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Monday, April 30, 2012


It should NOT surprise anyone - that two District 10 Supervisors Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen - back to back - have been the most detrimental to District 10.

Far from representing - these two despicable women - decided early on - to fill their campaign coffers - and make large amounts of money - pushing for projects - with kick backs - that today are an eye sore.

Most of us remember Sophie Maxwell pushing for the Schlage Lock Site for so called affordable housing. Today, the area next to the Caltrans Rail is not only contaminated, noisy, but a truly "blighted area".

Sophie Maxwell the very corrupt former Supervisor still lives in District 10 - and not a word about her failed attempts to building housing on two very contaminated sites - Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the former Schalge Lock site - by Old Bayshore and Arleta in the Southeast Area of San Francisco.

Nothing much will happen at the Schlage Lock site - much to the chagrin of Malia Cohen - who wants something to happen so that she can make some money.

The Taiwanese financing entity that stole million from Taiwan has taken refuge in China. And now the Chinese Consul has suddenly shown some interest in the general vicinity - but not the Schalage Lock Area.

Well, you buddy Sophie Maxwell made all the money - milking any cow she could get - and making hay while the sun was shining.

Malia Cohen is stupid - as stupid as they come - she now wants to have a hearing - as to why there is blight in the Bayview, gather the City Department Heads who cannot stand her - and she wants the SF Police Department to do something about it.

Nothing will happen - nothing what so ever.

The SF Police Department is already under staffed.

In the interim Malia Cohen is busy creating a ruckus at the SF Democratic Central County Committee - mandating that the women - many of them better than her - and vying for the DCCC seats - should fork out - $1000 plus for this, that, and the other.

The smart women vying for the DCCC seats have shunned a snobbish Malia Cohen - and some of the better and more astute women - walked out on Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen is well taken care off by devious entities - such as Platinum Consultants. Also, groups such as Emerge that have a hidden agenda - and while trying to empower women - have produced "corrupt" individuals - such as Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen; much as did Sophie Maxwell fail to understand how a City operates. Less about SF Planning and still less about Infrastructure and other Quality of Life issues.

What they do understand - it how to squeeze people to make a donation to them. Both Malia and Sophie - love to make promises - but once in office - they failed the constituents of District 10.

As to their life styles rumor has it - they go both ways.

There is nothing happening on Parcel A - the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to Parcel A is in continued - default - years ago.

Simply put; the time-lines have NOT been attained - linked to Parcel A; the many adverse impacts - have been detrimental to the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.

The rental units once were touted by the liars as pertinent and critical - were declared not necessary. Just like that Michael Cohen - the former head of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - removed that element - using a devious - amendment.

The DDA linked to Parcel A - mandated that all grading and the crushing of "serpentine rock" that emits Asbestos Structures - would be minimum.

The entire area was bombarded - by reckless grading of "serpentine rock" - and that too without the use of large amounts of water - to keep the structures down.

Today, our children and elders suffer from respiratory diseases - and of course Sophie Maxwell is enjoying her retirement - and Malia Cohen grinning like a jackass - both of these evil folks - not having the sense and less the compassion to address the situation at hand.

It does not help that recently the Ethics Commission - censored Malia Cohen and three other SF Board of Supervisors for unethical activities - linked to Park Merced Housing.

That, this unfair City wants to demolish rental housing -  at Park Merced - impacting Seniors and others that will not be able to find - rental homes, in this dire economy times - in all of San Francisco.

Premium rental housing demolished - by those that have no compassion and what is more very - corrupt.

Pretending to represent. The others censored - just to be more than fair - Scott Wiener, Eric Mar, and David Chiu.

Malia Cohen should be ashamed of herself that she has continued to defy the constituents of District 10. At one of the meetings I attended recently - speaking down to the SF Police Officers - as if she has some power - when in fact she is the scum of the earth. Wonder; if she has a real man - that therapy may bring her to her senses?

Today if one goes to Parcel A it is full of weeds and I will address this project - soon.

For now enjoy the blight at the old Schlage Lock site - contaminated and full of weeds. The recent rain - created some puddles - and the sea gulls have taken refuge - exposing the poor birds to the worst type of contamination.

Tons of chrome waste were dumped at the old Schlage Lock that Malia Cohen and folks like Fran Martin and Sophie Maxwell wanted decent people to live - in so called affordable housing - next to the rail lines, where millions of vehicles ply, and where the area is very polluted.

The Watershed contaminated. The area near the Brisbane Petroleum Tanks and not too far from Midway Housing that is a hot spot - for hundreds of cancer victims. When will be ever learn.

Enjoy the photographs of the surrounding area - in and and around the old Schlage Lock Company at old Bayshore and Arleta: