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Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Democratic Party must be ashamed of itself - and more the SF Democratic Central Committee - encouraging corrupt and power grabbing - egotistic candidates such as Scott Wiener to tarnish the FAIR name of our City and County of San Francisco.

The man; Scott Wiener - further has the audacity to name fellow candidates on his slate - a four page campaign flyer - most of whom are QUEER - on  a San Francisco Democratic Central Committee (SFDCC) Slate - to take control of the SFDCC - for purely ulterior motives. Despicable!

What is happening to San Francisco?

Enough of this power grabbing - and this City has already suffered tremendously from the flight of decent families - father, mother, and children.

What is so common sense about Scott Wiener platform - who touts the following:

 1. Street Enforcement.

In all the time Scott Wiener has been living in San Francisco - he has just now awoken from his slumber - like Rip Van Winkle -  he now wants to deal with Street Lighting - which is a very convoluted subject.

No one really knows - how to address this situation - since most of the street poles and lights come under the jurisdiction of Pacific Gas and Electric. The remaining under SF Public Utilities Commission.

Both entities have been stalling to address this burning issue - and even today - cannot come to the table and fully address it - in a logical manner - complete with time-lines and a complete - program.

For years we have many areas that have no decent Street Lighting. At this juncture to capture votes this man - has arisen from this slumber - pretending he can solve this on going problem.

Many of us have been tackling it for years. Why just now?

2. Safer Streets and Sidewalks.

This bond was passed by the people not by Scott Wiener. And what is important - constituents pay for repairs of our side walks. Constituents will fork up and address the Bond Issue - from their pockets.

Constituents living in San Francisco pay very high  taxes - Scott Wiener does not pay crap - we pay his salary.  

For years Proposition B had money set aside for road paving. Our City chose to use the money for planting trees - preferring to defer maintenance - linked to the paving of roads and pot holes repairs.

This man now wants to take credit for the $300 million Bond Measure - that the Department of Public Works and many of us constituents fought for - to remedy the situation and repair and pave our City Street. This man is a JOKE.

Truly speaking Supervisor was the man - who tried to address the issue - early on. Stating clearly about the back log - and the over $300 million need to address the pot holes and the sad state of affairs - linked to our roads.

3. Graffiti Abatement.

Some of us have been working Citywide to fight Graffiti. Scott Wiener has only been concerned about his District 8 - where most young people - do not respect him.

Brand new facilities built at Dolores Park were vandalized - Scott Wiener does not have the guts to approach the youth - who detest him. He can only pander to those - who like him - will tout people and hide in the closet.

This was the man who targeted the very poor and wanted those wheeling their belongings in shopping carts to be cited. This is the man who wanted QUEER youth who were hanging in a Private Park - to be cited. This is a man who has no COMPASSION.

4. Creating affordable housing for the Middle Class.

Scott Wiener and his ilk are driving Middle Class Families out of San Francisco. In the last five years over 50,000 families with children - have taken flight - and left San Francisco for ever.

Good middle class families and the QUEER agenda - do not go hand in hand.

Scott Wiener is a QUEER - one tracked - a person who has a "hidden agenda". Just study his slate. He is NOT for a united San Francisco.

The whole of last year only 235 so called affordable units were built. The least amount in twenty plus years. Scott Wiener talks a good talk on this issue - but the empirical data - proves he and his ilk are all - fake and full of hot air.

5. Planning for the needs of Seniors.

I did not hear Scott Wiener speak up for our Seniors recently - when City wide issues were discussed - in Room 250.

At the same hearing - he continued the agenda item on "Street Lighting" and left the August Chambers - May 21, 2012. He failed to represent the Seniors - be it QUEER or others.

Now he has introduced some legislation favoring QUEER Senior Housing - Scott Wiener touts falsely - that he wants to help all Seniors - this man is a LIAR.



This man is backed by Big Developers and Corrupt Folks - he is trying his best to climb up the political ladder - and will FAIL.

The Ethics Commission has already brought to his attention - that we have the Brown Act and the other salient and pertinent laws - that all decent, law abiding citizens must follow - that he has not followed. 

Scott Wiener - a staunch Zionist - thinks, he is above the law.

His track record is murky and what is more needs constant sunshine.

Scott Wiener is fake - he talks a good talk - but cannot walk the walk. He targets the most vulnerable - and I have seen him do that - again and again.

His legislation is shady. Recently he initiated one on Student Housing - and brought it before the Land Use. Only, to be referred to the SF Planning Commission - where he was exposed - for faulty legislation and the many amendments - linked to "Student Housing". Go figure!

Remember to vote NO - when it comes to some one like - SCOTT WIENER - a transplant who does not have the best interest of decent families in San Francisco.

I am talking father, mother, and children - good, decent families - be it middle class or poor class.

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