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Saturday, May 5, 2012


The politician is a LIABILITY to DEMOCRACY in the United States of America. More here in San Francisco. The Nation must NOT go the way San Francisco goes - the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

At every level - more so the Political Action Committee (PAC) - devious entities; mostly, those belonging to the ONE PERCENT - can afford to buy politicians - to do their bidding - use them like a dirty rag - and sell them for a loss.

On the other hand devious politicians the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - have joined the ONE PERCENT - and from the inside - are now part of the actute problem - facing this great Nation.

This nation called Turtle Island - which for thousands of years belonged to the First People. Now under the temporary control of a kind of people that is Greedy - but wait to the impending Tsunami. 

Nancy Pelosi is the seventh richest in Congress.

Senator Diane Feinstein the eleventh richest among the so called representatives.

Yet, these two ugly hags - will send the constituents material in the mail - asking donations that these two rake in - and fill their own campaign coffers - doing little for the constituents they must - represent.

Ugly to the core these two hags - have used tons of money - paying plastic surgeons to work on their bodies - and more on their faces. Everything to see and hear; and emits from these two despicable individuals are - artificial.

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - has gone from bad to worse.

Today those competing to be on this body - want to FOOL - San Franciscans but cannot. We San Franciscans really do not need them - we have seen charlatans before - and can smell one from a far off.

No one worthy their salt should cast their vote for Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener - for sure. One worse than the other.

It is time for the INDEPENDENTS to join forces and stand for the seats the two hags have had - for the longest time. Send the two hags packing - may be out of the jurisdiction they think they - control.

Both of them Nancy and Diane - are out of sync with reality on all fronts. Out there somewhere - and use consultants, lobbyists, and other such devious entities - to make shallow and drab - policies.

When President Barack Hussein Obama was running for Office he promised HOPE.

Soon we realized we who voted for him - and believe me many INDEPENDENTS did - failed to realize he would be controlled by the ZIONISTS - with a hidden agenda.

Be it not the same ZIONISTS who brought about the fall of our Nation - J.P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and the likes of such ilk - but all the same connected to these forces.

Today Europe is in turmoil - Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Iceland - and so on. But, most of us forget large continents like South America, Southeast Asian, Australia and Africa.

All impacted by the economic crash that started in America - with the large Financial Institutions - AIG, Bears and Stearn, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank - and a host of other institutions that cheated - bluffed using derivatives, sub-prime loans, algorithms and so on to connive and deceive.    

Congresspersons and Senators and that includes our so called Representatives from the Bay Area - were involved in Insider Trading.

All sorts of Shenanigans - many of us who do not follow these scum bags - what they vote on, who they hang with, what policies they aspire to - think they are doing the peoples - work.

In fact every single day they are raking in millions.

Doing favors for those that pay them. And we have thousands in the Bay Area - who are minions of these despicable, so called Representatives in Congress and in the Senate.

It is foolish for those that run the SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) to think for a second that they can control the masses. Those days are gone - gone with the wind.

No one in their right mind must cast their vote follow the SLATE these jerks send in the mail - the DCCC. The most despicable entity this side of the Rio Grande.

There must be a  new better leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

These jack asses that have been in Washington DC for the longest time - must be removed and sent packing - away.

More they must be adjudicated - and I do not think the Courts are the right place - because the courts have been bought.

There once used to be three distinctive branches the Legislative that is gone to the hogs.

The Executive that has gone to the dogs.

The Judicial that has gone to the - devil.

When the courts declare that Corporations that rake in billions are people - and give them the right to set and create - Political Action Committees - with "slush funds" - channeling it to devious candidates running for office - the end result is that our "democracy" has been impeded and what we today is a - sham.

In San Francisco this is more than evident - at City Hall we have the eleven BOZOS.

Six of these BOZOS reprimanded by the Ethics Commission for nefarious activities.

Pretending to represent - the worst the Zionist Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen the air-head - smiling jackass from District 10.

In Washington DC all those that represent San Francisco are - charlatans. You must see them when they open their mouth and lie.

Gone are the days of "pork barrel" and we will see the results; with, what happens at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

What really happens with High Speed Rail and the Transbay Building per se and related issues.

What happens soon with the Central Subway once priced a little over $600 million and now has risen to $1.6 billion plus - all this in these dire economic - times.

Our local leadership must be ashamed of themselves - we have thousands indigents on the streets - they call them - homeless and no one cares about them.

What is said many of them are our Elders - in any civilized nation - people care for the elders - but, not in America - we have been got up with the mundane.

It does not help that you have BOZOS who are selfish, do not believe in family values, and are ignorant and arrogant. Do not push your sordid life-style on San Franciscans who have decent families.

Over 30,000 decent families have left San Francisco in the last - five years. That is decent Fathers, Mothers, and good children. Go figure!

We have 10,000 youth in our City who are truants - and no one gives a rat's ass.

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is a JOKE.

Even though is says San Francisco - the SFUSD comes under the jurisdiction of Sacramento - the State of California.

Year after year - the SFUSD has been depleting our Rainy Day funds - now, more and more focusing on this fund to bail them out.

There will be a revolution - and these so called Representatives will get shafted - you see a little when you watch the - Occupy Movement.

But, what you will see soon - is a Revolution and no one can stop a Revolution. If you - who Represent; do not see it - you must be - blind.

This land all of it was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco. The thieves must always remember that. Read on: