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Monday, May 7, 2012


We all know that history repeats itself - and what we see in Europe today - in part of that legacy of unity that some conceived - but has fallen on its face.

No one should have thought for a moment that some currency would unite nations - not Ireland, not Greece, not Spain, and not Portugal.

The two nations closer to Germany - Italy and France too have seen the writing on the wall.

Watching the economic demise of Europe - the BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China.

These countries should be poised to make a big return - and turn the fortunes of their countries for the better.

Brazil has found oil off shore - and partnering with Russia is about to make big gains.

Few in America understand that there is a more than tight partnership - developing between Russia and Brazil.

China has already build some Super Tankers and has given them to Brazil - ready to ship that precious oil to the shores of China.

India recently shot a rocket in the sky and it made good - giving a strong boost to India and bringing it closer - to China.

Some of the stronger Southeast Nations - barring Pakistan - who has to figure out - its relations with the United States, India and some other Nations - like Afghanistan.

In the digital work - in Cyberspace the young are trying to carve out a domain - where greed has no place - where all have access and the best ideas - reign supreme.

No real good comes from fighting and trying to enforce ones dictates - the Russians found that out quickly in Afghanistan.

America in Vietnam and Afghanistan and in Iraq in recent times.

For all practical purposes and with false pride - the war in Iraq and Afghanistan - has bankrupted - the Super Power - United States of America.

The BRIC nations - Brazil, Russia, India and China are now poised to play a major role on this frail - Earth.

Smaller nations will bring about other changes - hopefully more about peace, unity and less about war.

China has already had a bubble bust - be it a small one - the middle class is hurting.

The poor are complaining. China is trying to address a quasi type of government - that favors industrial production - but has not figured out - how to address Quality of Life issues. Pollution and Contamination are serious problems.

Even dogs are kept under control - with neutering and so on.

Humans are encouraged in China - to limit the family to - just one child.

In Russia a Nation has paid dearly in World War II - Communism, Socialism, Modernization, and now entering into a false type of Capitalism - has created more bad than good.

The older folks cannot stand change - and the younger generation - cannot wait to embrace the digital world and orbit themselves with the best the West has to offer.

Limiting their progress the ever watchful Russian Authority - fearful that there might be a sneak revolution - and topple the Nation into confusion.

Only the younger Russians with all their unique diversity - their tradition love of music, dance, food, and good cheer - can take their great Nation - to a better place.

The glory of the past the Great Wall of China.

The Taj Mahal built for a woman of beauty Mumtaz Mahal - her husband Shahjahan - a great and wise ruler.

Akbar the Great - the land of religions India - is trying to give its billion population the best - but the disparity between its people - is a large divide - the very, very, very poor - and the filthy rich.

You cannot have peace and foster stability - where there is rampant - hunger and the caste system - the worst evil created by the sordid mind of men.

Food and water that is what will WIN big time in the final analysis.

There are other Nations that can stand up and fight and survive - in Africa, South America, Australia, some islands that have it all - with a limited population.

We cannot unite Nations with some floundering currency.

We cannot unite Nations - trying to impose some philosophy, some deficient way of life like the failed Communism.

We cannot be Capitalistic and be very Greedy - we have not found the balance.

Again and again throughout history - we have found that only Peace brings Hope and Hope creates a legacy for good.

Europe is sinking, and so will the United States of America.

The United Nations is just a figure head with the Veto Nations wanting supremacy - and making a fool of themselves.

The two larger faiths Islam and Christianity are finding themselves at a Cross Road - each once called the other and peg holed - believers and non-believers.

None have helped achieve peace - lasting peace.

The arm race has taken us to the end of the precipice.

Leaders have failed to leave a legacy - preferring to be greedy and selfish. Lacking humility. Only the very great practice humility - selflessly.

World leaders are ready to accuse - Israel pointing fingers to attack Iran.

Iran cursing its enemy and vouching to destroy Israel. Nothing good comes from such devious actions.

The fanatics and they are many - really are living in the hell of their minds.

The children are the only segment of the population left that must teach the war mongers, the greedy, the selfish - the lessons of love and peace.

Our world governments are shallow - more because they lack - spirituality.

The younger generation knows best - and with the many protests in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France, the Arab Spring - are sending some signal - some waves for true, permanent - change.

The only lasting change can come with peaceful revolution - and in this digital world - cyberspace will be the reigning - domain.

A change for peace: