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Sunday, February 5, 2012

California has now targeted women and children and made them victims of the BUDGET. .

California as a State has been compared to the fifth largest Nation in terms of production and wealth in the world.

There is no doubt when it comes to food production and building homes for example that California produced more in these categories than most other States and in many cases Nations - worldwide.

California is blessed with resources - the land belongs to the First People - all of it.

There is no doubt that the billions of dollars California could have saved in past years were not saved.

California legislators did not save - because for years knowing well that they were NOT suppose to spend and waste money they did.

They legislators spent more money than they had in the kitty - they knew well a day would come when reality would hit them in the face and more their sordid actions - come to haunt them.

California legislators - both from the Assembly and the Senate lived high on the hog.

They thought no end of themselves - and when you went to Sacramento as some of us did again and again - we saw the nonchalant behavior of most legislators.

They are not used to meeting with constituents that are astute. Know what they are talking about, and know very well how these hogs on a high - have been having a good time - on many levels at the expense of the tax payer.

Some of these REPRESENTATIVES are so removed from reality that all they are concerned about are the lobbyists that literally control the legislators and often sit close to them at the many hearings. Pathetic.

It is a same with Fiona Ma, Mark Leno, Tom Ammiano, and Leland Yee have not stepped up to the podium and fought for what is right.

Mark Leno is now working with Malia Cohen on some change of boundaries. Malia Cohen does not live in her District - this despicable woman has the audacity to call those that point her faults - as little people.

She use to live at Executive Park got in by signing a document with no money down - a condominium costing $583,000. With time she could not fork out and pay her BALLOON payments. 

Dumb as she is her foreclosed - went underwater and has been living with her parents. Or does she live under some bridge?

When I sent the required question under the Public Records Act the Director of Elections told me that Malia Cohen lives at Executive Park. I sent him the Real Estate information available to the public. No more news.

Where does Supervisor Malia Cohen live? If she lives in District 10 - time for her to throw a Block Party! She does have a grin that she is famous for.

It is a sad day when these so called Representatives in Sacramento - who have had the experience; have worked in San Francisco and inter-acted with the Bay Area - have chosen to live in a citadel from which they have chosen to take the path of least resistance. Shame on them.

Senator Mark Leno could have done better but he has chosen to work with a Rogue Developer Lennar - who has now fallen on its face.

What has Mark Leno to say about Treasure Island, Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - now? He took blood money and has blood on his hands.

Senator Mark Leno must remember that some of us have good memories and that we will remember his sordid deed when he could have done better.

What is so shameful about these so called State Representatives is that they do not and will not have a meaningful dialog with the constituents that they purport to Represent.

Today, all over California a program like CalWorks has been decimated.

Those most affected are our children and our women. Directly and indirectly men who are with these families and those others that are part of the extended families.

We cannot permit as Californians to do away with minimum childcare. We must assure that our women get a high school education and with our men - contribute to society and our Nation.

If a California woman or man who is a citizen of the United States a requirement under CalWorks - and is in need of child care so that she or he can go to High School and further to College - our Great Golden State must provide that.

CalWorks did that before - but now higher restrictions are put in place making it next to impossible for some one needing help to further one's education. This is plain wrong.

CalWorks and other programs - have worked before and it can and should work to better our U.S. Citizens who are also Californians so that they can better contribute to California and the Nation.

We must go forward always - and not backwards as some of these Representatives think is fine and they are dead - wrong.

When it comes to our teenagers CalWorks in many areas with astute Case Mangers have been able to work miracles.

In some cases sixty and seventy percent of the teenagers graduating from High School and a very high percentage going on to college - because of CalWorks and sound Case Managers.

The average percentage Nationwide that fail high school in similar State programs - has been less than thirty percent. Go figure.

California has chosen in these dire economic times to decrease funding for programs like CalWorks. CalWorks works and there is the empirical data to prove that - that is so.

The California States - has chosen to increase and keep funding going to our Correction System and Jail System.

This system is rife with corruption and the Correction Officers for years have chosen to use money to buy influence. This is blatantly wrong.

There is a connection between sound education and incarceration. While most people have no idea what the correlation is - daily. we see those with little or no education wile away their time and commit crime.

When we educate some one; the possibilities of a woman and man going to college and contributing to Society increases many fold. We see this all the time - and we know this - we, do not speak about it and less write about it.

We must demand higher education and insist on college education and make it affordable for everyone. Yes, we the people must be educated to fight the corrupt and the evil corporations that are bent on increasing the great divide - those that are filthy rich and those that are - poor.

The Middle Class at the rate we see - before our eyes -  is roding and we must save the Middle Class the back bone of democracy.

We must write to our Governor Jerry Brown, our Representatives to do all in their power to safe those programs such as CalWorks to help those that need help most.

From time to time we must gather our resources and visit our Representatives in Sacramento and at home in their local offices.

When we do visit these Representatives in Sacramento - they shudder and listen - because it has become customary to leave the Representatives alone, living on the high hog, and having little or nothing to do with the constituents they are suppose to represent.

