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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Our San Francisco - Board of Supervisors (BOS) must be designated another name - BOZOS - comes to mind.

Some of us take our time to attend the SF BOS meetings - only to encounter - deliberations that defy the imagination.

Most of the SF BOS are involved with drab, shallow, mundane issues. Shallow legislation that goes no where.

Rarely, do these shallow individuals; address - real issues - and more issues that address Quality of Life issues - that impact the lives of so many - more so our children and Elders.

Another factor that those of us that treat Public Comment with honor have noticed - that some clowns are given the liberty to do as they please - outside the realm of the BOZOS.

These clowns may think thatis their right - but these clowns - have lowered the dignity of sound and effective Public Comment.

When the SF BOS see - ardent, articulate, speakers stand before the podium - in recent years - Public Comment is curtailed to the minimum.

Many a time - it is common to hear a BOZO announce - " one minute for Public Comment". " Two minutes for Public Comment ". The three minute Public Comment is a thing of the past.

Our Health System in San Francisco and the Bay Area - has been adversely impacted - with all the changes - some Federal, some State, but most from the local authorities.

Never mind if you have good insurance - health benefits and good health service - has become very expensive. 

God forbid you enter some hospital - for anything - the bills just come loaded with items - that are difficult to understand - and you must pay  - the bill.

On an average $1000 just to stay in the hospital.
Now imagine the line items - it is not uncommon for a five day stay - to receive a bill - closer to $10,000. If it a heart operation or anything major - closer to $120,000 if not more.

You can imagine the chagrin of those that are indigent, poor, have some health benefits - but most a health insurance - that does not cover - everything.

Most affected right at this moment - are those suffering from AIDS. Many of these AIDS patients - do not have the strength, the energy to do anything that involves using their energy - their immune system has been compromised. Many of them are dying - and no one is saying anything much. Most of them have their dignity - compromised.

After years fighting for AIDS patients - and after years of getting a fair amount of base line health and  medication.

We now are seeing; things are reverted - more like what we use to see - in the 1980s.

This is simply uncalled for - and society must address this situation - as something that affects Quality of Life issues - and what is more affects the entire Society.

Medications can be got for cheap - be they generic - but the insurance companies are making it difficult to pay for these medications that are - generic.

The hospitals - are using those vulnerable to some diseases - as pawns - demanding money  to deliver benefits if the patients insurance does not carry those benefits.

Many vulnerable patients cannot afford to pay. This is called - high jacking the patients and holding them to a - ransom. Many die while they are waiting to receive some from of decent care - some generic medicines that could have prolonged and in many cases - saved their lives.

In San Francisco over 50% of the population are Seniors - many disabled. Many of these Seniors do not have any Insurance. Some have some form of Insurance - but, all of them have difficulty - getting sound health benefits. 

Woe to any Senior that falls on bad times and is homeless. It is so sad, to see so many Seniors - thrown to the Streets - and made to live a dog life on the streets of San Francisco. All the while our BOZOS - are wasting their time on legislation that do NOT address Quality of Life issues.

Year after year - the complaints have been coming and heard loud and clear. Now, it is as if the Seniors do not exist - they may shout, scream, make all the noise they can - no one gives a damn. This is  totally - wrong.

As usual our SF Board of Supervisors - we will now call them BOZOS - have no clue what is happening.

Suffice to say they have they asses covered - with the City and County offering them good - insurance, that we the tax payers pay. These BOZOS do not do their job.

At one them these BOZOS were paid $38,000 now that has risen to $120,000 with benefits. These BOZOS do not do their job - and what is more they have failed to REPRESENT.

All over San Francisco and the immediate Bay Area - thousands of innocent, hard working constituents - and more Seniors, those low income and those with no income - are suffering.

The SF BOZOS  know about these issues but look the other way - but NOT for long.

These same scum bags - have not addressed the situation at hand - and continue to address shallow,mundane, drab  - issues - while pretending to be - important. Go figure!

No wonder most of them are treated with disdain.