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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Law suits, trials, the entire judicial system - is not for the faint of heart.

Only those who have time to waste, money to waste - seek the courts to seek some recourse of sorts - and if it begins at City Hall - you can be rest assured - the clowns will be on - and buffoonery will reign - supreme.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission is a JOKE.

You must just read the San Francisco Grand Jury Report - it says it all.

But now - our elected Sheriff; Ross Mirkarimi has been taken to task.

He has been accused of harming his wife with intent - causing bodily harm - playing mind games with his wife - accused of domestic violence - and as his trial goes on the air - the minions from the San Francisco's City Attorney's office - are trying to put their best foot forward - and shoving it in their mouth - deeper.

Two queer SF City Attorney's are leading the charge - on behalf of the Mayor - big, big, big mistake.

These two purport to know about domestic violence, ethics, morality, standards, good governance, the law and all that - purport they can stand tall and stellar. Wrong.

This trial will go on and on - until October, 2012 - and in the interim the elected sheriff put on this 'petty coat trial" - will receive - NO PAY!

All this in San Francisco - the City that portend to be compassionate - more politicians have committed worse crimes - right at City Hall - one of them being - Mayor Gavin Newsom - others too - but Gavin beats them all hands down. No one ever did anything to him? Why? May be because he was a Metrosexual!

The City Attorney and his minions have a pathetic record.

You can judge them by all their suits against; say - Pacific Gas and Electricity - most of the time they lose - and when they lose - the lose hands down.

Millions of dollars - tax payers dollars - down the drain and into the CESSPOOL of the City Attorney's own creation.

You have the City Attorney buffoons throwing stones   - more arrows in the air. Then; you have the recipients - the Ethics Commission - half of whom are queer and illogical - trying to adjudicate.

Common sense and the art of adjudication - and queer illogical and convoluted thinking of sorts - do NOT - go hand in hand.

The few ground rules - do not favor the Mayor - it may not be the Mayor's fault - but for sure it is the City Attorney's fault - in this case.

Listen you do not have to be a rocket scientist.

The City Attorney - Dennis Herrera - last run for Mayor - Dennis the dunce clown - attacked the Mayor - Mayor Ed Lee so bad; that, even Humpty Dumpty - rolled over the wall - and the world heard the thud.

The ground rules in this case - are as convoluted as one would imagine - the ground rules - kind of are tailor made - for the San Francisco BOZOS.

These are another set of clowns - only these idiots - not all of them are - but idiots like Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Jane Kim - others - are poised to make some decision - on this case.

They are supposedly poised to understand the situation at hand.

The above three mentioned have no ethics, no standards, no morals, they are the type - what in simple parlance - are called "perverts" that go down - and for a lousy buck - will sell their souls - daily.

You need quality intelligence to judge.

Sound morals and ethics to discern.

The above MFs - have none of these - and more - daily are wheeling and dealing - behind close doors.

The entire meeting before the Ethics Commission - weaned out a large list of witnesses - what stood out - was that for sure - Mayor Ed Lee and elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - would testify for sure - as if this was a so very difficult?.

The Sheriff's attorneys feel that Mayor Ed Lee should NOT have suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi without pay.

They feel - this sordid actr is totally uncalled for.

But, Mayor Ed Lee followed what the City Attorney told him.

The same City Attorney who did everything to bring Mayor Ed Lee down - during the last Mayoral elections - never mind; Mayor Ed Lee won the last Mayoral elections.

What is so difficult about understanding this case.

The City and County of San Francisco will waste - millions of dollars - and the once who will laugh all the way to the bank - the attorneys, the so called experts, and those that really do not work - but look forward to such ploys and machinations.

Whether it is about setting the standards, choosing the witnesses - following the protocols of law that are deceiving - if any SF City Attorney is in charge - you can expect - pandemonium!

These MFs take their time - going in circles - trying to say something - but, say "nothing" - at all. One side wants experts - who purport to know about - "domestic violence". Oh Yeah!

More domestic violence takes place among the queer population in this City of Sodom and Gomorrah - then any other place in the world. City Hall is full of them - swarming like bees - humming loudly - let's go down!

But, here we have the lead queer attorney for the City in this case - trying to pick on a straight City Sheriff - pretending to talk the talk and forgetting to walk the walk. What the F*** does he know?

A queer attorney - ethics, morals, standards - simply do not go hand in hand. Ask him when is the last time he has been to Church? Or the Synagogue? He will look at you - strange! The same holds good for the Butch!

Anyway you look at it - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was an elected official.

Another way of looking at it - he got more votes than did - Mayor Ed Lee - in the same elections.

These are just facts that must be borne in mind.

Yet another way of looking at Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi elections - in his case he did not have the backing of the Machine.

That is the backing of the "thug" former Black Mayor and the minions from the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCCC) - a sordid bunch of morons - Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener are aspiring to be on it - and will - backed by the many "perverts" that are having a - field day.

This F******  hearing - linked to elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will play over months.

Back and forth - hogs jumping and mucking around - while those that pretend to care - watch the " hog fair" - the center ring of the - circus.

There is domestic violence - and "domestic violence"  - but few know the differnce.

How can the SF BOZOS judge this case - when the majority of them are judging a - straight person - and the majority of them are queer and favor being - perverts to the hilt?

How can any good come from such - demeaning folks that have no morals, no standards, no ethics?
How can the judge - when daily they are numbing their - conscience?

Off the bat - it is difficult to suspend anyone without pay - when this rule is broken - as it was in this case -  whoever decided to do this - has created a "cesspool" - and will fall and drown in the "cesspool".

Normally: you suspend someone with pay - then you give her or him an opportunity - bring her or him because some trial, some mediation, hire some facilitator - and when the case is adjudicated - most everything is in place. 

Suspending anyone without pay - opens up a can of worms.

The SF City Attorney's office have attorneys - but these two I keep seeing - one queer woman and the other queer man of a kind - can run for buffoons of the year - and win hands down.

They will lose this case - and fall flat on their dirty - faces. Never mind - if this happens in Room 250 at City Hall - some months - down the line.