The Representative need to listen to the local reports - first hand from time to time - to keep their feet to the fire. We the people are entitled to our freedom, and we check mate our Representatives who mostly practice - license.

Abuse of Freedom is License.

In the past some one like Willie Lewis Brown Jr. a thug Mayor of San Francisco and former Speaker in Sacramento - used his influence to rake in millions - he used his power as Speaker in Sacramento the Capitol of California.

He did send millions to San Francisco but not as a favor to our constituents but more to build favor when the time was right.

When the time was right - he ran for Mayor of San Francisco and the rest is history. He raked in more millions and continues to this day.

Today, women and children right here in San Francisco are suffering. There is much talk about the America's Cup, about other projects like the TranBay Project that is going no where. 

Other mundane projects that benefit the rich and the corrupt Behind the scenes Platinum Consultants and its minions - one of them Dwayne Jones who does not live in San Francisco.

When we challenge our City and County of San Francisco with a $6.9 budget what are they doing for our children and women - there is a long silence.

During Budget Time we see long lines gather to speak at City Hall. Every year we beg and plead - we the constituents not to cut funding linked to our children, our youth, your single mothers - those in dire need the homeless.

When our City Administrators and Representatives are confronted and asked to help those that need help most - those that can do something - resort to lying, and put the blame on others - shirking their responsibilities.

Some are quick to blame the State of California which is broke. Others blame everyone accept themselves - not having the leadership and more so dumb that they cannot figure out another,better way to make things - happen.

We cannot go on and on adversely impacting women without giving them sound childcare.

We cannot go on and on allowing our teenagers to fall by the way side - join gangs and ruin their lives.

Linger in jails and become a product of incarceration that does not have any program linked to rehabilitation.

I know what I am talking about because I visit the jails and talk to those that care listen to me.

We simply cannot say we love our children when we do not work hard to save all children.

We can do that by fighting for policies that benefit all children. 

We cannot do that without being educated on issues. I know many that think they are smart but they are lazy and cannot complete any project.

Imagine some one that can write, can do something even if is small - but, they choose to look the other way and have no intention - what so ever to contribute to Society at large. What a waste of talent and what a waste of time.

Here is San Francisco our Polynesian more Samoan community is adversely impacted in large manner. I have fought for this community with all my heart and might.

Within the community - we have few that can stand tall and do the right thing. Others in their ignorance will be held captive and conditioned by others - a corrupt person like Supervisor of District 10 who does not live in District 10 favors such tactics. This is totally - illegal.

Why do we have so many Samoans incarcerated at Juvenile Hall?

Why do we have so many Samoans that are living in Public Housing under conditions that are uncalled for?

More Samoans die for our Nation in the Services. Our Nation sees nothing wrong in Samoans fighting for our Nation and dying - but, is reluctant to help those that need help most - the Samoans must not beg to be given opportunities.

We can apply the same in smaller and larger measure to the Blacks and Latinos. We must unite to fight those conditions that keep us all down.

We must understand what the programs are all about? 

We have among us experts like Cummings Nauer who can educate us. It does not cost much to bring Pastor Alex Toeaina to set the tone and then have Cummings Nauer my good friend and angel - explain some of the benefits available to the community - in a general manner.

The Black community have experts too and so do the Latino and others.

Small focused groups where we share our talents and understand better the adverse impacts linked to incarceration, living always and depending on the Welfare system, and so on and so forth.

We must be independent and not depend on others - constantly begging and living on a slave plantation. Our attitude must change and we must remove ourselves from situations that keep us down. We know better - so we must act - NOW.

Focus group consists of small groups. If these group are like minded they can generate a lot of good. We must think outside the box, create a niche, a model, that suits us and where we are in charge.

Work with our own resources. There is no better resource than love, sacrifice, determination, fortitute and unity.

Our women must form small groups and discuss what they know is best for them and the children. No one know more about nurturing than do our women and elders our grandmothers.

Our men if they are warriors must encourage our women and children. We are in this together - is it useless to be macho or just think you are a WARRIOR and you cannot defend nor help our dear children and women.

Those who do not pay child support are cowards. These men and in some case cases women must be held accountable.

I know many women warriors and have stood by them.
Today, I take my time and work with many women warriors.

Traditionally and even today women warriors in the Black community have saved their communities on every level. It is the same with the Native Americans who I prefer to call the First People and who I admire and fight for.

The Latino and the concept of La Raza. The Asians who shy some but we must bring them in - those that use acronyms Asian Pacific Islander - and no one truly knows who benefits from the millions that some apply for grants - leaving mostly the Pacific Islander holding an empty bag.

We must go to Sacramento and voice our opinions. Many of you are astute. Take your talents and you can address them in the open - our Representative can be contacted before hand - to set up the sound system and other Security arrangements.

Once you all address your concerns outside the Capitol - go inside and visit the Governor, the Representatives, even join the Representatives in the Chambers and check out how they legislate.

You can; if you do your homework join at the many committee meetings and see how your State government works. This social understanding is a must - to better protect our children, our women and men. Aho.

Learn more about CalWorks and other programs: