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Sunday, May 27, 2012


It is 75 years since the Golden Gate Bridge was built - on a spot and on Ohlone Land.

It is always amazing how the "blue eyed devil" -  those that stole the land - always fail to mention this fact.

Much before any blue eyed devil dare re-write history, surrounded by petty politicians; that have no heart, and those that love celebrations without paying attention to history.

Convene on land that they have no idea about - the Ohlone were there - for thousands of years. Give me a break!

The Ohlone preserved the land - we called San Francisco and more surrounding land - for thousands of years. The left it pristine - that is until the "blue eyed devils" - arrived.

All of this land and more was polluted, contaminated, and destroyed - by the blue eyed devil - destroyed in less than two hundred years.

This is a crime - crying to heaven - the Great Spirit - for justice. And justice will come - soon and with a heavy - hand.

The fun fare held some days ago - with Nancy Pelosi and others - praising each other's fanny - throwing arrows in the air.

More will be held today - May 27, 2012 - the entire day - at Crissy Field - and nearer the Golden Gate Bridge - this side of the bridge San Francisco and on the other side - at East Fort Baker.

The woman who I know - who was the emcee at the event where Nancy Pelosi was present - Larry Barr and a few others - mentioned and acknowledged practically everyone - but failed to acknowledge - the First People - the OHLONE.

Even in the choppy waters - it was not uncommon for the Ohlone to cross the estuary from the San Francisco mainland - to visit now Angel Island and what the Spanish named Alcatraz - for the White Bird.

Yerba Buena was named Goat Island - for all the goats that roamed free.

Treasure Island was not there yet - the man made island was built later - in time for the World Fair.

Whites are stupid - never mind if they are politicians - even more stupid. Most have no heart - and for sure Money and Greed - they worship.

Protocol mandates to put things in perspective - but you would not get that from that "hag" - Nancy Pelosi.

From Whites that never fail to fall in the cesspool - lacking protocol and etiquette - while display fake splendor of a kind - forgetting they stole the land - for heaven's sake - give me another - break.

When engineer Joseph B Strauss first attempted to build the single span bridge - you must remember the Army was at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Joseph B. Strauss built and completed the Golden Gate Bridge in 1927 and when completed it cost $27 million. Many San Franciscans - put their homes and other equity - to back the Bond Measure. The Golden Gate Bridge belongs to the people - not to some entities to make money.

As compensation Joseph B. Strauss was give a $1 million bonus and a life long pass to cross the bridge he built. Such were then norms of the day - you can imagine - what they would be today?

I will explain - but let us learn more .....

Before the Bridge was built - the Army had to ferry supplies and horses and men - across - on this side the Presidio - on the other side now - Marin County.

The Buffalo Soldiers for example managed what was called the "Federal Lands" - now Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and other Federal Lands.

When the National Park Service was first established - the National Park Service (NPS) used the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) written by the ALL BLACK - Buffalo Soldiers - who as I said managed all the Federal Lands.

The National Park Service was formed in 1916 and the Buffalo Soldiers were at the Presidio before that - over 450 Buffalo Soldiers lie in peace at the Presidio Cemetery that comes under the jurisdiction of the Veteran Administration.

The mostly; White Crowd was there to celebrate the 75 years of the Golden Gate Bridge - giving kudos to their ilk - but, forgetting truly who owned the land. The others far more noble, the real owners - who were there before them.

The Presidio Trust is a quasi-federal entity. Created by Nancy Pelosi and her minions - for all the wrong reasons.

2013 is the last year the Presidio Trust will be funded by Congress. After that; the Presidio Trust better comprehend - that in all the time it has been there - is has been a RACIST institution.

The single span Golden Gate Bridge is not the best spectacular bridge in the world. At one time it was - just that - because of its single span.

Today, many other bridges look far more spectacular - and in design stand stellar and taller.

The emcee Riley a woman of some fame - her husband too - tried her best - but she failed when it came to history.

History repeats itself - and San Francisco - the city of contemporary Sodom and Gomorrah will fall on its face.

When that time comes - behold this single span will - topple with all its fake - glory.

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy - formerly the National Park Association - is the for Profit arm of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

With a slight of hand - it is now poised to make money - with kiosks and other gimmicks - using the Golden Gate Bridge and what is stands for - like a whore.

That is what GREED in all about - the Almighty Dollar.

The Golden Gate Bridge District failed to capture the moment - and in doing so the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy headed by Greg Moore - is poised to rake in the millions - over the years.

Federal Stimulus Money was used to spruce up the area this side of the Golden Gate Bridge - closer to the Presidio of San Francisco.

I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - much before the National Park Service was given some authority - thanks to legislation passed by Congressman Philip Burton.

When Congressman Philip Burton passed away - and Sala Burton took his place - and then when with Sala Burton's demise - the present "hag" - former Speaker of the House.

Nancy Pelosi the current Congressperson representing San Francisco - who was toppled by the Republicans - and cannot get over it - talks a good talk but cannot ever - walk a good walk.

Struss the engineer built another bridge by 4th and King - not too spectacular but one that needs mention - an inter-modal bridge - the entire span can be uplifted - to allow a small ship to pass by.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous spot - for those committing suicide - why; no one knows.

At the 50th years celebration - thousands of people got on the Golden Gate Bridge - far more than were expected - and flatten the bridge - that was a spectacular feat - though some what risky. I am sure that will not be repeated again.

A kiosk has been built with a "GREEN SCREEN" - even on a foggy day - the tourist can pretend she or he was by the bridge - and get a clear photograph - for some money of course - courtesy the Golden Gate  National Parks Conservancy.

This are the same folks who arrange for night tours of Alcatraz - of course for a buck. Now, collect lease fees - in the millions - from the tour boats that visit Alcatraz - what a Cash Cow.

Alcatraz was built by the Military  and a little history - Buffalo Soldiers were on Alcatraz - including a Buffalo Soldier Prince - a Zulu from South Africa!

The Ohlone are watching the deeds of the blue eyes devil - his and her - ploys and machinations - during this 75th year celebration. 

The Ohlone were here in San Francisco for thousands of years.

There were at the Presidio of San Francisco.

A Shell Mound - stands at Crissy Field - I was instrumental in saving it.

The National Park Service - denied that existence of any First People at Crissy Field by the sordid Lagoon.

Then remains were found - stored in a garage that caught on fire - the truth came out - and the rest is history.

The Superintendent Brian O'Neill - who has since passed away - came to an understanding - and agreed to build a monument by the Marina Gate - once a sign said " Shellmound".

Barbara Jo-Griffin the then Presidio Manager - before the Presidio Trust came in - said " if any remains are found - we will stop the project".

Remains were found and the project was stopped.

For the first time the "blue eyed devil" and his and her minions found out that they were wrong.

They had to swallow their pride and do the RIGHT thing.

We must always remember to respect the indigenous people - in this case the Ohlone.

Everything else is secondary -  the 75 years of the Golden Bridge existence and celebrations - included. 

Nancy Pelosi and others - foolish to the core may jump and scream - for all the wrong reasons - but, always remember you are on Ohlone Land.

Remember you did wrong - and the time has come to do Right. Aho.

Now, put on that bonnet and go do what you blue eyed devil love doing best - having your orgies of a sort.

The 75 years celebration - gives you all who believe in such mundane festivities - to bear it all.

Make sure you do not jump and land in the choppy, cold waters - and while you are there - always remember the Ohlone.

For a fee you can take a tour - do not forget to bring your ID:

Learn more about the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone:

Photographs courtesy the SF Chronicle: