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Thursday, May 10, 2012


San Francisco use to be the place that created unique things that came from unique ideas.

San Francisco set unique sound examples - and so the saying went - as San Francisco or as California goes - so does the Nation.

Not any more.

For starters the State of California is broke.

Once the fifth largest economy in the world - no one knows its ranking today. Thousands of people are unemployed and thousands have given up - looking for work all over California.

This year we will not be taking in sufficient in taxes - so with little money - the State will force many needed services to be cut.

Those agencies and operations that are there - will be under funded.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a budget of over $6.9 Billion. Yes, BILLION.

Our population about 811,000. Our City employs over 26,000 City workers. Over 20% of these workers make over $175,000 with benefits. For everything 28 constituents we have one City Employee - most of them do not live in San Francisco.

In recent years our Legislative Branch has been pathetic - my new name for these good for nothing jerks - is SF BOZOS.

You can watch them on the SFGOV TV 26 and 78 - watch their drab performance and their charades.

They are taking this City down - and weakening the very foundation that once was there.

We have over 10,000 youth that are truants. Many of them have no homes and crash - anywhere - and many of them attend schools. How they do it - is anyone guess.

Young adult cannot afford college.

In the last 5 years the situation has gotten worse. The so called Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch - talk the talk - but have done nothing - absolutely nothing - to safe guard the better interests of our youth and young adults.

Thousands of families have left San Francisco. No decent families want to raise their children in San Francisco. The SF BOZOS know this and so does the Mayor - but, all they do is talk.

Thousands of small businesses have folded and gone else where - we all remember how Chevron, Bank of America, and several other large companies - just moved to other cities.

San Francisco taxes too much, demands too many permits, have too many stringent regulations, and it takes years to get a permit to operate a business.

We must create a ONE STOP - where no business should wait more than one months - to get the basic permits. And have all the other permits to start operating - within three months.

Imagine business waiting three years for permits - and some more - the SF BOZOS are aware of this - but, can do nothing.

It is fun to watch some of the SF BOZOS in particular Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - initiate some shallow legislation, pander to a certain segment of the population - both spineless individuals who lack morals.

We do have an Ethics Commission and half the SF BOZOS have been charged with breaking laws - and informed by the SF Ethics Commission - that they are guilty.

These SF BOZOS think nothing of these serious charges - most of them work for the MACHINE - the corrupt so called leaders that lead the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in San Francisco.

We permit two hags Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - with deep connections to the Zionists to do as they please.

It seems the shallow the constituents want these good for nothing individuals - one seventh richest in Congress and the other eleventh richest in Congress - you vote them in and get what you deserve - the worst form of corruption.

It is the same with the SF Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCC) - a bunch of idiots.

Near Election Time these idiots create a SLATE - naming some other idiots for positions - that other uneducated Democrats follow - the blind leading the blind.

Most of the candidates as we have seen in recent history - uneducated and many - perverts.

Right now there is fight for these idiots to get a seat on the SFDCC - and no matter who gets a seat and represents this corrupt SFDCC organization - these idiots carry out the dictates of the very corrupt.

San Francisco use to be known for compassion - catering to our Elders - no more.

San Francisco use to cater better to our children - no more.

San Francisco used to cater to our Veterans - just plain hot air - vain speeches and no more.

The worst segment of the population neglected are our children, our youth, and our young adults. No one seems to give a rat's ass - and as usual those in charge in City Hall - are busy with their diatribe and spewing hot air.

Many of the so called Representatives are perverts - they do not favor families. They favor same sex marriages - lack morals, standards, etiquette - and have a convoluted manner of doing things.

Most of them are not educated on issues - and some think that if they involve themselves in some legislation; in a nonchalant manner - that is really NOT warranted - they are moving up the ladder.

Well, you just have to watch these SF BOZOS.

No one respects them. They do not get it - because all of them - are so full of it.

Daily - Quality of Life issues are compromised in San Francisco.

One can bring the issues to their attention - but, it does not help.