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Thursday, May 10, 2012


No other President in the entire history of the United States - has endorsed - SAME SEX MARRIAGE .

Six months before the General Election - President Barack Hussein Obama - says his two daughters, his wife, and others - have led him to believe - that "same sex" is fine.

A very nice ploy - though very risky - to get him a few votes and pander away standards that have long - held the foundation of family life, standards, and civilization.

All the major faiths for thousands of years have endorse marriage between a man and woman.

And even in primitive societies it was unheard of same sex inter actions in public.

There is sufficient fodder - for some scholars to study and find out - how this man - for starters; said one thing - led him eventually - to this moment - to say yet another thing.

Make a 360 degree - left about turn. Time will tell.

Nothing much changes as far as the Constitution is concerned.

Nothing much changes as far as any pertinent laws - not that I know of.

Our military will abide by the current laws - and other salient operations - will not be affected by mundane policies that are not backed by the law of the land.

The only wave created at the moment - is that those that favor the unnatural ways - a very small percentage of our human species; the majority who do not fallow the sordid pattern are judged by their merit - more decent living.

All be it - decent behavior and sound habits.

The majority of the human race evolves naturally, contributes its very best to society. Fosters normal procreation, keeps the balance - better known as " HOMO SAPIENS".

Some, will be bragging - the President, a Black President of the U.S. says "there is nothing wrong with same sex".

With that one statement in public - the President Barack Hussein Obama lost millions of votes. Just like that.

Those others who are rejoice over an interview - no law - no ordinance - have promised to vote for the U.S. President. Time will tell.

I got many emails from folks all over the world. 9-1 they did not endorse - what the U.S. President had to say - in the majority.

In San Francisco Queers rule the roast.

They even have those that go both ways - we have them at our SF Board of Supervisors.

Now, hopefully they will proclaim - which side of "both of the ways" they prefer. They are more like the centipede.  

I know most of them cannot think straight less logical.

They argue in a convoluted manner - pass drab legislation. Legislation that goes to several readings - endless debates - resulting in ordinances - that are faulty. Go figure.

Let us see where this "tutty fruity" world takes us to.

In San Francisco which the mecca of "weird thinking" - letting go until there is no shame - anything goes. It is the contemporary Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Some think that abnormal behavior is fine - and that is fine with them.

I know for a fact - there is something missing - and to be a decent person - ethics, morality, standards, and sound etiquette - counts. Each and every time.

Any behavior that can be termed "pervert" - brings with it consequences - often very severe.

No one can rule out the spiritual aspect. We may think we can  - but sooner not later - those that avoid the healing grace - acknowledge the "grace" - sometimes it is too late - but, it is acknowledged. 

We saw this more in the 1980's when queer folks were dying - hundreds every month. Then the cocktails came - and prolonged the lives of those that had fallen prey to - AIDS.

I have many queer friends - I respect them and they respect me.

I do not endorse - shouting, screaming, and taking about the President's  premature statements.

This as something - most decent, law abiding citizens of this Nation - endorse.

Loose mouth - diatribe, shallow, vain spewing Biden - is not someone I care about.

The Nation at this time needs sound leadership.

Leadership that can take us to a better place - no one can go to the better place - saturated with "perverted" ways and ideas.

Sound politics should have nothing to do with Hollywood.

Sound politics should have nothing to do with 1 in 6 campaign funding organization - being queer.

Truly speaking sound politics should have nothing to do with Political Action Committees - where there is no cap.

Go ahead and spend $10,000 a piece advertisement during prime time - to funnel the "greedy thirst" of those that control the "fake media".

The constituents now must make up their mind - and decide with deep thought and urgent concern and time is running out - " do not sacrifice your vote for anything tarnished, immoral, lacking standards - anything that defies that which for thousands of years - has been declared - sacrosanct - marriage by a man to a woman."  

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Today; in America we have the blind leading the blind.

When the morals, the standards, the constitution, the norms of family life are destroyed - there is only one path left - first destitution.

Followed by destruction of standards - and finally - all hell breaks loose.

We see today in San Francisco - right in Room 250 - the San Francisco BOZOS.

One worse than the other.

They cannot discern.

For the simple reason they are NOT educated on issues.

Add to that the fact they do not know who they are - and we have a time bomb - waiting to explode.

Most cannot think less talk straight - yet at Public Comment they will give you a measly two minutes - for those that are articulate.

Mr. President - Barack Hussein Obama - you may win the election - but you have sold your soul.

"What does it profit for any person to win the entire world - but lose one's soul?".

That should be the question - sane, normal, educated, moral, ethical, astute, strong, grounded, well informed - human beings - should be asking themselves. Aho.

Wake up America.

A day in infamy that will go down in history.

When ethics, morals, standards, and the normal way of life - was discarded for - the mundane and evil ways of the devil.

The Daughters of Bilitis: