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Friday, May 4, 2012


No one can play with FIRE - more with laws that are NOT written.

Lennar, is a Rogue Developer who "with intent" poisoned our children, our elders, and many others - under the pretext of doing work correctly but just the opposite.

Using  other malignant ploys and machinations - to adversely impact thousands. LENNAR HAS BLOOD ON ITS HANDS.

Lennar has "defaulted" on all of its time lines linked to the legal - Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA).

Our City Attorney Dennis Herrera - has been mum on this one. Others have resorted to calling those that speak the truth - naysayers. Let me tell you MONEY doled out that is tainted with BLOOD - will come to haunt this City and County of San Francisco.

Now, Lennar has resorted to doling out million dollar check to the sell outs - those that do not have the better interests of the community at large.

All this is evil fun fare right at City Hall - endorsing that which is "evil" - and stomping on the laws of this land. Lennar is corrupt and has thousands of cases against it - from home owners, from City that Lennar led to bankruptcy.

From Federal and State law enforcement agencies. We have the empirical data - and in the end - that is what counts.

Google Lennar and word "corruption" and you can spend forever - reading about this corrupt Zionist led organization.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone:

The First People of this area - San Francisco. This land was stolen and I speak to those that are evil - because I have been authorized by the First People to do so.

I, Francisco Da Costa - can speak with authority on matters of Base Closure, Infrastructure and Land Use.

Lennar is a Rogue Developer and is NOT welcome on Ohlone Land.

Kofi Bonner per se - built homes and a shopping mall at Emeryville on a large Ohlone Burial Site - and now he wants to do the same at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candle Point.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was desecrated by the United States Navy - that spread Ohlone Remains - all over the Shipyard as part on the infill that makes 95% of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Once there stood two hills - demolished by the U.S. Navy - the dirt with the Ohlone remains - used as infill - the shameless U.S. Navy has an obligation to do the right thing - but has chosen to cap contaminated parcel such as - E2.

The SF Planning Commission and  SF Planning Department - passed the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - 4-3 in favor of Lennar.

The SF BOZOS - aka SF Board of Supervisors - in the majority voted for the Rogue Developer - that has blood on its hands - Lennar.

Articles such as this one do not spell out the entire - facts:

We the people who protested - after doing our home work - fought and spoke what was right. We protected our children and our elders.

We did not see the sell outs do that. Especially, the poverty pimp pastors - all of them Black Pastors.

Lennar can dole out as much " blood money " as it wants.

It does not matter to those that have higher principles. What does matter - is that: " no good will come at Hunters Point, at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, at Candlestick Point".

I said it before and I say it now - this is not being a nay sayer - this is speaking to the TRUTH.

Lennar and Willie L. Brown Jr -  a "thug Mayor " do not stand for the truth.

The above dark entities - never have stood for ethics, standards, and morals. 

The above dark entities stand for abject corruption and have constantly by their actions - broken the laws of our Nation.

Time is always on the side of TRUTH.

It does not matter that even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - making a vague statement that the evident contamination at the Shipyard, the increased daily readings of Asbestos Structures on Parcel A.

Other very toxic conditions that exists on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  Candlestick Point - have been declared - under political pressure to have vanished - just like that.

The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA).

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC).

The Regional Water Board.

The San Francisco Health Department.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District  (BAAQMD).

The SF District Attorney - George Gascon.

The City Attorney - Dennis Herrera all have blood on their hands. They all speak with fork tongues.

Not to mention - the San Francisco BOZOS at City Hall - aka SF BOS - are all taking dictation and directions - from evil political forces.

In the end the people will win. The TRUTH always without fail - wins - and stands to shed light where there is - darkness.

Read this sordid article again: