, often affected by what that short war did to our women and men. Many of them fell prey to the Gulf Syndrome.

It took ten long years before something was done. In the ten long years and my fight to help the troops - I learned much about the sordid politics - that plays such a horrible role - where things are dragged as a snail's pace.

These brave women and men - who exposed themselves  to some poison, some toxin - but, it could have been the hasty ill prepared; inoculations - no one know for sure.

As I watched the President, Barack Hussein Obama make every attempt to shake as many hands of our brave women and men at Bagram Airfield.

I saw the tears in their eyes, the joy when they shook the hand of the Commander in Chief. Some of our women troops even got a chance to hug our President. Others an autograph - that those lucky will treasure forever.

Having worked for the Department of Defense - I understand the joy to shake the hand of the Commander in Chief.

President Barack Hussein Obama - had NOT visited Afghanistan in recent months - for obvious reasons - his personal - security.

I am sure with this visit - he will have at least assured himself he did what he did - before he plunges himself in the coming elections.

I hope the President Barack Hussein Obama - bring back fond memories but I pray he gives our beloved troops HOPE. The troops in large measure will return by 2014.

The mere mention of the killing of Osama bin Laden gives the U.S. President some bragging rights - but, to those that have other values - we all have to be very cautious.

Americans; who pride on travelling are targets - all over the world. So, there is always a double edge sword hanging over our heads as Americans.

We Americans - sometime forget that we started the wars - without any justification - warranting such actions.

No country in recent history have tamed the Afghan.
The British will tell you facts - how again and again they were defeated. The Afghan cannot be beaten down - not in a terrain made by God to make them survive for ages.

5000 lbs have been dropped, drones have killed unarmed and armed Taliban - men who had nothing to do with our conflict.

We, as a Nation have had a gripe against those who are not from Afghanistan - such as Osama Bin Laden.

The ordinary United States citizens - after all these years cannot distinguish the - difference.

The troops today that their day with their Commander in Chief for all the right reasons - be it after a long duration - but, one well deserved - better now than not at all.

God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops.

Some photographs - the United States President Barack Obama and our beloved - troops: