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Friday, June 1, 2012


Our City purports to be fair - I am talking about the City and County of San Francisco.

Those of us who are alive and kicking remember well the Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) scandal - affection thousands - up on the Hill - Hunters Point.

Millions of dollars swindled by AIMCO - people duped - innocent workers made to sign their checks - while hoodlums from Local 22 and one Bill Wong in particular - abused and duped the workers - and stole the money.

Wong was given an opportunity to opt out the UNION and today hovers all over the place.

Talk about blatant injustice.

The in your face attitude - by those in our so called FAIR CITY - that protect the worse "thugs" - hoodlums - and downright - stinking, scumbags.

City Attorney Dennis Hererra knows about AIMCO and its sordid deeds, so does Kamala Harris the past District Attorney of San Francisco. So does Gavin Newsom - the past Mayor of San Francisco - who slept with his best friend's wife - and admitted; he did so. Mr. Dipstick! 

Every law was broken with the AIMCO case - with Sophie Maxwell taking upon herself to give the project to an entity without following the law. Without adhering to the bid process.

The Human Rights Commission and one despicable person - the then Director Virginia Harmon knows about this and must be sent to jail - as must Sophie Maxwell - who thinks she is sleek. Your time is coming.

This is a very high profile Civil Rights Case - crying for justice - and no one can escape the law - Karma gets you - each and every time.

You may think your are running - but it is just a matter of time - before you are caught and handcuffed.

This is a Civil Rights Case - the case with AIMCO - that will be adjudicated - and some one will go to jail for a long time.

Four people will killed - yes shot and killed as this project - by on the Hill - at Hunters Point - on properties controlled by AIMCO - as the construction project linked to over 640 units - overlooking Candlestick Point and the neighboring area - was on going.

The failing project was given to Mr. Ruben Santana - as a sub-contractor. A local contractor who always had standards and always tried to give employment to the local community.

Mr. Ruben Santana and Rubecon - completed the job - mitigated the many adverse impacts and put the job on track. 87% of the local folks were hired.

Rhonda Simmons and City Build failed to perform on this contract. So did the SF Redevelopment Agency and one Fred Blackwell who now works for the City of Oakland.

So did Mayor Gavin Newsom - Mr. Dipstick. He failed miserably on this project.

Towards; the very end Mr. Ruben Santana and Rubecorn was made a Prime - but, the last check was NOT given to
Mr. Ruben Santana.

Rubecon and Mr. Ruben Santana - had to take AIMCO to court - and to this day - he has NOT received his full payment.

A full five years plus after the project was completed - no justice, blatant discrimination - no full payment by AIMCO protected by our SF City Attorney and our SF District Attorney - other very corrupt - minions - more devils .

Sophie Maxwell the then District 10 Supervisors has BLOOD on her hands. She broke the law and circumvented this contract to some entities - without following the process. Defying the norms. Go figure.

Local 22 the Carpenters' Union is still hovering around with fake ass representation - and folks like Manny Flores. Despicable.

The "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr brought in a Rogue Developer named LENNAR into our community.

Recently a check was handed over to some sell outs - in the amount of $7.3 million - with some fake fun fare and that weasel - Kofi Bonner - praising the sell outs.

Candlestick Point Lennar - Limited Partnership is broke but manages to get a line of credit - to conduct such shenanigans in public. Their time is coming. We are watching them - Stop Lennar Action Committee (SLAM).

Ignorant folks like Malia Cohen, one nefarious person Veronica Hunnicutt (who does not live in the community), Doris Vincent a seasoned sell out - a Black Pastor Aurelious Walker of Good Hope Church - have all sold out the community at large.

The San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP) that has done nothing for our community - but works with the Unions to rake in some money - all have BLOOD on their hands.

How many affordable homes have the SFOP provided for low income and no income? We see some outsiders - who have no history about the community - speak for sellouts.

Lennar bombarded our community with Asbestos Structures.

Ignored numerous Notice of Violations - and three Blacks - all Management working for Lennar on the Parcel A site - took Lennar to court and won - out of court settlements - for blatant racial - discrimination.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District - fined Lennar over $515,000. No other entity has been fined so much in California.

