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Thursday, May 17, 2012


San Francisco must remember that we must be fair to all the constituents of San Francisco.

Right now two segments of the population are suffering - our infants, our children, including  our youth under eighteen years.

The second segment suffering - our Seniors.

Among those within the Seniors are our Veterans - who fought for our Nation. Many of them died - and other are disable having been wounded in the wars on behalf of our Nation - the United States of America.

Our Veterans and their wives must not be treated like dirty rags. Dirty rags that are used and thrown in the rubbish can.

Our City and County of San Francisco for all their vain talk - have NOT given the Seniors - who live in San Francisco their due - respect.

This more so when it comes to Affordable Housing.

In recent months - the last six months - here in San Francisco; we have seen an increase in the rise of rents linked to Affordable Housing.

Many are the victims of so called Affordable Housing - all governed by San Francisco Rental Ordinances -  that have failed to protect our Seniors in San Francisco.

It is simply wrong for our Seniors to be thrown out and live on the streets.

Where many of the Seniors - have been admitted to hospitals - treated for a few days - and then thrown by on to the streets.

Are we a caring City or do we proclaim to be that by name only?

The SF BOZOS, the Mayor's Office, the many so called entities that have to take care of this issues - are circumventing the issues - by talking about conceptual plans.

Conceptual plans are like a dream. You could wake up and experience your worst - nightmare.

These conceptual plans favor Market Value condominiums for the filthy rich - many of whom do not reside in San Francisco.

Many others who reside outside the United States and will use these high end condominiums cost over $5 million - on the high end $7 million.

Higher priced rental units, and give no opportunities what so ever to those - that are on Social Security, SSI, and the other benefits that the indigent get - just to survive.

To be noted is the failed Care not Cash.

In the case of Care not Cash - mean authorities authorities - collect all the money one makes - and give the recipient who needs help - a measly $57 or so to survive.

Again and again - we see these indigents - beg for alms - while law enforcement and some City Officials who have " no compassion" - bother these individuals - preferring to fine them and incarcerate them.

Who created this situation in the first place?

We must remember who this City and County of San Francisco is named after.

This City of San Francisco - was named after Saint Francis Assisi and not "thugs" like Willie L. Brown and his minions.

I can assure you that Willie L. Brown Jr. - his side kick Rose Pak - will not leave any legacy that is worth the salt.

These two are despicable and they are leading this City - down the wrong path.

Recently; some Horse Circle -   in front of the War Memorial Building - was named after George Shultz and his wife Charlotte Shultz.

Two; filthy rich individuals who are in bed with Willie L. Brown Jr. - who is taking this city down the precipice - into the cesspool - that will adversely impact this great City and County of San Francisco.

Everywhere there is a buzz today - where the filthy rich are making deals to get $5 million from the San Francisco Forty Niners - who are leaving San Francisco for good - come 2014.

This one act by the Forty Niners - spells out the future of this City - even though the team is named after this great City - it will make its abode forever in Santa Clara. Go figure.

On another note of importance by the Junior Giants play ground by 4th and King Strets - by ATT stadium - plans are a afoot to build thousands of units; more market value housing for the rich. Some affordable housing too.

Plans are afoot to bring the Basketball Team - the Warriors back to San Francisco. Time will tell.

If there is a drastic change for the better - then Market Value Commercial Space will prevail at the proposed project by 4th and King by the ATT Stadium.

Everything is in a flux at the moment - and even though the " Conceptual Plan" looks great - we all know - if you have the money - then everything is - possible. If you do not - it is just - hot air!

No one at any level is paying attention to our Seniors.

We saw this recently at the meeting held in Room 250 - where many of the SF BOZOS took money and could not vote against the WRATH of the people - who are against the project at 8 Washington Street by the Golden Gate Apartments - and in proximity to the famous landmark - the Ferry Building.

The owner of the Golden Gate Apartments is a thug.

This man owes the City and County of San Francisco millions of dollars - and he must be taken to court. As far as I know he owes this City and County of San Francisco - over $50 million dollars - money owed by faking his annual taxes more property taxes.

He has faked his real estate documents so that it does not reflect the true assessment amount he has to pay to our Assessor annually.

This nonsense is well known to all - but no one seems to care. Why?

Finally, there is a law that is not made by any person.  
The law of KARMA is well known universally much like how our conscience dictates to do right.

We must do right by the law - respected by the Courts of the Land.

We must respect our Elders, our Seniors, if we do not the wrath of God will fall upon those that are GREEDY but empty - spiritually.