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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Over fifty percent of our students graduating from our colleges and universities cannot find jobs. The problem is worse all over the Bay Area.

Of course you would expect to hear some from our SF Supervisors -  not a whimper about this pertinent issue from our lack luster, drab, shallow, spineless SF Board of Supervisors.

Public Comment has become a joke - minus the usual feature - the opening public speaker who is Missing In Action - in Room 250.

Shouting, screaming, pelting at anyone he could - first in Arabic and then in broken English. Now cajoling some dumb Supervisor and now abusing our First President of the United States.

Anyone, who is his or her right mind - might have noticed this trend - but not the Challenged SF BOS - the speaker, himself being mentally - challenged.

The Bill Graham operators have now targeted the homeless with electronic music - blasting all sorts of noises from late evening to early morning - to keep the homeless from taking refuge - around the Bill Graham auditorium. Impeding the homeless from having some sleep, on public facilities - paid by the Federal Government - by private Zionists - promoters of some drab - concerts.

Over 10,000 youth are chronic truants in San Francisco and no one seems to care about this fact.

The SF BOS - are more focused - giving Twitter some sweet deal - at tax payers expense.

Never mind that many City Agencies including the Department of Public Works - have to move from their present offices - costing our City millions of dollars.

I visited the SF Public Utilities Commission and there was Dwayne Jones who works as a Consultant for Platinum - with an entourage of all Whites.

Mostly greedy vultures - trying to tap into SFPUC opportunities - led by the worst crook Dwayne Jones - this side of the Rio Grande.

These shameless scum bags are permitted to have access to the high level decision makers.

In this case if this man is given access - you can judge by Communities of Opportunity and its failure, millions of dollars missing, past episodes all corrupt and all involving Dwayne Jones.

Bond money is money that is voted by the San Francisco tax payers.

No where is it mentioned that crooks must have access to our hard earned money.

Yet, certain folks know that Dwayne Jones is a crook - offer him on a platter millions - to hoodwink innocent people, SF tax payers - while pandering to mostly White Folks from out of down - in this case AECOM associates.

Malia Cohen was at it again - opening her mouth and shoving her dirty foot. Notice; if you look at the SF Board of Supervisors - you face South - and all those who are sitting side by side from District 9, 5, 10, 8, and 6 are Queer. The President of the Board falls into this category. Has anyone noticed this coup d'etat?

Just like that on the other side - are those that can be termed loosely - straight - glaring, gaping, coping - and HOPING for the best. How did that happen?

Notice in the Legislative deliberations - on one side especially - the Queer side.

No one can speak to the point. They beat a horse dead, revive the horse, beat it dead again and the process goes - endlessly.

They discuss a point in circles. We learned in the military - that this type of thinking, poor logic, and the ability not to speak to the point - is detrimental to - any standard or normality. We politely called them " scatter brains ".

So; we gave the former head of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) over $500,000 and gave him the boot. The present head Ed Reiskin gets over $250,000 not bad. At least he does his job and works hard.

Then we have over 15% of the City Managers making over $200,000 plus benefits. Thousands more making over $150,000 plus benefits. No wonder our City and County of San Francisco is going to the - hogs.

We have a population of about 800,000 even less according to the 2010 Census.

We have 28,000 City Employees - 26,000 by the City's count. That makes one SF City employee for every 28 San Franciscans.

The pathetic SF Board of Supervisors - are so pathetic - that most sane and astute constituents - do not want to have anything to do with these - parasites.

It does not help with Scott Wiener passing mundane legislation - propping himself with his Zionist minions to be the next Mayor of San Francisco.

It does not help with another dumb Supervisor from District 10 - trying to find herself a seat on the San Francisco County Central Committee (DCCC) - having failed miserably as the District 10 Supervisor.

These hearing these idiotic Supervisors announce according to their whims.

Hearing before all the City Department Heads - is a waste of time and money.

Given that the important issues and factors are never called before a sound "hearing panel" .

How about a hearing with any SF Department Heads - address the censored four SF Board of Supervisors - who were censored by the Ethics Commission - Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Scott Wiener, and Eric Mar. Carmen Chu and others on other issues.

Did you know that Carmen Chu took money in the thousands - from some developer - involved in the Park Merced debacle - and never reported it to the Ethics Commission? She is the Chair of the SF Budget and Finance Committee!

This present SF Board of Supervisors are shameless - as shameless of their going down and doing their daily - nefarious - pleasurable activities. Sodom and Gomorrah.

Here is one Sunshine Ordinance Section 67.34 that all the SF Supervisors - should keep in mind:

"willful failure of any elected official, department head, or other managerial city employee to discharge any duties imposed by the Sunshine Ordinance, the Brown Act or the Public Records Act shall be deemed official misconduct;"

It should be mandatory for these parasites to refresh themselves and get the necessary orientation linked to standards, ethics, and appropriate - morals.

You may contact Jerry Treet - the SF City Attorney for a copy of the Ethics Commission reprimand sent to the above mentioned - haughty SF Supervisors - dated March 13, 2012 signed by Hope Johnson - call 415.554.7724

There are a few of us well versed - monitoring the crooks - watching the sordid deliberations of the SF Board of Supervisors.

The SF Supervisors - always taking opportunities to curtail - Public Comment.

Taking every opportunity to go down and rake in the money - to fill their sordid - campaign coffers.

The prevailing state of affairs - this great City and County of San Francisco is going to the - hogs.