Lennar removed batteries from monitors for months on end - while heavy grading was going on - and bombarded the area - in and around Parcel A - with concentrated amount of toxic structures of dust, dangerous particulates; Asbestos Structures, and radiological elements.

The weasel Kofi Bonner talks a good talk - but his days are numbered.

Lennar is a Rogue Developer - that cannot be trusted - not in Miami, Florida - not in Southern California with project like LandSource, not in San Diego, not in Texas,  not in San Francisco with the project at Parcel A - no where in the Nation.

Just google Lennar and corruption. You can spend a year reading the facts - the thousands of innocent folks - Lennar a Rogue Developer has adversely  - impacted.

Every Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to Parcel A - is in default.

The time-lines have NOT been met and Lennar is reeling in debt - drowning in the cesspool of its own - creation.

Making change amendments to the DDA - to keep the project alive - using shenanigans to bluff - but we are watching LENNAR - like a hawk.

Shame on the City and County of San Francisco - that accepted the BLOOD MONEY - and all those involved in this shameful act will suffer the consequences - sooner not later.

You all have the blood of our children on your hands - the blood of the children and elders that Lennar with INTENT - adversely impacted.

Shame on you - scumbags, slithering snakes, liars, pathetic thugs - the worst of the worst. Pawns to the Zionists who behind the scene - cause confusion, pandemonium, divide the people - and steal the land.

" No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard" - I have said that from day one - and I will say it again and again.

I represent the Muwekma Ohone on issues linked with Infrastructure and I say so - with authority. I also have the empirical data to prove so.

Once there were two huge hills.

The United States Navy demolished the hills - and filled in 90 percent of what is now called Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

With the dirt from the demolished hills - the U.S. Navy took the remains - remains from the Sacred Burial Grounds - and spread the remains all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This is called blatant - "desecration".

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is where "depleted uranium" was tested.

From Hunters Point one of the atomic bombs left to be dropped on Japan and one of the cities - killing millions of innocent Japanese citizens.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is where radiological elements - are found in plenty.

Radiated large animals buried all over the place. Contaminated radials buried all over the place. Other toxic stuff buried all over the place - the U.S. Navy know the word - "jettison".

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is on the Superfund List. Only the worst contaminated parcels of land - are put on the Superfund List.

The U.S. Navy must clean the entire Shipyard as mandated by Proposition P - with over 87% of the voters saying so.


Lennar is a Rouge Developer who is using BLOOD money to further its cause.

Lennar has nothing to offer but "contamination" - and anything Lennar touches is - diabolical.

Candlestick Point - Lennar - Limited Partnership - is one of the many names changes - Lennar has made - the first incorporation done in 1998. I have been following Lennar - an entity full of Zionists - the same folks who ruined our Economy. Brought the downfall of our Nation in 2008.

Those that praise Lennar - be it Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, the other pathetic Blacks - Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Vernonica Hunnicutt - the so called San Francisco Organizing Project - are not trusted by the community - in the Bayview Hunters Point. 

No one can buy decency, standards, sound morals, ethics, using money - not BLOOD money for sure.

The above are glaring examples of corruption, blatant injustice, perverts to the core trying to hoodwink decent San Franciscans.

First we had Sophie Maxwell and her ploys and machinations - and now we have Malia Cohen - a pervert - pretending to be straight - when she is whatever. 

The grinning jackass who wants to build a Wellness Center on contaminated land.

Initiated fake land zoning on over 26 block of land - without having one single meaningful meeting in the community.

She wears a ring on her finger - but has she introduce her significant other to anyone in public?

Her deeds are dark - as dark as the closet - where she makes her diabolical - abode.

We have scumbags running around - using the SF Democratic County Central Committee to rake in thousands - because there is no $500 cap - on donations.

So called; representatives that are not worth their salt - one for sure the Zionist Scott Wiener - the other the laughing jackass Malia Cohen - a disgrace to the human race.

Time will tell. No injustice goes - unpunished.

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