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Sunday, May 27, 2012

900,000 Veterans on Disability - treated as a Liability - by this Nation - Reflect and more ACT - now.

I was listening intently to the Senate Hearing and the head of the Veterans Administration - said it out - loud and clear that 897,566 - disability claims were pending - and more 65% of the claims pending - for more than 125 days.

He went on to say that in recent years the Veterans Department has seen an increase of over 48%.

He warned that with the impending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - coming to an end - the backlog will grow to 1.2  million claims.

If this happens - the waiting period -  now 125 days could grow to a year or more - as was the case not long ago.

The hearing was disturbing to me - disturbed me and brought memories of Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

I was at the Presidio of San Francisco and as Desert Storm and Desert Shield was coming to an end - we knew that Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - would be deactivated.

Plans were made for some of us to go to Fort McPherson - but then again we were told those plans were cancelled. The f****** politicians were at it again.

I went to Naval Air Station - on a special mission - and then back at the Presidio of San Francisco - there was an opening and I took it. 

I came back this time working for the National Park Service - an agency so pathetic - that words cannot describe it. I had to put in my years - and so I did - what I could in the interim.

I knew the Presidio like the back of my hand - the National Park Service - had no clue about infrastructure, less building, and less helping the Veterans.

While working for the National Park Service I worked with Colonel Arnie Rossi who once worked - as did I for Sixth Army.

We tried to serve our Veterans - working with Swords to the Plowshares and creating opportunities and housing for our Veterans.

We did a good job - the same model was replicated at Treasure Island and in some parts of San Francisco - years later.

At the Presidio - we converted the former Nursing Quarters by Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC) into nice living quarters.

Worked some - on the kitchens and gave the best we could offer - under the circumstance to our Veterans.

From time to time I would visit the Veterans - mostly from early wars - but soon we had to deal with Veterans from Desert Shield and Storm.

Reality check set in - it was not long ago - that I had worked on various projects - one of them - preparing ourselves for body bags - up to a 100,000.

Thank God that war - came to an end soon - in about a month. The adverse impacts to our troops - mostly Reservists in large numbers - remain disabled - to this day.

Some say it may be the vaccinations - others exposure to chemicals; that Sadam may - have let lose in the air - God alone knows.

What I know is that I saw some fine soldiers women and men - healthy and smart go to war - and come back with a totally different - disposition.

I could not come to grips with what was happening - and seeing this - made be detest war. I do not accept war - frivolous wars - like the one President George Bush Jr. initiated - Weapons of Mass Destruction!

What has the Awe and Shock led us to?

Who is really going to take care of the millions of soldiers we sent to war - that will come back and we treat them with disdain? Who is really responsible for this mess - Chenny? Geoge Bush? which Defense Secretary?

When President George W. Bush Jr. initiated the Iraq war - I knew and saw clearly - what was happening.

I spoke up and I wrote about it.

More the war in Afghanistan too.

More the war in other parts of the world - we call them skirmishes.

Each of these expeditions - bring casualties, adverse impacts, harm families, loved ones, friends - and leave deep scars on folks like me - that love our soldiers and what our Nation - truly stands for.

Back to the early part of the hearing - the man in charge - Secretary Eric Shinseki - who seemed to be decent - said that with more cuts in his Veterans Department - and with Reduction In Force - an attrition that allows - senior employees and often times - those that have no initiative - that hang around - are assigned a desk - but it does not mean they know - how to do the job.

In few Federal Agencies there is cross training.

You, the lay person may say why?

Well; you can spend all the time asking that question - that is just how the Federal System works.

You often find one person doing one type of job for twenty or thirty years - with no upward mobility. Go figure.

Veterans who are disabled should not have to wait more then a month.

That is 30 days to get some base-line treatment, services, financial help, benefits - not only to the Veterans per se but their families.

This Nation - should NOT send our troops to war - strong, healthy, motivated women and men and then on getting injured, when they are disabled - treat them like Priah Dogs.

The politicians and that includes President Barrack Hussein Obama - knows that he must step up and do something.

The required BILLIONS must be set aside to address the treatment and benefits of our Veterans - their families and those loved ones - connected.

The Republicans must be brought on board on this one - shame on both parties who have failed this Nation on this issue - serving our deserving - Veterans.

Our Veterans who have mental problems are held on bases for hundreds of days - 400 days plus in many cases - this fact does not bode well for our Nation.

The filthy rich - the billionaires talk a good talk - but none of them care to walk the walk.

Warren Buffet could lead the charge - and contribute a billion - so could the owner of FaceBook, Microsoft,  Larry Ellison of Orical - the many Zionist that brought about the fall of our economy - working for JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other large financial institutions - that have NOT learned their lesson.

We know our tax system is broke - with the filthy rich not paying their fair share.

Bottom line - too may Americans - will NOT stand up and less speak up for our Veterans.

They prefer to pander to the politicians - pussyfooting - the parasites, the corrupt politicians - that must be defeated at the polls.

Here in California two hags - Senator Diane Feinstein the eleventh richest and the other hag - Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - the seventh richest - still want to be in office.

What type of legacy are they leaving? Corrupt to the core and fake - with their plastic surgery!

Our Veterans are sleeping in the streets. Facing the inclement weather and dying. A sacrifice to the god of Greed.

What great Nation - lets down their Veterans?

In San Francisco it is the same - many Seniors are Veterans and more disabled.

The SF BOZOS that occupy Room 250 at City Hall - have never served - not with life styles that do not favor having children.

The occupy themselves trying to name ship after Harvey Milk - who hated the Vietnam War and all war - sometimes; I wonder what these imbeciles are thinking?

The President can hop nob from place to place - raking in the millions - for his campaign coffers - he has been to San Francisco - too many times - wasting thousands - Air Force One and security and all that.

Time to fix the Veteran Administration - lessen the time for our Veterans on Disability - speeding their benefits.

Get the Veteran Administration back on track - when it comes to giving help, quality services, on time benefits and mostly sound housing to our beloved - Veterans.

Happy Veterans Day Holiday.