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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


You would think with all the culture and the many other superior elements in the Bay Area - we would produce a superior type of Representative - in Sacramento - both at the Assembly and the Senate.

The answer is NO.

It is a shame that these morons have been caught in the web of ineptness, lack of ethics, lack of morals, no standards - and have used their positions; to further there baseless, mundane, ego - what a shame - and what a waste of precious time.

More these perverts have lowered the standard that once was held high in San Francisco.

You see this mentality when the Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth - an entity that dares to send out a "plate" of candidates - one worse then the other - and the common denominator in this particular slate - favors the candidates - know for their  corruption of the highest order.

Another blatant trait - life style - and none of them favors decent families and children.

These perverts have found a safe haven in San Francisco - and are using our hospitality - to further their hidden agenda - in the worst possible manner.

None of these candidates have worked for the students in our colleges and universities, none of them have worked to create jobs, none of them truly understand the meaning of - sustainability.

None of them are family orientated. All they seek are avenue and safe havens to create opportunities to facilitate corruption and practice their immoral - habits. That is the truth and most decent people are afraid to say it aloud.

There are good ways and there are bad way - in most parts of the world - such people would not live to see day light - that is if they did what they do in San Francisco - trying to push their sordid ways - down the throat of decent constituents. This is a crying shame - but one that will bring the wrath of God on those that are afraid to speak the truth.

The Democratic Machine has reached its last days - and for those that are Independent - the time has come to reject these candidates that are on "dubious plates" to hoodwink the San Francisco community at large - the innocent - decent voters.

It is wrong for those that have no morals, no ethical values, that hate men, that want to further their own hidden agenda - to enter politics in the Bay Area - and demean the meaning of true - "representation"

The Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) must be ashamed of itself - endorsing shallow candidates - that are NOT worth the salt - folks like Bevan Dufty, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen.

These Queer folks must be ashamed of themselves.

Who do they think they are - when they have proved again and again the do not have the better interests of the constituents of San Francisco.

The voting public in San Francisco must study the track record of these scum bags - many of them will jump when approached by the bigger "thugs" a former Black Mayor - others corrupt to the core - who are taking San Francisco - down a sordid path.

So where are the decent straight folks?

I guess they do not want to keep company with these crooks - backed by Big Developers and the Zionists.

San Francisco use to be a genuine Democratic Town - not until the Queer element was introduced in larger doses - now; to saturation point - three out of the four Representatives in Sacramento are Queer. What a shame.

The same at the SF BOZOS in the chamber in Room 250 over 60% are queer - and do not have the better interest of decent families and children - that is father, mother, and children.

Most of them cannot think logically, cannot speak to the point, and will do everything in their power to curtail - public comment - to further "corruption" that is their god.

Most of them lie, many of them have been reprimanded by the Ethics Commission, and other decent entities.

I have received many complaints and have not written or spoken publicly about this nonsense in detail - but I will - now.

Come on do not be so blatant to send out a plate and name candidates - most of them - have no proven track record.

Most of them do not belong in the political arena at all - these idiots do not want to serve the people - politicians serve the people.

Corrupt and perverted in many ways - they do not represent the best - San Francisco has to offer.

When are the men with balls.?

The warrior women who stand for sound values and having decent families - and bring forth children - to live well and set a good example?

We must NOT allow perverts to invade our sanctum and destroy what has been preserved by sound civilization for thousands of years.

Our children are at risk and these type of folks truly cannot - be role models and represent.

They are all over the place - with their thoughts, their constant erratic behavior - now, in the closet - now not.

Taking every opportunity behind close doors - to poke fun at straight people - go down and take a good lick at their favorite - menu of sordid - tastes.

This is not Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Wake up San Francisco.