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Saturday, February 25, 2012

World wide every one wants an opportunity and the United States is poised to DO well - but we continue to squander our opportunities.

The United States has a population of 311 million and the world 7 billion.

We are lucky in the United States to have resources with so little of a population; compared to those nations like China, India, and Europe as a whole that compete with us.

We also have Japan, Russia, Brazil, Australia, and other smaller but resourceful countries that can and will use their human resources and governmental policies to do well and compete with us.

Right now we are in dire straits - and the United States was mainly responsible for the 2008 crash that affected the entire world.

Europe has been going through some hard times with Greece being affected the most.

In recent years the European Central Bank that did not play a major role, but in recent months the European Central Bank - has taken charge of Europe destiny and done extremely well.

The European Central Bank has flooded its members nations' banks with money - so that it does not experience what happened in the United States during the Depression years.

It has in a way imitated what our Federal Reserve Bank did too recently - when it bailed the many banks with tax payers money.

The 2008 crises affected the entire world but as anyone knows in today's world if you look at the Growth Domestic Product; in the United States it is five times that of China.

However if you ask anyone - they will tell you that China is number one. Why? I do not know.

As I have been saying for a long time no one can beat the United States when it comes to production and innovation.

We proved that recently when our entire Car Industry or Motor Industry -  could be revamped and it was revamped and is now doing extremely well.

Lacking today in the key sectors is leadership. How you get the leaders to act is something we must figure out - quickly to make this economic turn around and shine.

As I have been saying this land - the United States of America - Turtle Island as it is known to the the First People.

Also know as the Native Americans - that was stolen by the White Man - is very rich.

We can today easily feed the entire world. Our food resources are found no where else in such large quantities - and more our logistics are second to none - we can deliver.

Any Nation that has water and food is King - and the world knows that America, Turtle Island is the best poised when it comes to food and water. We are blessed but many of us take water and the distribution of food for granted.

As one travels the world you see the hardships the majority face in other countries. We do too - but the paradox is - no one in America should go to bed hungry.

This blatant discrimination must be addressed on a war footing - but our evil politicians do not want to address it - on any level - Federal, State, local and here at SF City Hall. Shame of these scum bags - all of them without exception. More on Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Our GDP tied to our population is the best ever - and even if some Nation competes - it will take them some time - 15 years or 20 years.

I am not into forecasting the future - but just by studying the empirical data - I can project some as I have for many years.

There is no doubt that President George W. Bush Jr. screwed our economy. The Republicans can say what they want but the matter of fact is that the economic measures garnered by George Bush were horrible to say the least. George Bush set our Nation back and he must be taken to task. He and the Republican party.

President Barack Hussein Obama did well but did address the immediate economic concerns and tried his best to bring the economy back on track.

Right now for the last two months we are moving slightly up but it is too soon to tell.

Judging from the movement on Wall Street we see that we have crossed the 13,000 mark briefly and that says something.

Fell back signaling that we have some length to go before we see some positive outlook and stability.

The Republican candidates are not offering the constituents anything positive as far as the economy is concerned.

The present set of clowns will not go anywhere. Some of the worst ones dropped off and the ones remaining are totally out of sync with what is happening worldwide.

President Barack Hussein Obama will have no competition and will win.

However, it is not about winning - it is about steering our economy on a great path - and keeping it there for future generation.

It seems with too many policies that encourage spending - more unfunded spending - and having future generations to pay for them - is something some of the Democrats think they can live with - this is WRONG.

California, among the Nation's states is not doing well.

California has been rated among world Nations and once held the fifth spot among countries.

California could have done well but once again under the former Republican Governor, the Terminator - we lapsed. 

The sins of this Governor of California Jerry Brown is coming to haunt him - he gave the UNIONS early retirement benefits, when he was Governor years ago.

Then, he did not see this unfunded train of benefits coming his way - never envisioned our economy would hit rock bottom. California is in the hole and will be for a long, long time - and Governor Jerry Brown is in charge.

San Francisco is a City and County and we have jurisdiction over a wide area and we have a budget that many nations in the world do not have - around $6.9 billion.

Closer to home is San Francisco.

We too in San Francisco have a unfunded train tied to pensions that is coming our way. Our politicians and those that control our politicians on the outside - are playing games - but in reality they are playing with fire.

Dirty politics have permitted some to double dip and many will get higher pensions then the salaries they earned every month. Many retire when they are fifty five.

These vermin do not think of the consequences and want it all. Our children will suffer and it is a shame that past politicians, some UNIONS, and some evil consultants pushed the constituents in this sordid - direction.

This article could be a long one but that is not my intention. Just the tip of the iceberg to make you think about some empirical data, how to connect the dots, here in California, closer to home San Francisco, and then you can leap all over the world and see what is happening. The world has shrunk. 

We all want good jobs and we can have them if we care to work to put just policies in place. So far in San Francisco - it is all talk and NO - walk.